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Galileo Image Gallery: Io
Color and Brightness Changes

Full-disk images in four colors at low-to-moderate phase angles, for monitoring spatial and temporal variations in color and albedo. Surface monitoring frames are also useful for detecting plumes on the bright limb.

Full-disk images in six colors for compositional mapping which might reveal absorption features due to iron-rich silicates.

Images with Io illuminated by Jupitershine to search for night side brightenings and color changes associated with condensing frosts or other phenomena and very low phase angle observations to map regolith porosity variations.

Color Global Image
Io Triplet
Resurfacing of the Jupiter-facing hemisphere of Io
Full Disk Views of Io (Natural and Enhanced Color)
5 Views of Io
'Family Portrait' of Jupiter's Great Red Spot and the Galilean Satellites
The Galilean Satellites
The Galilean Satellites
Io in front of Jupiter
Voyager-to-Galileo Changes, Io's Anti-Jove Hemisphere
Global View of Io (Natural and False/Enhanced Color)
'Family Portrait' of the 4 Galilean Satellites
High Resolution Global View of Io
Global Color View of Io (4th orbit)
Global View of Io in a New Color
Global View of Io using Color Ratios
Global View of Io in various colors
Changes in Io's Loki-Pele hemisphere (color)
Io's Kanehekili Hemisphere (color)
Global image of Io (true color)
Global image of Io (false color)
Close-ups of Io (false color)
Comparison of Landscapes on the Galilean Satellites
Color Global Mosaic of Io
Massive Resurfacing of the Ionian Volcano Ra Patera
Changes near the Volcano Loki Patera on Io
Unusual Volcanic Pyroclastic Deposits on Io
Surface Changes on Io
Three Surface Changes on Io
Pele Comparisons Since 1979
Io's Pele Hemisphere
Changing volcanoes on Io
Close-up of Prometheus, Io (color)
Changes Around Marduk Between Voyager and Galileo's Second Orbit
Changes Around Marduk Between Voyager, and Galileo's First Two Orbits
Changes East of Pele Between Galileo's First Two Orbits
Changes on Io Around Maui and Amirani Between Voyager 1 and Galileo's Second Orbit
Amirani-Maui: Longest Known Active Lava Flow in the Solar System
Changes on Io between Voyager 1 and Galileo's Second Orbit Around an Unnamed Vent North of Prometheus
Lack of Visible Change Around Active Hotspots on Io
Pele Plume Deposit on Io
Arizona-sized Eruption on Io
Changes at Pillan Patera
Io's Pele Hemisphere After Pillan Changes
Migrating Volcanic Plumes on Io
Key Volcanic Centers on Io
Close-up color view of Io
Trajectory and Highlights of the Galileo Mission to Jupiter
Changes Observed in Just 4.5 Months at Prometheus, Io
The Role of Sulfur in Io's Volcanoes
Myriad of Hot Spots on Io
Io's Prometheus Volcano at Various Resolutions
Sources of Volcanic Plumes Near Prometheus
Giant Lava Flow on Io, in Color
Galileo Takes a Close-up Look at Prometheus
Eruption at Tvashtar Catena on Io
Amirani's Big Lava Flow on Io
Hot Spots on Io
Northern Plume and Plume Deposits on Io
Io's Tvashtar Area in Infrared: Multiple Lava Flows
Io's Loki in Infrared