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Year of the Solar System
Planetary Science Mission Events (as of 03/07/11)

Date Mission Event Status
September 16 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter LRO transfer to Science Mission Directorate Completed
November 4 EPOXI EPOXI encounters Comet Hartley 2 Completed
November 19 O/OREOS Launch of O/OREOS Completed
December 7 Akatsuki: Venus Climate Orbiter Venus Climate Orbiter (JAXA) arrives at Venus. (Note: Akatsuki did not achieve orbit insertion. Next opportunity is in 2016) Completed

Date Mission Event Status
February 14 Stardust-NExT Stardust NExT encounters comet Tempel 1 Completed
March 7 Planetary Decadel Survey Planetary Science Decadal Survey released Completed
March 17 MESSENGER MESSENGER orbit insertion at Mercury (8:45 pm Eastern) Completed
July Dawn Dawn orbit insertion at asteroid Vesta Completed
August 5 Juno Juno launch to Jupiter Completed
September 8 GRAIL GRAIL launch to the Moon Completed
November 25 Mars Science Laboratory MSL launch to Mars  

Date Mission Event Status
Mid 2012 Mars Opportunity Rover Mars Opportunity Rover gets to Endeavour Crater  
Mid 2012 Dawn Dawn leaves Vesta starts on its journey to Ceres  
August Mars Science Laboratory MSL lands on Mars  

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Last Updated: 13 Oct 2011