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August 2005
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Newsletter Archive

Deep News
Newsletter for the Deep Impact mission
Issue 25
August 2005

Less than a month after the Deep Impact encounter with comet Tempel 1, the science team met for a week to analyze their data and to prepare a paper for publication. Over the next two months, updates on discoveries from both space and ground observation will be released to the public. In the meantime, take a look at what scientists for the Deep Impact mission have discovered during the first weeks of poring over data. To make sure you are ready, visit:

Rock Around the Clock - A celebration of Comets!
On July 5th, the Deep Impact team and all employees at Jet Propulsion Laboratory were treated to an impact of a different sort as the members of the original Bill Haley and His Comets (now The Comets) performed a one hour celebration concert of their hit songs including "Rock Around the Clock". The song went to #1 during the same week 50 years ago.

Who Else Rocked Around the Clock - Deep Impact Encounter and the world!
You saw the images coming down to Earth in near- real time but what was happening around the world at that moment? Talk about a Deep Impact!

Mission Update - The Science Team Meets with Ground Observers
Less than one month after encounter, as the science team is still poring over data from the spacecraft, they gather for a week long meeting with observers who were watching the impact from the ground.

Observing from Earth - Amateur Astronomers contribute data
Amateur astronomers, some of whom have observed comet Tempel 1 since its prior orbit around the Sun 5.5 years ago, took important observations during encounter and submitted them as part of the data for the Deep Impact mission.

Up Close and Personal - Meet Dennis Wellnitz
Dennis worked on the Deep Impact project to represent Principal Investigator Mike A'Hearn's concerns for the capabilities of the spacecraft instruments used to observe comet Tempel 1. Meet Dennis Wellnitz.

Deep Impact - Beginning thoughts
Peter Schultz of the Deep Impact science member talks about some of his first thoughts after looking at early data of the encounter with comet Tempel 1. But first, take a look at a video from days before the impact and some of the impact tests performed by Pete at Ames.
Video of expectations:
What did he think we might see of the impact and how does that compare to his thoughts two days after the event?
Early thoughts:

Up Close and Personal - More on Peter Schultz
You've heard Pete talk about how he thought the mission would make a Deep Impact. Now find out about the Deep Impact science has made on him. Meet Pete Schultz.

Educators - Have you looked at our activities for students lately?
If you want to make a Deep Impact on your students, make sure you take a look at our Education page at:
and some of the fun activities in our Discovery Zone at:

Did you see our past Deep News Issues?
Visit to catch up on exciting past news from the Deep Impact mission.

Deep Impact is a Discovery mission. For more information on the Discovery Program, visit:

The Deep Impact mission is a partnership among the University of Maryland (UMD), the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Ball Aerospace and Technology Corp (BATC). Deep Impact is a NASA Discovery mission, eighth in a series of low-cost, highly focused space science investigations. See or our mirror site at

Newsletter Archive

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