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Solar System Exploration
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These hands-on activities are so entertaining, kids won't even know they're learning.

Make It, Break It, Take It...

Paper plate power!
Paper plate power!
Paper Plate Education

These guys live up to their motto -- 'Serving the Universe on a Paper Plate' -- with a collection of activities that require lots of imagination and cheap paper plates. Our favorites: Dynamic Solar System Model and Alien Platecraft.

Build-Your-Own Spacecraft
Sure, they're only paper. But it's a start. We're fondest of the solar system missions, especially Cassini (recently arrived at Saturn), Galileo (orbiting Jupiter) and Pioneer 10 (now 7.48 billion miles from Earth). There are models for all ages and skill levels.

Model Saturn
The pretty planets get all the attention. Make a nifty Saturn model out of a foam ball and an old CD. Don't forget the glitter.

Know of more solar system activities? Let us know.

Eat It...

Solar system education never tasted better. We call dibs on the frosting bowl.

Io looks a lot like a pizza.
Io looks a lot like a pizza.

Edible Meteorites (Requires free Acrobat Reader)
Can't tell a chondrite from meteorite regolith breccia? This activity boosts your meteorite mentality and tastes great, too. Don't forget to brush. We don't want these treats making cavity craters in your teeth.

Oreo Moon Phases
Who knew a box of Oreos could help unlock the mysteries of the Moon cycle?

Edible Cassini (Requires free Acrobat Reader)
Learn about the Cassini mission to Saturn while making and eating this scrumptious spacecraft.

Asteroid Potatoes
Make an asteroid belt around the dinner table. Tasty teaching.

Know more delicious solar system recipes? Let us know.

Last Updated: 10 February 2011

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Last Updated: 10 Feb 2011