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Galileo Image Gallery: Jupiter
Images By Orbit: Orbit 1

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Near-Infared Filter (B/W frame)
Time Series of the Great Red Spot (near-infrared filter, time sets 1 and 2)
The Great Red Spot at Four Different Wavelengths
False Color Mosaic Great Red Spot
NIMS image of GRS
NIMS Spectral Maps of Jupiter's Great Red Spot
PPR Temperature Map of GRS
Jupiter's Great Red Spot
New Territory West of the Great Red Spot
6-frame Montage of Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Thunderheads on Jupiter
Mesoscale Waves in Jupiter's Atmosphere
Time changes in Storm Clouds in Jupiter's Atmosphere
'Family Portrait' of Jupiter's Great Red Spot and the Galilean Satellites
Water Cloud Thunderstorm Northwest of Great Red Spot
Observations of Jupiter's Thermal Emission Made by the Infrared Telescope Facility and the Galileo NIMS Instrument
Animation of Southern Aurora UVS Observation