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Leftovers from Planet Building: Asteroids
Educational Resources

Data Sources

Link Description
Near Earth Asteroid Tracking Project This site has images, news releases, glossaries, and more.
Asteroid Observing Services This site, although complex, includes links to a variety of data sets about asteroids.

Downloadable Products
Link Description
DPS Slide Set: Asteroid Detected Before Impact This four-slide powerpoint by the Division of Planetary Science includes basic information for college-level introductory courses.
Aster's Hoity Toity Belt "The Aster's Hoity-Toity Belt," a compelling tale set in the Great Carousel of the Skies, tells of two friends, the gentle giant Ceres and feisty Vesta, as they find their place in the skyberhood.
Comets (PDF, 1.3 MB) This colorful illustrated document compares and describes comets and asteroids at a level appropriate for older children and adults.

Link Description
Asteroid Photo Gallery This NSSDC site includes a variety of mission photos of asteroids.
Where is Dawn Now? Simulated images of the location of the Dawn spacecraft, updated every two hours.
Asteroid: Gallery A variety of photos and illustrations of asteroids by Solar System Exploration.

Link Description
Journey to the Bottom of the World This webinar features Dr. Lucy McFadden's search for meteorites in Antarctica
NASA's Journey Above Vesta This video from NASA's Dawn spacecraft takes us on a flyover above the surface of the giant asteroid Vesta. The data obtained by Dawn's framing camera will help scientists determine the processes that formed Vesta's striking features. It will also help Dawn mission fans all over the world visualize this mysterious world, which is the second most massive object in the main asteroid belt.

Link Description
Relationship of Meteorites to Vesta This is an audio clip from a news interview with Dawn scientist Tom Prettyman.
Hubble Observes Possible Asteroid Collision NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has captured rare images of a suspected asteroid collision. The snapshots show a bizarre X-shaped object at the head of a comet-like trail of material.
Dawn Mission This is an audio clip from a news interview with Dawn scientist Tom Prettyman.
Dawn Mission Interview ABC Science Show Interview with Dawn Principal Investigator, Chris Russell
Dawn Mission Interview WNYC Public Radio interview with Tom McCord and Tom Prettyman
Second Place Vesta Who remembers second place? It's a problem that plagues anyone who isn't the biggest or fastest or shiniest. In today's episode of 365 Days of Astronomy, we look at the second largest object in the Asteroid Belt -- Vesta.
Ceres -- Dwarf Planet or Very Big Asteroid? A podcast about an asteroid with an identity crisis. Ceres has had an interesting history, with respect to celestial taxonomy. For nearly 50 years it was a planet, then it became an asteroid and then it joined Pluto -- which was a planet for a whole 76 years -- to become a dwarf planet.

Link Description
Animation of Vesta Animation of the asteroid Vesta, based on images made by Hubble Space Telescope.
NEAR Animations There are animations of the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft's descent and landing on the asteroid Eros.

Link Description
Killer Asteroids Play a physics-based asteroid game, learn about how backyard astronomers are contributing to asteroid research or hit any spot in the world with an asteroid using our Google Earth Impact simulation.
Find a Meteorite Examine a series of images and compare meteorites and asteroids, and explore each.
Killer Asteroid: Light Curves In this online exercise, participants match one of several rotating asteroid models to a graph of the light reflection over time.

Link Description
The Amateur Observers Originally put together to support NASA's Discovery mission Deep Impact, the AOP is continuing and expanding. They are observing the asteroids Vesta and Ceres in support of the NASA Discovery mission Dawn and comet Hartley 2 in support of EPOXI.
Solar System Ambassadors The Solar System Ambassadors is a nation-wide network of volunteers who are trained to communicate the excitement of NASA's space exploration missions and recent discoveries to people in their local communities.
Museum Alliance The Museum Alliance is a network of museums, science centers, planetariums, observatories, parks, NASA visitor centers, nature centers, zoos, and aquariums that bring current NASA science and technology to their visitors through professional development of their staff and access to NASA staff, content and materials.
Night Sky Network This site can connect you to amateur astronomy clubs, events, a night sky planner, and more.
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