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Make a Comet Model and Eat It!
Student Research Data Sheet

Created for the Deep Impact Mission, A NASA Discovery Mission
Maura Rountree-Brown and Art Hammon
Student - Reflection
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Throughout history, scientists have used different methods of observation and testing to find out more about comets. First, they used their eyes to look into the sky. Over time, they applied what they knew about math, science and finally technology to further study these icy travelers. Now we have the ability to visit comets. Scientists are always careful to record their observations and data. They use this research to build models to test and confirm their theories about comets. Deep Impact will use a spectrometer with a series of filters each of which will collect a different kind of data about a comet. Although spectrometer filters are not senses, you can collect data on your ice cream comet by using your sight, touch, smell and taste "filters" separately and then learning from all the data gathered together?

What visual observations do you make about your ice cream comet? Diagrams can be drawn also.


Take the "feel only" cup. Don't taste this one. What are you able to tell by using your fingers to feel the ice cream comet?


What are you able to tell about your sample comet using only your sense of smell?


What are you able to tell about your sample comet adding your sense of taste?


What explanations do you draw about the composition of your comet?


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