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Blog: Workshop on the Habitability of Icy Worlds

Workshop on the Habitability of Icy Worlds

Pasadena, CA
February 5-7, 2014

An upcoming workshop might interest you if you're fascinated by the possibilities for habitability on (and within) the icy worlds of our solar system. The Workshop on the Habitability of Icy Worlds, convened by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) and NASA, will be held in Pasadena, California, this week.

If you can't attend the conference in person, most of the meeting (minus a few embargoed talks with new, unpublished results) will be streamed live online, so anyone with high-speed internet access can watch.

Full workshop information, including links to abstracts >

Webcast details

The slides and audio/video for this meeting will be presented using Adobe Connect.

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All times are U.S. Pacific. Only first authors are listed, and titles have been summarized for brevity.

NOTE: As indicated below, three of the scheduled talks will not be webcast due to embargoed results.

Wednesday February 5th, 2014:

8:15 Overview of Icy Worlds - Session details

    8:15 WELCOME
    8:30 J. Green: NASA Update
    8:45 O. Grasset: Structure and Dynamics of Ganymede
    9:10 R. Pappalardo: Europa
    9:35 C. Porco: Enceladus (NOT WEBCAST)
    10:00 J. Lunine: Titan
    10:25 BREAK
    10:40 W. McKinnon: Triton and large Kuiper Belt Objects
    11:05: C. Conley: Planetary Protection
    11:30: DISCUSSION
    11:45: LUNCH

1:00 Water and Exotic Solvents - Session details

    1:00 A. LuspayKuti: Titan Lakes
    1:15 M. Malaska: Organics on Titan-like worlds
    1:30 M. Cable: Hydrocarbons on Titan's surface
    1:45 D. Nna-Mvondo: Detection of organics in Titan's lakes
    2:00 J. Toner: Preservation of organics in low-temperature aqueous glasses
    2:15 J. Hanley: Spectra of hydrated salts and implications for Europa
    3:00 BREAK

3:15 Organics and Their Detection - Session details

    3:15 M. Gudipati: Survival of organics on Titan & Europa
    3:30 E. Sciamma-O'Brien: Titan Aerosols
    3:45 S. Singh: Solubility of organics in Titan's hydrocarbon lakes
    4:00 D. Thomas: Organics and water in Titan dunes
    4:15 C. Sotin: Titan's organic seas

5:30 Poster session (NOT WEBCAST)

Thursday February 6th, 2014:

8:30 Chemical Energy for Life on Icy Worlds - Session details

    8:30 W. McKinnon: Timescales and geography for exchange processes
    8:38 K. Soderlund: Ocean currents and thin ice
    8:46 T. McCollom: Europan seafloor reductant flux
    8:54 T. Hoehler: Life on Earth as a guide for energy limits on other worlds

9:45 Ocean Physics and Chemistry - Session details

    9:45 R. Tyler: Heat generated by outer solar system ocean tides
    10:00 K. Soderlund: Convection in Europa's ocean
    10:15 G. Tobie: Internal ocean on Titan
    10:30 BREAK
    10:45 R. Farber: Vertical transport in Europa's ocean
    11:00 K. Kalousova: Water production and transport in Europa's ice shell
    11:15 S. Vance: Ocean structure and water-rock chemistry on icy satellites
    11:30 O. Prieto-Ballesteros: BioGeochemical cycles and life in icy world oceans
    11:45 J. Waite: Enceladus plume composition
    12:00 H.-W. Hsu: Hydrothermal activities at Enceladus and silica nanoparticles
    12:15 DISCUSSION
    12:45 LUNCH

2:00 Icy World Activity and Habitability Over Time - Session details

    2:00 G. Collins: Geophysics of transport across ice shells
    2:15 S. Kattenhorn: Subduction on Europa (NOT WEBCAST)
    2:30 B. Schmidt: Europa Chaos conveyor belt?
    2:45 L. Quick: Europa Diapiric Dynamics
    3:00 L. Roth: Europa water vapor plumes (NOT WEBCAST)
    3:15: BREAK
    3:30 M. Fries: Halite grains in meteorites and habitability of Ceres
    3:45 M. Neveu: Enceladus' fully cracked core
    4:00 S. Desch: Undifferentiated crust on Kuiper Belt Objects
    4:15 C. Phillips: Stereo topography and thermal profiles of icy satellites
    4:30 K. Zahnle: Big impacts and transient oceans on Titan

Friday February 7th, 2014:

8:30 Continuing and Future Outer Solar System Exploration - Session details

    8:30 D. Titov: JUICE mission from ESA
    8:50 D. Senske: Europa Clipper mission concept
    9:10 M. Bannister: Outer solar system origins survey
    9:25 K. Konstantinidis: Europa and Enceladus Explorer mission designs
    9:55 BREAK

10:10 Workshop discussion, findings and wrap-up

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