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March 2005
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Newsletter Archive

Deep News
Newsletter for the Deep Impact mission
Issue 20
March 2005

The Deep Impact twin spacecraft is entering its third month in space. The project team is hard at work implementing their carefully planned mission. The spacecraft launched on January 12th from Cape Canaveral and is on its way to its July 4th impact with Tempel 1. What's been happening with Deep Impact? Read below to find out. If you aren't familiar with the Deep Impact mission, take a look at:

Picture This! - Launched and flying
The Deep Impact spacecraft launched successfully from Cape Canaveral Florida on January 12th at 1:47 PM EST. If you missed seeing it in person, here is your chance to view it. (QuickTime Format) (MPEG Format)

And Picture This! - By the Light of the Silvery Moon
The team continues testing the instruments by taking images on both the flyby and impactor spacecraft. Comet Tempel 1 is still a long way off but the sightseeing along the way is wonderful. Take a look at images taken of the moon and Jupiter.

Mission Update - What's Happening
What's the latest with the Deep Impact mission? Keyur Patel gives an update; take a look.

Up Close and Personal - Meet Elizabeth Warner
Elizabeth has several jobs on the Deep Impact mission. From the University of Maryland, she works with the amateur astronomer programs for Deep Impact and this month, she sees the release of a web site she designed to help others learn how to track Comet Tempel 1 through a telescope. Not only that, but she also works on other outreach programs for the mission and is co-curator of the Deep Impact web site. Meet Elizabeth Warner.

Can You Find Comet Tempel 1?
Whether you are a seasoned astronomer or a person looking to use that telescope that Aunt Hattie gave you that's currently gathering dust bunnies under your bed, the Deep Impact Amateur Astronomer Program could be for you. Take a look and get ready to search the skies in July 2005.

Deep Impact Planetarium Show
Have you seen the Deep Impact Planetarium Show created by Fiske Planetarium? It might be coming to your local planetarium. Contact them and see if it is part of their schedule.

For Educators - New for You
We didn't see you at the January educator workshop at Kennedy Space Center so we wanted to show you some of the exciting material 27 teachers from across the country received.

Brain Twister - Design the Deep Impact Mission
You have been asked to look at the science objectives for the Deep Impact mission and to design the spacecraft necessary to meet those objectives. The science objectives are to travel to a comet nucleus and make a deep crater in it. You are trying to determine the structure and composition of a comet nucleus and to find for the first time what lies beneath its surface.

Did you see our past Deep News Issues?
Visit to catch up on exciting past news from the Deep Impact mission.

Deep Impact is a Discovery mission. For more information on the Discovery Program, visit:

The Deep Impact mission is a partnership among the University of Maryland (UMD), the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Ball Aerospace and Technology Corp (BATC). Deep Impact is a NASA Discovery mission, eighth in a series of low-cost, highly focused space science investigations. See or our mirror site at

Newsletter Archive

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