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Volcanism in the Solar System: Hot Stuff!
Educational Resources

Downloadable Products
Link Description
DPS Slide Set: Venus May Have Active Volcanism This four-slide powerpoint by the Division of Planetary Science includes basic information for college-level introductory courses.
DPS Slide Set: Volcanoes on Mercury This four-slide powerpoint by the Division of Planetary Science includes basic information for college-level introductory courses.

Data Sources
Link Description
USGS Volcano Hazards Program This site has maps, reports and images of recent and ongoing volcanic activity on Earth.


Link Description
Images from the Volcano Hazards Program A variety of galleries by various USGS observatories.
Earth Observatory: Volcanic Activity at Kilauea This satellite photo shows the caldera, crater and a plume at Kilauea.
Volcano Hazards Program Webcams A variety of live Webcams of active volcanoes, in Hawaii, Alaska and Washington.
Active Volcanic Plumes on Io This color image, acquired during Galileo's ninth orbit around Jupiter, shows two volcanic plumes on Io.
Lava Fountains on Io This mosaic of black-and-white images shows a fountain of lava spewing above the surface of Jupiter's moon Io. Most of the hot material is distributed along a wavy line which is interpreted to be hot lava shooting more than 1.5 km (1-mile) high out of a long crack, or fissure, on the surface.
Ongoing Volcanic Eruption at Tvashtar Catena, Io Another active volcanic eruption is seen on Jupiter's moon Io at a chain of giant volcanic calderas. White and orange areas on the left side of the picture show newly erupted hot lava, seen in this false color image because of infrared emission. The two small bright spots are sites where molten rock is exposed to the surface at the toes of lava flows.
Young Volcanism on Mercury This enhanced-color image of Mercury highlights differences in reflectance, color and structure between the smooth volcanic plains within the basin's inner ring and the surrounding surface.

Link Description
Tvashtar Movie
The New Horizons spacecraft captured the two frames in this "movie" of the 330-km (200-mile) high Tvashtar volcanic eruption plume on Jupiter's moon Io.
JPL Videos of Volcanism
Video clips about volcanism on moons and planets.
Yellowstone: Monitoring the Fire Below Three of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in geologic history occurred at a place now visited by nearly four million people a year: Yellowstone National Park. Science Bulletins talks with the geologists regularly monitoring these disquieting signals to understand where this active region lies in its volcanic life span.
Monitoring Mount Etna: Magma on the Move Scientists in Sicily are collecting an enormous amount of data to monitor moving magma inside Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. In this Earth Bulletin, visit the volcano's snowy slopes and learn how scientists record seismic activity, measure gases seeping up through the ground, sense the volcano's temperature changes, and assess disturbances in gravitational and magnetic fields to predict eruptions weeks ahead of time.

Link Description
CoreCast USGS podcasts or videocast episodes; a variety of them relate to volcanism.

Link Description
Volcano Visualizations A set of visualizations of volcanic eruptions, on Earth and Io, compiled by the Science Education Resource Center (SERC).

Link Description
Volcano Explorer Excellent interactive allows explorers of all ages to learn about the types of volcanos and their interior structure. Visitors can manipulate the gas content and viscosity (thickness) of magma and then watch the resultant eruption.
Can You Find This interactive lets you search for features on and around Olympus Mons.
This Dynamic Planet Interactive Map This is a world map of volcanoes, earthquakes, impact craters, and plate tectonics. The map zooms in, highlighting examples of fundamental processes, while providing text, timelines, references, and other resources to enhance understanding of this dynamic planet.
Volcanoes of the World Find a volcano by region, and identify it by name, type, status, and location; observe photos of the volcanoes.
Pigwad Maps Planetary Interactive GIS on the Web Analyzable Database; this USGS site has maps of all of the terrestrial planets and data can be overlaid, including the locations of volcanoes and other volcanic features. Some of the sets take several minutes to upload.
How Big Are the Volcanoes on Mars? This interactive activity lets you superimpose familiar objects onto images of volcanoes on Mars (including Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the solar system), so you can see just how large they are. The dropped objects include a school bus, stadium, Texas, Hawaii and the contiguous US. Informative

Program Description
MESSENGER Fellows Many teachers around the country have received intensive training on the MESSENGER mission and conduct periodic workshops nationally.
Solar System Ambassadors The Solar System Ambassadors is a nation-wide network of volunteers who are trained to communicate the excitement of NASA's space exploration missions and recent discoveries to people in their local communities.
Museum Alliance The Museum Alliance is a network of museums, science centers, planetariums, observatories, parks, NASA Visitor Centers, nature centers, zoos, and aquariums that bring current NASA science and technology to their visitors through professional development of their staff and access to NASA staff, content and materials.
Night Sky Network This site can connect you to amateur astronomy clubs, events, a night sky planner, and more.

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