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Solar System Exploration
Our Solar System: News
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Listed here are news articles and press releases related to Our Solar System.

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9 Jul 2015 NASA Missions Have Their Eyes Peeled on Pluto NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
8 Jul 2015 Searing Sun Seen in X-rays NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
26 Mar 2015 Asteroid Hunter Spacecraft Data Available to Public NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
13 Feb 2015 'Pale Blue Dot' Images Turn 25 Jet Propulsion Laboratory
15 Dec 2014 NASA Voyager: 'Tsunami Wave' Still Flies Through Interstellar Space NASA/JPL
26 Aug 2014 Solar System Ambassador Recognized for Going Above and Beyond NASA
21 Aug 2014 NASA TV to Air Events About Pluto-Bound Spacecraft NASA/JPL/JHUAPL
5 Aug 2014 NASA Holds Briefing on Early Test Results for New Planetary Landing Technology NASA/JPL
23 Jul 2014 NASA Voyager Statement About Solar Wind Models Jet Propulsion Laboratory
17 Jul 2014 Voyager Project Scientist Ed Stone Honored Jet Propulsion Laboratory
7 Jul 2014 Sun Sends More 'Tsunami Waves' to Voyager 1 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
23 Jun 2014 Titan's Building Blocks Might Pre-date Saturn Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 May 2014 A Look at the Numbers as NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Enters its 25th Year NASA/GSFC
23 Apr 2014 NASA Hubble Exhibit at National Air and Space Museum NASA/JPL/Smothsonian
8 Apr 2014 Webb Telescope's Heart Complete, Final Instrument Installed NASA/GSFC
20 Mar 2014 NASA's Spitzer Telescope Brings 360-Degree View of Galaxy to Our Fingertips NASA/JPL
7 Mar 2014 NASA's WISE Survey Finds Thousands of New Stars, But No 'Planet X' NASA/JPL
24 Dec 2013 NASA's Deep Space Network Celebrates 50 Years NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
18 Dec 2013 Eight Essential Facts About NASA's Deep Space Network JPL/NASA
18 Dec 2013 NASA's Deep Space Network: The Original 'Wireless Network' Turns 50 NASA/JPL
17 Dec 2013 JPL To Test New Supersonic Decelerator Technology NASA/JPL
4 Dec 2013 Voyager Project Scientist Honored by NASA--Via Stephen Colbert Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6 Nov 2013 Rare New Microbe Found in Two Distant Clean Rooms NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
21 Oct 2013 NASA: Back to Work, Back to Mission NASA
17 Oct 2013 Managing the Deluge of 'Big Data' From Space NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
30 Sep 2013 NASA at 55 NASA
12 Sep 2013 NASA Spacecraft Embarks on Historic Journey Into Interstellar Space NASA/JPL
12 Sep 2013 NASA News Conference Today to Discuss Voyager Spacecraft NASA/JPL
6 Sep 2013 NASA to Share the Universe with Instagram Users through Its Images NASA
15 Aug 2013 NASA Voyager Statement about Competing Models to Explain Recent Spacecraft Data NASA/JPL
27 Jun 2013 NASA's Voyager 1 Explores Final Frontier of Our 'Solar Bubble' NASA / JPL
20 Jun 2013 ESA Science Missions Continue in Overtime ESA
5 Jun 2013 NASA Partners With the LEGO Group for Design and Build Contest NASA/LEGO
8 May 2013 Sally Ride: Tribute Event at John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington NASA
1 May 2013 Mars Rover Social Media, NASA/JPL Website Win Webby Awards NASA/JPL
24 Apr 2013 NASA Invites the Public to Fly Along with Voyager NASA / JPL
15 Apr 2013 NASA-Funded Asteroid Tracking Sensor Passes Key Test NASA/JPL
10 Apr 2013 NASA Administrator Bolden's Statement On The NASA FY 2014 Budget Request NASA/JPL
9 Apr 2013 NASA, Mars Curiosity Win Awards for Social Media NASA/JPL
20 Mar 2013 NASA Voyager Status Update on Voyager 1 Location NASA/JPL
8 Mar 2013 NASA Mars Rover and Spacecraft Models, Team Members at Capitol NASA Ames Research Center
3 Dec 2012 NASA Voyager 1 Encounters New Region in Deep Space NASA/JPL
30 Nov 2012 NASA to Host Dec. 3 Teleconference About Voyager Mission NASA/JPL
5 Sep 2012 Cheers, Voyager: 35 Years of Exploration NASA/JPL
17 Jul 2012 Study Finds Heat is Source of 'Pioneer Anomaly' Jet Propulsion Laboratory
15 Jun 2012 Data From NASA's Voyager 1 Point to Interstellar Future NASA/JPL
6 Dec 2011 NASA's Voyager Hits New Region at Solar System Edge NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Nov 2011 Voyager 2 Completes Switch to Backup Thruster Set NASA/JPL
5 Nov 2011 Voyager 2 to Switch to Backup Thruster Set Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 Oct 2011 NASA Chat: Landing on Other Planets -- How Hard Can It Be? NASA/MSFC
12 Oct 2011 Giant-Sized Webb Space Telescope Model to 'Land' in Baltimore NASA/GSFC
19 Sep 2011 Tests Under way on the Sunshield for NASA's Webb Telescope NASA/GSFC
13 Sep 2011 NASA's Webb Telescope Completes Mirror-Coating Milestone NASA/GSFC
3 Sep 2011 NASA Gives Public New Internet Tool to Explore the Solar System Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1 Sep 2011 New Feature: Planetary Timeline Solar System Exploration Thematic Team
18 Aug 2011 Webb Telescope's MIRI Flight Instrument Completes Cryogenic Testing in the U.K. NASA/GSFC
9 Aug 2011 Power to Explore: 50 Years of Nuclear Space Power NASA
12 Jul 2011 NASA App for Android is Now Available NASA
1 Jul 2011 What's Next For NASA? NASA
9 Jun 2011 Probes Suggest Magnetic Bubbles at Solar System Edge NASA/JPL/GSFC
1 Jun 2011 Tweetup at NASA's JPL Previews 2011 Missions NASA/JPL
27 May 2011 James Webb Space Telescope ISIM on 'Spin Cycle' NASA/GSFC
24 May 2011 NASA Announces Key Decision For Next Deep Space Transportation System NASA/JSC
23 May 2011 President Kennedy's Speech and America's Next Moonshot Moment NASA
12 May 2011 Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report NASA/KSC
5 May 2011 NASA Selects Investigations for Future Key Missions NASA
5 May 2011 NASA, Space Community Remember 'Freedom 7' NASA/Kennedy Space Center
28 Apr 2011 Voyager Set to Enter Interstellar Space NASA/GSFC
27 Apr 2011 Five Things About NASA's Voyager Mission NASA/JPL
26 Apr 2011 NASA Invites Public to Journey Toward Interstellar Space NASA/JPL
8 Mar 2011 Voyager Seeks the Answer Blowin' in the Wind NASA/JPL
7 Mar 2011 Report Identifies Priority Missions for Planetary Science in the Next Decade National Academies
19 Feb 2011 A Solar System Family Portrait, from the Inside Out Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
28 Jan 2011 NASA Day of Remembrance The White House
1 Jan 2011 Year Of Solar System: Featured Toolkits NASA Core
13 Dec 2010 Voyager 1 Sees Solar Wind Decline; Edges Closer to Interstellar Space NASA
2 Dec 2010 NASA-Funded Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical NASA/Ames Research Center
25 Nov 2010 Planetary Science Mission Events Poster NASA Science Mission Directorate Planetary Science Division
25 Nov 2010 Update: Year of the Solar System NASA Science Mission Directorate Planetary Science Division
29 Oct 2010 New Project Manager as Voyager Explores New Territory Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 Oct 2010 'Seeking Signs of Life' Event to be Held 14 October 2010 NASA
4 Oct 2010 NASA's Wise Mission Warms Up But Keeps Chugging Along NASA/JPL
29 Sep 2010 Celebrate Astrobiology NASA
29 Sep 2010 NASA presents BEYOND: Visions of Our Solar System NASA
19 Jul 2010 NASA's WISE Mission Ready to Complete Extensive Sky Survey NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
15 Jul 2010 Giant Antenna Propped Up, Ready for Joint Replacement Jet Propulsion Laboratory
28 Jun 2010 Voyager 2 at 12,000 Days Jet Propulsion Laboratory
28 Jun 2010 Solar System Exploration Site Redesign Solar System Exploration Thematic Team
19 Feb 2010 WISE Medley NASA/JPL
16 Oct 2009 The New Shape of Our Solar System NASA/JPL
11 Dec 2008 NASA Science on Display at American Geophysical Union Meeting NASA
26 Nov 2008 European Ministers Meet on Space's Role European Space Agency
24 Nov 2008 Spectacular Conjunction Science@NASA
19 Nov 2008 Mysterious Source of High-Energy Cosmic Radiation Discovered NASA
18 Nov 2008 NASA Successfully Tests First Deep Space Internet NASA
30 Oct 2008 Hubble Scores a Perfect Ten NASA
25 Oct 2008 Hubble Status Report NASA
23 Oct 2008 Cutting Life Short Astrobiology Magazine
20 Oct 2008 NASA Launches IBEX Mission to Outer Solar System NASA
6 Oct 2008 NASA Spacecraft Ready To Explore Outer Solar System NASA
30 Sep 2008 Hubble Space Telescope Problem Delays STS-125 Launch NASA
22 Sep 2008 Scientists Debate Planet Definition and Agree to Disagree Planetary Science Institute
8 Aug 2008 Astronomers Put Solar System In Perspective: Special Indeed Northwestern University
24 Jul 2008 NASA and Internet Archive Launch Centralized Resource for Images NASA
14 Jul 2008 Space Agencies Continue Talks on Global Exploration Strategy NASA
7 Jul 2008 Voyager's New Discoveries California Institute of Technology
1 Jul 2008 Planets Align for the 4th of July Science@NASA
5 Jun 2008 NASA Invites Media to 'Space: A Journey to Our Future' Preview NASA
19 Mar 2008 NASA Statement on the Death of Arthur C. Clarke NASA
15 Jan 2008 NASA Unveils Cosmic Images Book in Braille for Blind Readers NASA Headquarters
17 Dec 2007 NASA's Top Exploration and Discovery Stories of 2007 NASA
8 Nov 2007 Space 3.0 Astrobiology Magazine
23 Oct 2007 Europe Looks to the Future Astrobiology Magazine
10 Oct 2007 NASA Web Feature Wins Design Award From Adobe NASA
1 Oct 2007 New Book Chronicles NASA's First 50 Years NASA
19 Sep 2007 World Leaders in Space Exploration Meet at Caltech California Institute of Technology
6 Sep 2007 Caltech Astronomers Obtain Sharpest-Ever Pictures of the Heavens California Institute of Technology
21 Jun 2007 The Violent Origin of the Solar System Astrobiology Magazine European Edition
18 Jun 2007 Voyage to the Giant Asteroids Science@NASA
1 May 2007 Atmospheric Static NASA/JPL-Caltech
22 Mar 2007 'Cool' Science: JPL Observes International Polar Year NASA/JPL-Caltech
6 Mar 2007 Look Ma! No (Human) Hands! Science@NASA
1 Mar 2007 Polarizing Ice NASA/JPL-Caltech
22 Feb 2007 Defining Planets Astrobiology Magazine
12 Feb 2007 Planetary Scientist Selected to Lead Mission Directorate NASA Headquarters
26 Jan 2007 Lutetia Asteroid in Rosetta's Spotlight European Space Agency
11 Jan 2007 Comet McNaught Visible this Month. NASA Headquarters
8 Jan 2007 Gas Giants Jump into Planet Formation Early University of Arizona
20 Dec 2006 Planets Were Formed from a Giant Mix Imperial College of London
15 Dec 2006 Stardust Findings Suggest Comets More Complex Than Thought NASA/JPL-Caltech
15 Dec 2006 NASA Study Finds New Kind of Organics in Stardust Mission NASA/JPL-Caltech
15 Dec 2006 Comets Provide Electricity to Jump-Start Life NASA/JPL-Caltech
8 Dec 2006 NASA Advisor on the Search for Life to Receive Medal of Freedom NASA Headquarters
10 Oct 2006 Asteroids, Comets, Planets: Cut From Same Cloth? NASA/JPL-Caltech
15 Sep 2006 Sharing the Stars - A Soldier's Story NASA/JPL-Caltech
14 Sep 2006 Xena Has Officially Been Named Eris California Institute of Technology
24 Aug 2006 Xena Awarded Dwarf Planet Status California Institute of Technology
24 Aug 2006 Xena Awarded Dwarf Planet Status NASA/JPL-Caltech
24 Aug 2006 Honey, I Shrunk the Solar System NASA/JPL-Caltech
21 Aug 2006 Opportunity Observes 'Isabela' NASA/JPL-Caltech
16 Aug 2006 The IAU Draft Definition of "Planet" and "Plutons" International Astronomical Union
11 Aug 2006 Extended Antenna Outage at Madrid Deep Space Network Complex NASA Headquarters
15 Jun 2006 Near Constant Scale of the Gas Planet Satellite Systems Southwest Research Institute
12 Jun 2006 Corkscrew Asteroid Science@NASA
2 May 2006 The Art of Asteroid Avoidance Astrobiology Magazine
4 Apr 2006 MIT Light Detector May Speed Up Interplanetary Communications Massachusetts Institute of Technology
22 Mar 2006 Thinking Out Of The Box: How To Challenge Conventional Space Systems European Space Agency
16 Mar 2006 NASA Announces Solar System Ambassadors Class of 2006 NASA/JPL-Caltech
7 Mar 2006 Researchers Mimic High-Pressure Form of Ice Found in Giant Icy Moons Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
27 Feb 2006 Getting to the Cores of Jupiter, Saturn and Exoplanets University of Minnesota
2 Feb 2006 Kuiper Belt Moons Are Starting to Seem Typical California Institute of Technology
9 Jan 2006 Stardust Successfully Performs Maneuver NASA/JPL-Caltech
27 Dec 2005 NASA Prepares for Return of Interstellar Cargo NASA/JPL-Caltech
14 Dec 2005 Return of Japanese Asteroid Probe Delayed to 2010 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
14 Dec 2005 Discovery of a Large Kuiper Belt Object with an Unusual Orbit University of Hawaii
28 Nov 2005 Hayabusa Lands, Collects Sample Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
8 Nov 2005 Largest Optical Telescope in Southern Hemisphere to Be Inaugurated in South Africa United Nations Information Service (UNIS)
29 Jul 2005 Planetary Scientists Discover Tenth Planet California Institute of Technology
29 Jul 2005 NASA-Funded Scientists Discover Tenth Planet NASA/JPL-Caltech
20 Jul 2005 NASA Selects Advanced Technology Providers NASA Headquarters
15 Jun 2005 NASA Investigates Revolutionary Space Exploration Concepts NASA Headquarters
13 Jun 2005 NASA Scientists Receive Presidential Award NASA Headquarters
13 Jun 2005 Exploration Systems Associate Administrator Resigns NASA Headquarters
18 May 2005 Dreams Are Road To Space for Engineer Stennis Space Center
10 May 2005 Chandra Observatory Catches X-ray Super-flares Chandra X-ray Center
23 Mar 2005 NASA 'Ambassadors' Spread the Scientific Word Jet Propulsion Laboratory
23 Feb 2005 Prizes Offered to Students with Revolutionary Ideas NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
29 Nov 2004 Ulysses Status European Space Agency
19 Nov 2004 Robots and Humans Team Up NASA Headquarters
18 Oct 2004 New Planets Face Rocky Road Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Oct 2004 Reconstructing Genesis NASA Headquarters
5 Oct 2004 Space Railway Goddard Space Flight Center
5 Oct 2004 Genesis Samples 'Home' NASA Headquarters
5 Oct 2004 Genesis Solar Samples Arrive at Johnson Space Center NASA Headquarters
4 Oct 2004 Hubble Honor NASA Headquarters
30 Sep 2004 Genesis Update NASA Headquarters
23 Sep 2004 Genesis Update Jet Propulsion Laboratory
20 Sep 2004 Mishap Investigation NASA Headquarters
16 Sep 2004 Genesis Status Report Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Sep 2004 Genesis Scientists Bounce Back After Hard Landing Jet Propulsion Laboratory
9 Sep 2004 Genesis Status Report Jet Propulsion Laboratory
8 Sep 2004 Genesis Recovery Jet Propulsion Laboratory
7 Sep 2004 Gensis Gets a 'Go' Jet Propulsion Laboratory
31 Aug 2004 Comet Pioneer Dies Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
27 Aug 2004 Ready for Genesis Jet Propulsion Laboratory
25 Aug 2004 Future Mission Plans Ames Research Center
11 Aug 2004 Homeward Bound Jet Propulsion Laboratory
8 Jul 2004 Space Storm Tracking Jet Propulsion Laboratory
31 May 2004 Radiation Hazards Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
20 May 2004 New Creation Theory Arizona State University
16 Apr 2004 Europe's Space History European Space Agency
27 Feb 2004 Old Carbon Washington University in St. Louis
2 Feb 2004 Genesis Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
29 Dec 2003 Planetary Survivor Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
19 Jun 1993 Astronomers Solve Ancient Mystery of the Chinese Calendar Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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