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Galileo Image Gallery: Io
Temperature Data

Data from the Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer and the Photopolarimeter Radiometer

NIMS Observation of Hotspots on Io
Hotspots on Io During the Ganymede 2 Encounter
NIMS: Hotspots on Io During G2
NIMS: Hotspots on Io During G2 (Continued)
Distribution of Sulfur Dioxide Frost on Io
NIMS Observes Increased Activity at Loki Patera
New hot spot on Io discovered by NIMS during orbit C9
Two New Hotspots on Io
Near Infrared Image of Prometheus Volcanic Activity
Ongoing Geologic Activity at Prometheus Volcano, Io
Loki as viewed by Galileo NIMS
Io's Prometheus Regions as Viewed by Galileo NIMS
Galileo NIMS Observes Amirani
Eruption from High Latitude Caldera Viewed by the Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (NIMS)
Galileo Photopolarimeter Temperature Maps of Loki in October 1999
Loki Patera/NIMS
Prometheus silicates/sulfur dioxide/NIMS
Culann Patera/NIMS
Temperature Map of Io's Night Side
Temperature Comparison at Loki
Myriad of Hot Spots on Io
Sulphur Dioxide on the Chaac Region of Io
Hot Spots on Io
Io's Tvashtar Area in Infrared: Multiple Lava Flows
Io's Loki in Infrared
Nighttime Temperatures on Southern Io
Io's Tupan Caldera in Infrared
A New Hot Spot on Northern Io