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Solar System Exploration
Pluto: Facts & Figures
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Discovered By
Clyde Tombaugh
Date of Discovery
18 Feb 1930
Orbit Size Around Sun (semi-major axis)
Metric: 5,906,440,628 km
English: 3,670,092,055 miles
Scientific Notation: 5.9064406 x 109 km (3.9482117 x 101 A.U.)
By Comparison: 39.482 x Earth
Perihelion (closest)
Metric: 4,436,756,954 km
English: 2,756,872,958 miles
Scientific Notation: 4.43676 x 109 km (2.9667 x 101 A.U.)
By Comparison: 30.162 x Earth
Aphelion (farthest)
Metric: 7,376,124,302 km
English: 4,583,311,152 miles
Scientific Notation: 7.37612 x 109 km (4.931 x 101 A.U.)
By Comparison: 48.496 x Earth
Sidereal Orbit Period (Length of Year)
247.92065 Earth years
90553.02 Earth days
By Comparison: 247.921 x Earth
Orbit Circumference
Metric: 36,529,978,039 km
English: 22,698,676,007 miles
Scientific Notation: 3.653 x 1010 km
By Comparison: 38.866 x Earth
Average Orbit Velocity
Metric: 16,809 km/h
English: 10,444 mph
Scientific Notation: 4.6691 x 103 m/s
By Comparison: 0.157 x Earth
Orbit Eccentricity
By Comparison: 14.890 x Earth
Orbit Inclination
17.14 degrees
Equatorial Inclination to Orbit
122.5 degrees (retrograde rotation)
By Comparison: 5.23 x Earth
Mean Radius
Metric: 1,151 km
English: 715.2 miles
Scientific Notation: 1.151 x 103 km
By Comparison: 0.1807 x Earth
Equatorial Circumference
Metric: 7,231.9 km
English: 4,493.7 miles
Scientific Notation: 7.23195 x 103 km
By Comparison: 0.1807 x Earth
Metric: 6,387,259,783 km3
English: 1,532,385,114 mi3
Scientific Notation: 6.38726 x 109 km3
By Comparison: 0.006 x Earth
Metric: 13,032,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg
Scientific Notation: 1.3032 x 1022 kg
By Comparison: 0.002 x Earth
Metric: 2.050 g/cm3
By Comparison: 0.372 x Earth
Surface Area
Metric: 16,647,940 km2
English: 6,427,806 square miles
Scientific Notation: 1.6648 x 107 km2
By Comparison: 0.033 x Earth
Surface Gravity
Metric: 0.66 m/s2
English: 2.2 ft/s2
By Comparison: If you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, you would weigh 7 pounds on Pluto.
Escape Velocity
Metric: 4,428 km/h
English: 2,751 mph
Scientific Notation: 1.230 x 103 m/s
By Comparison: Escape velocity of Earth is 25,030 mph.
Sidereal Rotation Period (Length of Day)
-6.387 Earth days (retrograde)
-153.29280 hours (retrograde)
By Comparison: One Earth day is 24 hours.
Minimum/Maximum Surface Temperature
Metric: -233/-223 °C
English: -387/-369 °F
Scientific Notation: 40/50 K
Atmospheric Constituents
By Comparison: Earth's atmosphere consists mostly of N2 and O2.
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