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Planetary Shields: Magnetospheres
Educational Resources

Data Sources
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Space-Weather Resources This page has links to a variety of data sets regarding sunspots, the Earth's magnetosphere, and more.

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The Earth's Magnetic Field This computer simulation image shows the resulting magnetic field lines out to two Earth radii, with blue lines directed inward and yellow lines directed outward.
Diagram of Earth's Magnetic Field This diagram illustrates the solar wind flowing around and beyond Earth's magnetic shield.
Chandra Probes High-Voltage Auroras on Jupiter A Chandra X-Ray of Jupiter shows auroras and an accompanying illustration depicts Jupiter's magnetic field.
Jupiter's Magnetic Field This illustration shows the scale of Jupiter's magnetic field as seen from Earth.
The Sun's Magnetic Field Vivid orange streamers of super-hot, electrically charged gas (plasma) arc from the surface of the Sun in this photo, revealing the structure of the solar magnetic field rising vertically from a sunspot.

A variety of videos are available at
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Blackout: The Sun-Earth Connection This video is available in four parts, featuring a journey from the Sun to the Earth as eruptions known as solar storms travel to Earth and collide with Earth's magnetic field.
Saturn's Aurora in a New Light A Cassini scientist explains the flickering 'northern lights' high above Saturn, shown for the first time in a visible-light movie.
MMS Educational Videos What is a magnetic dipole?
MMS Educational Videos How does magnetic field strength vary with distance?
MMS Educational Videos What is the structure of the Earth's magnetic field?
MMS Educational Videos What is the structure of the Earth's magnetosphere?
Space Weather Media Viewer A collection of resources including Videos containing information about the Sun, the Solar Wind, Magnetosphere, Aurora and Heliosphere

Link Description
What is a Coronal Mass Ejection? This animation shows a coronal mass ejection (a tremendous bubble of hot gas and magnetic fields) interacts with Earth's magnetic field to form auroras.
SOHO Animations Animations include a Cosmic Mass Ejection slamming into Earth's magnetosphere, how the Sun's magnetic field winds up and loops out, and the solar wind impacting the magnetosphere and creating aurora. Each animation is available in a variety of formats and sizes.
Saturn and Enceladus Electrical Link This animated graphic shows how Saturn and its moon Enceladus are electrically linked. Magnetic field lines, invisible to the human eye but detectable by the fields and particles instruments on NASA's Cassini spacecraft, arc from Saturn's north polar region to south polar region. Enceladus resides in the arc of a set of the field lines and feeds charged particles into the Saturn atmosphere.
Dancing Southern Lights of Saturn This movie, made from data obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, shows Saturn's southern aurora shimmering over approximately 20 hours as the planet rotates. This movie, made from data obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, shows Saturn's southern aurora shimmering over approximately 20 hours as the planet rotates.
MESSENGER Flies through Mercury's Magnetosphere This animation shows a conceptual sketch of Mercury's magnetosphere. The positions at which the spacecraft first crossed the "bow shock" of the magnetospheric interaction with the solar wind, passed closest approach to the planet, and crossed the outbound bow-shock crossing are indicated.

Link Description
The Solar Wind Tunnel: A Comet Borrelly Interactive This cool interactive allows users to simulate the sun's effect on planets, comets and asteroids.
Magneto Mini-Golf Play golf using protons in magnetic fields. Start with simple fields, then move all the way up to golfing in Earth's magnetic field. Complete the quiz and get access to a bonus hole. Complete all holes and you can post your score.
Wrath of Ra Learn about how particles move from the Sun to Earth. Once you have a handle on that, see if you can smack Earth with a solar event. The better a job you do, the more damage you can cause.
Saturn's Magnetosphere Mouse over feature names to learn more about the features of a magnetosphere.
Magnetic Games Play with charged particles and magnetic fields in magnetic bowling, magnetic pinball, and magnetic golf.

Link Description
Radio JOVE The Radio JOVE project welcomes teachers, students, amateur scientists, ham radio operators and anyone interested in learning more about radio astronomy. You can build our radio telescope kit, use your own equipment, or just join in via the Internet.
Student Observation Network Student Observation Network allows students to discover answers to some of the questions that excite NASA scientists, and includes a module in which students examine data regarding the Sun's effects on our magnetic field.
Solar System Ambassadors The Solar System Ambassadors is a nation-wide network of volunteers who are trained to communicate the excitement of NASA's space exploration missions and recent discoveries to people in their local communities.
Museum Alliance The Museum Alliance is a network of museums, science centers, planetariums, observatories, parks, NASA visitor centers, nature centers, zoos, and aquariums that bring current NASA science and technology to their visitors through professional development of their staff and access to NASA staff, content and materials.
Night Sky Network This site can connect you to amateur astronomy clubs, events, a night sky planner, and more.

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