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Galileo Image Gallery: Ganymede
Bright Terrain

Detail of Ganymede's Uruk Sulcus Region (with global context)
Ganymede - Ridges, Grooves, Craters and Smooth Areas of Uruk Sulcus Region
Ganymede - Mixture of Terrains and Large Impact Crater in Uruk Sulcus Region
Ganymede Uruk Sulcus High Resolution Mosaic Shown in Context
Fine Details of the Icy Surface of Ganymede
Bright and Dark Slopes on Ganymede
Grooves and Craters on Ganymede
Bright Terrain in Nippur Sulcus on Ganymede
Perspective View of Bright Ridges in Uruk Sulcus
'Calderas' on Ganymede?
Swaths of Grooved Terrain on Ganymede
Detail of Ganymede's Uruk Sulcus Region as Viewed by Galileo and Voyager
Ganymede feature resembling Europa
Comparison of Ganymede and Europa features
Caldera-like depression on Ganymede
Not-so-smooth bright terrain of Harpagia Sulcus