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Galileo Image Gallery: Io
High Resolution Images

An Amazing Close Up of Io's Volcano, Pillan
Galileo discovers caldera at Prometheus Volcano, Io
Pele's Hot Caldera Margin
Reconstruction of Scrambled Io Images
Bright Channelized Lava Flows on Io
Lava Fountains on Io
Mountains on Io
Eruption from High Latitude Caldera Viewed by the Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (NIMS)
Galileo Photopolarimeter Temperature Maps of Loki in October 1999
Ongoing Geologic Activity at Prometheus Volcano, Io
Mosaic Image from Orbits C21 & I24
Images of Orbits C21 & I25
Images of Orbit I27
1997 Lava Flows Near Pillan Patera, Io
Lava Flows at Zamama, Io
Snapshots of Chaac: Io's calderas up close
Highest-Resolution Picture of Io
Lava Flows and Ridged Plains at Prometheus, Io
Very High Resolution View of Io's Surface
Io's Prometheus Volcano at Various Resolutions
Galileo Takes a Close-up Look at Prometheus
Io's Pele Glowing in Dark
Slumping cliff on Io
Lava Channel at Io's Emakong Patera
Colorful Tupan Patera, Io
Tall Mountain, Tohil Mons, on Io