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Solar System Exploration
Mimas: Facts & Figures
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Discovered By
William Herschel
Date of Discovery
17 September 1789
Orbit Size Around Saturn (semi-major axis)
Metric: 185,539 km
English: 115,289 miles
Scientific Notation: 1.85539x105 km (1.24025x10-3 A.U.)
By Comparison: 0.00124025
Periapsis (closest)
Metric: 181,902 km
Apoapsis (farthest)
Metric: 189,176 km
Sidereal Orbit Period (Length of Year)
0.00258 Earth years
0.942 Earth days
Orbit Circumference
Metric: 1,165,663.95 km
Average Orbit Velocity
Metric: 51,559.8 km/h
Orbit Eccentricity
Orbit Inclination
Mean Radius
Metric: 198.20±0.25 km
English: 123.16±0.16 miles
Scientific Notation: 1.982x102 km
By Comparison: 0.0311
Equatorial Circumference
Metric: 1,245.3 km
Metric: 32,613,662 km3
Metric: 37,505,676,206,690,400,000 kg
Scientific Notation: 3.7506E+19 kg
Metric: 1.15 g/cm3
Surface Area
Metric: 493,647.75 km2
Surface Gravity
Metric: 0.064 m/s2
Escape Velocity
Metric: 0.158912805 km/h

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