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Click on an image for caption and enlargement.

Vertigo helicopter approaching capsule during testing (small) Mock capsule following training test landing (small)

Mock canister used in traiing tests (small)

View from Space of the Utah Test and Training Range Post Return (small)
Genesis Capsule Shortly After Return with Two Helicopters in Backround (small)   Genesis Capsule Shortly After Return (small)   Closeup of Genesis Capsule Shortly After Return (small)   Monument purchased and designed by Genesis team members to commemorate the return to Earth (small)  
Genesis capsule being moved into intermediate cleanroom at UTTR (small)   Picture of Genesis array (small)   Cataloged pieces of lid foil recovered from impact site (small)    Karen McNamara assesses canister condition (small)  
Project Manager, Don Sweetnam and Genesis Curator,  Judy Allton at Johnson Space Center (small)   Concentrator target post-landing (small)   Gold foil post-landing (small)   backside of collector array (small)  
Metallic glass  before removal from capsule (small)   Metallic glass after removal from capsule (small)   Gold wafer found fully intact after impact (small)    
Fragment collection recovery from capsule and landing site (small)   Photo of processed wafer fragments, separated by size and medium (small)   Concentrator closeup   Closeup of 10 wafer fragments in a transparent dish  
Sapphire wafer fragments cataloged after lanapphire Fragments Packaged at UTTR for Shipment to JSC (small)   JSC Curation Team member displays some of the silicon wafer fragments collected (small)          
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Curator: Aimee Meyer
Updated: November 2009

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