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EUROPA: Exploring Jupiter's Ocean Moons
Europa Science Definition Team 2012

Europa Science Definition Team 2012

Europa Clipper study documents associated with Europa Science Definition Team activities:

  • Justification of Reconnaissance Traceability Matrix: Europa Clipper Project Reconnaissance Working Group Report
    - June 16, 2014
    Document (Word, 4.84 MB) | Portable Version (PDF, 10.03 MB)
  • Europa Clipper Science Traceability Matrix, Controlled v. 2.2 - June 10, 2014
    (Document (PDF, 151 KB), Spreadsheet (Excel, 66 KB))
  • Europa Clipper Science Traceability Matrix, Controlled v. 2.2 (changes tracked) - June 10, 2014
    (Document (PDF, 153 KB), Spreadsheet (Excel, 67 KB))
  • Europa Clipper Recon Traceability Matrix, Controlled v. 5.1 - June 10, 2014
    (Document (PDF, 80 KB), Spreadsheet (Excel, 71 KB))
  • Europa Clipper Recon Traceability Matrix, Controlled v. 5.1 (changes tracked) - June 10, 2014
    (Document (PDF, 87 KB), Spreadsheet (Excel, 75 KB))

List of Europa Science Definition Team members

Clipper Project Science Team
Robert T Pappalardo
Pre-Project Scientist
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Louise Prockter
Deputy pre-Project Scientist
Applied Physics Laboratory
David A Senske
Deputy pre-Project Scientist
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Brian Paczkowski
Science Manager
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Wes Patterson
Project Staff Science
Applied Physics Laboratory
Steve Vance
Project Staff Science
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Science Definition Team
Fran Bagenal
Mag & Plasma Environment
University of Colorado, Boulder
Bruce Bills
Geophysics/ Gravity
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Diana L Blaney
Surface Compostion
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Don Blankenship
Ice shell
Univ. of Texas at Austin
Will Brinckerhoff
Goddard Space Flight Center
Jack Connerney
Goddard Space Flight Center
Kevin Hand
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Tori M. Hoehler
NASA Ames Research Center
Bill Kurth
Plasma Environment
University of Iowa
Melissa A. Mcgrath
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Mike Mellon
Surface Science
Southwest Research Institute
Jeff Moore
NASA Ames Research Center
Everett Shock
Arizona State University
David Smith
Goddard Space Flight Center
Ralph Lorenz
Composition & Chemistry
Applied Physics Laboratory
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