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Story & Song
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Education - Story & Song

Teaching with Story and Song
Try something new with your students. Try this lesson plan or make your own:

C-O-M-E-T-S Song C-O-M-E-T-S Song: (K - 4)
This song is loaded with science facts about comets. Once they know the song, they are ready to try a hands-on activity.
View Lyrics (Microsoft Word, 19.5 KB)
View Sheet Music (JPG, 381 KB)

C-O-M-E-T-S Rap Song C-O-M-E-T-S Rap Song (5 - 9)
This extension of the Comet Song has even more comet facts in a rap version. Have your students make their own rap, salsa, dance or other routine to present to their classmates.
View Lyrics (Microsoft Word, 20 KB)
View Sheet Music (JPG, 381 KB)

Comet on a Stick Comet on a Stick - Hands-on activity (K - 12)
Once your students know their comet facts, have them break into teams to collaborate on a comet model using their new knowledge.
View Activity (PDF, 590 KB)
View Activity (Web Format)

The Comet Sisters The Comet Sisters (All ages)
Science facts and value lessons are blended in a mythical story about the Villagers of the Earth and the Comet Sisters in space. Try it with all ages either as an introduction to comets or an evaluation tool. See how many facts about comets your students can find hidden in the story. Extended activities are included at the end.
View Story (Microsoft Word, 48.5 KB)

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