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Earth's Moon: News
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Listed here are news articles and press releases related to Earth's Moon.

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27 Jul 2015 Summer Blue Moon Science@NASA
22 Jul 2015 Seven Things to Look Forward to After Pluto NASA
30 Mar 2015 Total Eclipse of the Moon Science@NASA
24 Nov 2014 Young Volcanoes on the Moon Science@NASA
28 Oct 2014 NASA's LRO Spacecraft Captures Images of LADEE's Impact Crater NASA/GSFC
1 Oct 2014 NASA Mission Points to Origin of 'Ocean of Storms' on Earth's Moon NASA/JPL/CSM
18 Sep 2014 Colorful Lunar Eclipse NASA
30 Jul 2014 Moon Mission 50-Year Anniversary: A Vintage Look Back Jet Propulsion Laboratory
23 Jul 2014 NASA Seeks Proposals for Commercial Mars Data Relay Satellites NASA
17 Jul 2014 Lunar Pits Could Shelter Astronauts, Reveal Details of How 'Man in the Moon' Formed NASA/GSFC
15 Jul 2014 NASA Honors First Human Moon Landing, Looks to Mars NASA / JPL
30 Jun 2014 High Flying Flags NASA Solar System Exploration Web Team
29 May 2014 NASA Missions Let Scientists See Moon's Dancing Tide From Orbit NASA/GSFC
23 May 2014 NASA Invites Public to Select Favorite Moon Image for Lunar Orbiter Anniversary Collection NASA/GSFC
7 May 2014 LRO View of Earth NASA/Arizona State University
18 Apr 2014 NASA Completes LADEE Mission with Planned Impact on Moon's Surface NASA/ARC
8 Apr 2014 NASA's LRO Mission and North America to Experience Total Lunar Eclipse NASA/GSFC
3 Apr 2014 NASA Satellite to Continue Gathering Data Up to Planned Lunar Impact NASA/ARC
3 Apr 2014 Take the Plunge: LADEE Impact Challenge NASA
18 Mar 2014 NASA Releases First Interactive Mosaic of Lunar North Pole NASA/GSFC
6 Feb 2014 NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Sees 'Evening Star' Earth NASA/JPL
31 Jan 2014 NASA Extends Moon Exploring Satellite Mission NASA Ames Research Center
29 Jan 2014 NASA's LRO Snaps a Picture of NASA's LADEE Spacecraft NASA/GSFC
9 Jan 2014 Internet Radio Provides Musical Space-Weather Reports from NASA's LRO Mission NASA/GSFC
14 Dec 2013 China's Lunar Lander May Provide Additional Science for NASA Spacecraft NASA
10 Dec 2013 NASA's Juno Gives Starship-Like View of Earth Flyby NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
7 Nov 2013 NASA's GRAIL Mission Puts a New Face on the Moon NASA/JPL/MIT
22 Oct 2013 NASA Laser Communication System Sets Record with Data Transmissions to and from Moon NASA/GSFC
21 Oct 2013 NASA: Back to Work, Back to Mission NASA
18 Oct 2013 LADEE Mission Update NASA/Ames Research Center
20 Sep 2013 NASA's Deep Space Comet Hunter Mission Comes to an End NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
11 Sep 2013 LADEE Project Manager Update: Initial Checkout Complete NASA/Ames Research Center
7 Sep 2013 LADEE Launches, Heads for the Moon NASA
4 Sep 2013 NASA Announces Media, Public Events for Upcoming Lunar Mission Launch NASA/Ames/WFF
4 Sep 2013 LADEE Project Manager Update: LADEE Ready for Launch NASA/Ames Research Center
27 Aug 2013 NASA-Funded Scientists Detect Water on Moon's Surface that Hints at Water Below NASA/Ames Research Center
22 Aug 2013 NASA Prepares for First Virginia Coast Launch to Moon NASA/Ames/WFF
15 Aug 2013 NASA Hosts NASA TV News Briefing on Upcoming Lunar Mission NASA/Ames Research Center
18 Jul 2013 Building V-55: Not Your Typical Filling Station NASA Wallops Flight Facility
9 Jul 2013 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Looks at Apollo 12, Surveyor 3 Landing Sites NASA
19 Jun 2013 Metamorphosis of Moon's Water Ice Explained NASA/GSFC/University of New Hampshire
19 Jun 2013 NASA's LRO: Four Years in Orbit NASA/GSFC
17 Jun 2013 Supermoon Sunday NASA
12 Jun 2013 The Moon and Sun: Two NASA Missions Join Images NASA/GSFC
4 Jun 2013 LADEE Arrives at Wallops for Moon Mission NASA/WFF
30 May 2013 NASA'S GRAIL Mission Solves Mystery of Moon's Surface Gravity NASA/JPL/Purdue/MIT
29 Apr 2013 Why LADEE Matters NASA
25 Mar 2013 NASA Scientists Find Moon, Asteroids Share History NASA/JPL/AMES
20 Mar 2013 LADEE Project Manager Update NASA/ARC
19 Mar 2013 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Sees GRAIL's Explosive Farewell NASA/JPL
15 Mar 2013 Moon, Mars Science Conference Events To Be Streamed NASA/JPL
14 Mar 2013 NASA's First Laser Communication System Integrated, Ready for Launch NASA / JPL-Caltech
17 Dec 2012 NASA's GRAIL Lunar Impact Site Named For Astronaut Sally Ride NASA/JPL/MIT
17 Dec 2012 NASA GRAIL Twins Complete Their Moon Impact NASA/JPL
14 Dec 2012 Rocket Burn Sets Stage for Dynamic Moon Duos' Lunar Impact NASA/JPL/MIT
14 Dec 2012 NASA to Provide Commentary as Grail Moon Mission Ends NASA/JPL
13 Dec 2012 NASA Probes Prepare for Mission-Ending Moon Impact NASA/JPL
10 Dec 2012 NASA to Host Dec. 13 Telecon on Twin Probes' Mission-Ending Moon Impact NASA/JPL
5 Dec 2012 NASA's GRAIL Creates Most Accurate Moon Gravity Map NASA/JPL/MIT
25 Aug 2012 Neil Armstrong: 1930-2012 NASA
24 Aug 2012 NASA'S 2013 Lunabotics Competition Open For Registration NASA
23 Jul 2012 Maria Zuber Statement Regarding the Passing of Sally Ride Maria Zuber
23 Jul 2012 NASA Offers Condolences on the Passing of Pioneering Astronaut Sally Ride NASA
29 May 2012 NASA Lunar Spacecraft Complete Prime Mission Ahead of Schedule NASA/JPL
29 May 2012 NASA Offers Guidelines to Protect Historic Sites on the Moon NASA
3 May 2012 Perigee "Super Moon" on May 5-6, 2012 Science@NASA
23 Apr 2012 Flying Formation - Around the Moon at 3,600 MPH NASA/JPL
18 Apr 2012 Dark Impact Melt Sheet Arizona State University
22 Mar 2012 NASA Grail Returns First Student-selected Moon Images NASA/JPL
7 Mar 2012 NASA's Twin GRAIL Spacecraft Begin Collecting Lunar Science Data NASA/JPL
17 Jan 2012 Montana Students Submit Winning Name For NASA Lunar Spacecraft NASA/JPL
31 Dec 2011 NASA's Twin GRAIL Spacecraft Reunite in Lunar Orbit NASA/JPL
28 Dec 2011 NASA Twin Spacecraft On Final Approach For Moon Orbit NASA
6 Oct 2011 NASA's Moon Twins Going Their Own Way NASA/JPL/MIT
3 Oct 2011 NASA Invites Students to Name Moon-Bound Spacecraft NASA/JPL
10 Sep 2011 NASA GRAIL Mission to the Moon Under Way NASA
8 Sep 2011 GRAIL Launch Postponed Until Saturday NASA/JPL
25 Aug 2011 NASA Moon Mission in Final Preparations for September Launch NASA/JPL/MIT
23 Aug 2011 NASA Sets GRAIL/Delta II Launch Coverage Events NASA/KSC/JPL
22 Aug 2011 NASA Hosts News Conference On Upcoming Mission To Moon NASA/JPL
18 Aug 2011 NASA's GRAIL Moon Twins are Joined to Their Booster NASA/JPL
11 Aug 2011 GRAIL Launch Less Than One Month Away NASA/JPL
2 Aug 2011 LADEE Project Manager Update NASA
22 Jul 2011 NASA Announces Launch Tweetup for GRAIL Moon Mission NASA/JPL
19 Jul 2011 NASA Book Available For Visually Impaired To Learn About Moon NASA/ARC
19 Jul 2011 Two NASA Probes Tackle New Mission: Studying The Moon NASA/GSFC
17 Jul 2011 Second ARTEMIS Spacecraft Successfully Enters Lunar Orbit NASA/GSFC
30 Jun 2011 Sunrise View of Tycho Crater's Peak NASA
28 Jun 2011 First ARTEMIS Spacecraft Successfully Enters Lunar Orbit NASA/GSFC
23 Jun 2011 NASA Mission Suggests Sun and Planets Constructed Differently NASA/JPL
21 Jun 2011 NASA Details Achievements Of Lunar Spacecraft NASA/GSFC
21 Jun 2011 LRO Showing Us the Moon as Never Before NASA/GSFC
14 Jun 2011 Lunar Eclipse
8 Jun 2011 NASA Releases New Lunar Eclipse Video NASA/GSFC
26 May 2011 NASA-Funded Scientists Make Watershed Lunar Discovery NASA/Ames Research Center
25 May 2011 NASA Commemorates Moonshot Moment's Golden Anniversary Agency Looks to the Future and Beyond Low-Earth Orbit NASA
25 May 2011 Message from the Administrator: Reaching for New Heights NASA
23 May 2011 NASA's Twin Craft Arrive in Florida for Moon Mission NASA/JPL
23 May 2011 President Kennedy's Speech and America's Next Moonshot Moment NASA
19 May 2011 NASA's Two Lunar-Bound Spacecraft, Vacuum-Packed NASA/JPL
5 May 2011 Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report NASA/KSC
22 Apr 2011 Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report NASA/KSC
15 Mar 2011 NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Delivers Treasure Trove Of Data NASA/GSFC
11 Mar 2011 Goddard's Chief Scientist Talks About the 'Supermoon' Phenomenon NASA
11 Mar 2011 The Far Side of the Moon -- And All the Way Around NASA
17 Feb 2011 Waiter, There's Metal in My Moon Water NASA/GSFC
9 Feb 2011 A Race Against Time to Find Apollo 14's Lost Voyagers NASA/GSFC
4 Feb 2011 LRO Could Have Given Apollo 14 Crew Another Majestic View NASA/GSFC
28 Jan 2011 NASA Day of Remembrance The White House
6 Jan 2011 NASA Research Team Reveals Moon Has Earth-Like Core NASA
21 Oct 2010 NASA Missions Uncover the Moon's Buried Treasures NASA
16 Sep 2010 Moon Mission Completes Exploration Phase NASA Ames Research Center
10 Sep 2010 UA Engineers Build Lunar Vegetable Garden Ed Stiles, University of Arizona
6 Jul 2010 NASA Takes Gamers on Lunar Adventure NASA
1 Jul 2010 Man in the Moon has 'Graphite Whiskers' Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Jun 2010 Dry Moon? Nope. NASA
1 Mar 2010 More Moon Ice NASA
9 Oct 2009 Impact Success NASA
24 Sep 2009 Water Molecules Found on the Moon NASA
22 Sep 2009 News from the Moon NASA
21 Sep 2009 Cold Moon Jet Propulsion Laboratory
18 Sep 2009 Moon Mapping Underway NASA
15 Sep 2009 Moon Robotics Tests NASA
11 Sep 2009 Final Destination NASA
31 Aug 2009 Chandrayaan-I Silent Indian Space Research Organization
2 Jul 2009 NASA's LRO Spacecraft Sends First Lunar Images to Earth NASA Headquarters
18 Jun 2009 LRO & LCROSS Race for the Moon NASA
18 Jun 2009 NASA's Return to the Moon on Track NASA
17 Jun 2009 LRO/LCROSS on the pad NASA
11 Jun 2009 Kaguya Impact Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
10 Jun 2009 Professor Leads NASA Mission's Effort to Map Moon's Surface Temperatures University of California at Los Angeles
21 May 2009 NASA Details Plans for Lunar Exploration Robotic Missions NASA Headquarters
18 May 2009 Lunar Launch Update NASA
17 Apr 2009 LRO Update NASA
3 Apr 2009 LRO/LCROSS Update NASA
2 Apr 2009 June Moon Launch NASA
27 Mar 2009 LRO/LCROSS Update NASA
26 Mar 2009 Celebrating Apollo NASA
13 Mar 2009 Moon Mission Update NASA
11 Feb 2009 Lunar Spacecraft on the Road NASA
28 Jan 2009 Proposals Sought for Moon Lander NASA
26 Jan 2009 Astronomers Crack Moon Mystery Massachusetts Institute of Technology
22 Jan 2009 Ares I-X Update NASA
18 Jan 2009 Radar Peers into Moon's Dark Craters NASA
9 Jan 2009 NASA Selects Lunar Research Teams NASA
8 Jan 2009 Sixteen Tons of Moondust NASA
6 Jan 2009 NASA Seeks Concepts for Next-Generation Rocket NASA Human Spaceflight
9 Dec 2008 Biggest Full Moon of the Year Science@NASA
14 Nov 2008 NASA Restores Historic Lunar Orbiter Image NASA
14 Nov 2008 Chandrayaan-1 Moon Impact Probe Successful Indian Space Research Organization
9 Oct 2008 Liquid Mirror Telescopes on the Moon Science@NASA
2 Sep 2008 Amateur Astronomers See Perseids Hit the Moon Science@NASA
29 Jul 2008 NASA Hosts International Meeting For Lunar Science Discussions NASA
29 Jul 2008 Partial Eclipse, Total Fun Science@NASA
23 Jul 2008 NASA's Deep Impact Films Earth as an Alien World Astrobiology Magazine
9 Jul 2008 Evidence of Water in Moon's Interior Found Brown University
16 Jun 2008 Solstice Moon Illusion Science@NASA
21 May 2008 100 Explosions on the Moon Science@NASA
17 Apr 2008 The Moon and the Magnetotail Science@NASA
27 Mar 2008 Crafty Tricks for Finding Moon Water Science@NASA
27 Feb 2008 NASA Views Landing Site Through Eyes of Future Moon Crew Jet Propulsion Laboratory
20 Feb 2008 Who's Orbiting the Moon? Science@NASA
13 Feb 2008 Total Lunar Eclipse Science@NASA
15 Jan 2008 Students Gear Up For NASA's Annual Great Moonbuggy Race NASA Headquarters
15 Jan 2008 NASA Announces Study Proposal on Design of Human Lunar Lander NASA Headquarters
20 Dec 2007 Christmas Eve Sky Show Science@NASA
19 Dec 2007 Lunar Safety Zones Astrobiology Magazine
11 Dec 2007 New NASA Mission to Reveal Moon's Internal Structure and Evolution NASA Headquarters
14 Nov 2007 NASA Tests Lunar Habitat in Extreme Antarctic Environment NASA
13 Nov 2007 KAGUYA (SELENE) Image Taking of Earth-Rise by HDTV Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
30 Oct 2007 NASA Announces New Center Assignments for Moon Exploration NASA
30 Oct 2007 NASA to Establish Nationwide Lunar Science Institute NASA
29 Oct 2007 NASA to Announce Work Assignments to Enable Lunar Exploration NASA
24 Oct 2007 NASA Offers $2 Million Lunar Lander Competition Prize NASA
12 Oct 2007 Chinese Lunar Probe Set for Possible October Launch China Daily
3 Oct 2007 NASA Spacecraft to Carry Russian Science Instruments NASA
26 Sep 2007 Roving the Moon Astrobiology Magazine
18 Sep 2007 NASA Maps the Moon With Google NASA
22 Aug 2007 SMART-1 Diagnoses Wrinkles and Excess Weight on the Moon European Space Agency
21 Aug 2007 Total Lunar Eclipse Draws Attention Back to the Moon NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
21 Aug 2007 Total Lunar Eclipse Draws Attention Back to the Moon NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
13 Jul 2007 Video: What's Up for July Jet Propulsion Laboratory
27 Jun 2007 Working on the Moon Rutgers University
21 Jun 2007 NASA Prepares for Performing New Science on the Moon NASA Headquarters
19 Jun 2007 SELENE Debuts at Tanegashima Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
13 Jun 2007 Launch Day Scheduled for SELENE Spacecraft Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
5 Jun 2007 From the Moon to Earth Astrobiology Magazine
30 May 2007 Blue Moon over North America Science@NASA
21 May 2007 China Plans Launch of Chang'e 1 Later This Year Xinhuanet
4 May 2007 Walter Schirra, 1923-2007 NASA Headquarters
17 Apr 2007 Zapping the Moon Astrobiology Magazine
12 Mar 2007 SMART-1's Bridge to the Future Exploration of the Moon European Space Agency
5 Mar 2007 Two Eclipses, One Observed Only by NASA NASA Headquarters
1 Mar 2007 SMART-1 Views the Edge of Luna Incognita: Mars on the Moon? European Space Agency
14 Feb 2007 Lunar Eclipse Science@NASA
14 Feb 2007 181 Things To Do On The Moon Science@NASA
2 Feb 2007 NASA Moon-Impactor Mission Passes Major Review Ames Research Center
30 Jan 2007 The Moon is a Harsh Witness Science@NASA
29 Jan 2007 LCROSS Lunar Impact
24 Jan 2007 Twin Spacecraft Swing Past Moon, Preparing for 3-D Solar Studies Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
19 Jan 2007 Why Explore Space? NASA Headquarters
17 Jan 2007 Metric Moon Science@NASA
12 Dec 2006 A New Paradigm for Lunar Orbits Science@NASA
8 Dec 2006 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Successfully Completes Critical Design Review NASA Headquarters
4 Dec 2006 NASA Unveils Global Exploration Strategy and Lunar Architecture NASA Headquarters
21 Nov 2006 Genesis Findings Solve Apollo Lunar Soil Mystery NASA/JPL-Caltech
9 Nov 2006 Moon's Escaping Gasses Expose Fresh Surface Brown University
6 Nov 2006 Bizarre Lunar Orbits Science@NASA
6 Nov 2006 Seeking Out Meteorites Astrobiology Magazine
19 Oct 2006 Leave the Ice Skates on Earth Cornell University
16 Oct 2006 Lunar Exploration Satellite "SELENE" Makes its Appearance Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
5 Sep 2006 SMART-1 Swan Song European Space Agency
1 Sep 2006 Lockheed Martin to Build Orion Crew Vehicle NASA Headquarters
31 Aug 2006 SMART-1 Maps its Own Impact Site European Space Agency
28 Aug 2006 Wandering Gas Giants and Lunar Bombardment University of Hawaii
22 Aug 2006 NASA Ames Collaborates on Lunar Race Simulation Learning System NASA Headquarters
18 Aug 2006 SMART-1 on the Trail of the Moon's Beginnings European Space Agency
7 Aug 2006 SMART-1 Towards Final Impact European Space Agency
31 Jul 2006 The Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) Mission NASA Headquarters
12 Jul 2006 The SMART-1 Way - Giving the Moon Some Great New Looks European Space Agency
28 Jun 2006 SMART-1 Final Days Astrobiology Magazine
19 Jun 2006 A Meteoroid Hits the Moon NASA Headquarters
9 Jun 2006 NASA Provides Moon Minerology Mapper For Indian Moon Spacecraft NASA/JPL-Caltech
6 Jun 2006 Building NASA's New Spacecraft NASA Headquarters
2 Jun 2006 The Sky is Falling NASA Headquarters
1 Jun 2006 Hard-nosed Advice to Lunar Prospectors NASA Headquarters
23 May 2006 Space to Breathe Astrobiology Magazine
16 May 2006 Revisiting the Moon Astrobiology Magazine
15 May 2006 International Workshop Paves Way to Future Cooperation for Space Exploration European Space Agency
9 May 2006 ISRO and NASA Sign MOU on Chandrayaan-1 Indian Space Research Organization
8 May 2006 NASA and X PRIZE Foundation commit to $2.5 million Lunar Lander Challenge NASA Headquarters
1 May 2006 NASA to sign MOU with ISRO for Moon Mission NASA/JPL-Caltech
14 Apr 2006 Melting the Moon Astrobiology Magazine
10 Apr 2006 NASA To Crash Impactor into Moon in Water Search NASA Headquarters
22 Mar 2006 ST5 Launches NASA/JPL-Caltech
10 Mar 2006 SMART-1 Uses New Imaging Technique in Lunar Orbit European Space Agency
10 Mar 2006 Ancient Impacts May Have Created Man in the Moon Ohio State University
29 Dec 2005 NASA Astronomers Spot Rare Lunar Meteor Strike NASA Headquarters
16 Oct 2005 Eclipse of the Hunter's Moon NASA's Eclipse Home Page
30 Sep 2005 Solar Eclipse Coming
19 May 2005 NASA Announces New Centennial Challenge NASA Headquarters
28 Apr 2005 Prospecting for Lunar Water Science@NASA
4 Mar 2005 Moonbeams Shine on Einstein, Galileo and Newton Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2 Feb 2005 Moon Mapper Gets a Ride NASA Headquarters
31 Dec 2004 Moon Probe NASA Headquarters
10 Dec 2004 SMART-1 Closes on Moon European Space Agency
19 Nov 2004 SMART-1 Orbits Moon European Space Agency
19 Nov 2004 Robots and Humans Team Up NASA Headquarters
16 Nov 2004 Europe Reaches the Moon European Space Agency
11 Nov 2004 Britain Prepares for the Moon European Space Agency
11 Nov 2004 SMART-1 Reaches Moon European Space Agency
29 Oct 2004 Hibernating Astronauts European Space Agency
28 Oct 2004 Moon Bound European Space Agency
18 Oct 2004 SMART-1 Makes Moon Move European Space Agency
14 Oct 2004 Legendary Spacecraft Designer Maxime Faget Dies NASA Headquarters
27 Sep 2004 SMART-1 Anniversary Jet Propulsion Laboratory
16 Aug 2004 Making Progress Towards the Moon European Space Agency
13 Aug 2004 Encouraging New Thinking NASA Headquarters
20 Jul 2004 Apollo 11 Experiment Still Going Strong Jet Propulsion Laboratory
20 Jul 2004 Neil Armstrong Narrates New NASA Presentation NASA Headquarters
20 Jul 2004 Apollo 11 Anniversary NASA Headquarters
16 Jul 2004 'New Frontiers' Concepts Selected NASA Headquarters
1 Jul 2004 Moonbase Concepts Ames Research Center
11 Jun 2004 SMART-1 Update European Space Agency
27 May 2004 Moon Measure NASA Headquarters
20 May 2004 Lunar Lab Grows University of Arizona
19 May 2004 Hayabusa Sees Home NEO Task Force
28 Apr 2004 Rosetta and SMART-1 Status European Space Agency
21 Apr 2004 The Oldest Moon Rocks Planetary Science Research Discoveries
7 Apr 2004 SMART-1 Update European Space Agency
1 Apr 2004 Hard Water Cornell University
30 Mar 2004 Lunar Testimony University of Arizona
24 Mar 2004 SMART-1 and Rosetta Update European Space Agency
22 Mar 2004 Eclipse Escape European Space Agency
19 Mar 2004 Five-for-One Planets Science@NASA
19 Mar 2004 More on the Planets Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4 Mar 2004 Lunar Pioneer Dies University of Chicago
4 Mar 2004 SMART-1 Eclipse European Space Agency
13 Feb 2004 SMART-1 Payload Commissioning European Space Agency
6 Feb 2004 SMART-1 Status European Space Agency
2 Feb 2004 NASA Budget Request Office of Management and Budget
27 Jan 2004 Apollo 1 Memorial Jet Propulsion Laboratory
21 Jan 2004 SMART-1 Status European Space Agency
15 Jan 2004 SMART-1 Status European Space Agency
14 Jan 2004 Return to the Moon The White House
6 Jan 2004 SMART-1 Moves Out European Space Agency
30 Dec 2003 SMART-1 Increases Orbit European Space Agency
23 Dec 2003 Ion Power European Space Agency
16 Dec 2003 Running on Ions European Space Agency
9 Dec 2003 Full-Speed Ahead European Space Agency
5 Dec 2003 SMART-1 Makes a Move European Space Agency
19 Nov 2003 SMART-1 Cruises Radiation Belts European Space Agency
12 Nov 2003 No Sign of Ice Cornell University
11 Nov 2003 SMART-1 Running Fast European Space Agency
7 Nov 2003 More on the Lunar Eclipse Science@NASA
4 Nov 2003 SMART-1 Navigates Through Solar Storms European Space Agency
29 Oct 2003 SMART-1's One Month Anniversary European Space Agency
28 Oct 2003 Lunar Eclipse Sky & Telescope
6 Oct 2003 SMART-1 Status European Space Agency
1 Oct 2003 SMART-1 Fires Engine European Space Agency
29 Sep 2003 SMART-1 Status European Space Agency
29 Sep 2003 Europe Launches for the Moon European Space Agency
22 Sep 2003 A SMART Spacecraft European Space Agency
19 Sep 2003 SMART-1 to Launch Next Week European Space Agency
12 Aug 2003 SMART-1 Launch Delayed European Space Agency
7 Aug 2003 Mars Rules in August Star Trak
5 Aug 2003 SMART-1: Lunar Adventure Begins European Space Agency
4 Aug 2003 Busy Days at European Space Agency European Space Agency
29 Jul 2003 SMART-1 Status European Space Agency
22 Jul 2003 Europe Readies for the Moon Arianspace
18 Jul 2003 On Deck in August: Meteors, Moon and Mars Science@NASA
15 Jul 2003 SMART-1 Arrives at French Spaceport Arianspace
11 Jul 2003 SMART-1 Ready to Fly European Space Agency
10 Jun 2003 High Solar Activity May Trigger Auroras
4 Jun 2003 Exploring Our Moon's Dark, Icy Mysteries Planetary Science Research Discoveries
15 May 2003 Red Moon Rising:
Lunar Eclipse Tonight
2 May 2003 May Brings Astronomical Bonanza Sky & Telescope
25 Apr 2003 Japan Prepares Lunar Penetrators Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
10 Apr 2003 Jupiter Poses With Our Moon
26 Mar 2003 Free Mini-Poster Solar System Exploration Education and Public Outreach Forum
27 Feb 2003 Creator of Russia's Historic Moon Robot Dies The Planetary Society
20 Feb 2003 Scientists Solve a 50-year-old Moon Mystery NASA Headquarters
24 Jan 2003 SELENE Mission Moves Forward Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
22 Jan 2003 Many Moons The Planetary Society
20 Jan 2003 Clementine Model Donated to National Air and Space Museum Naval Research Library
16 Jan 2003 LUNAR-A Launch Postponed Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
16 Jan 2003 Remembering Russia's Moon Robot Russian Information Agency Vovosti
23 Dec 2002 Three Plead Guilty in Moon Rock Theft Case NASA Headquarters
20 Nov 2002 Dr. Clifford Frondel, Among First to View Apollo Moon Rocks, Dies Cleveland Plain Dealer
13 Nov 2002 Rocket History Online NASA Headquarters
12 Nov 2002 SMART Spacecraft European Space Agency
1 Nov 2002 NASA History Online NASA Headquarters
24 Oct 2002 Saturn's Moon Dance Sky & Telescope
18 Oct 2002 Earth Rocks on the Moon Science@NASA
8 Oct 2002 The Moon Beyond 2002 Planetary Science Research Discoveries
7 Oct 2002 Using Moon Dust to Harness the Sun University of Houston
26 Sep 2002 MUSES-C Launch Delayed Space News
17 Sep 2002 Mystery 'Moon' Wears Apollo Paint University of Arizona
15 Aug 2002 Journey to the Planets and Beyond Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Aug 2002 In Search of Moon Trees Science@NASA
8 Aug 2002 Robots Go Farther European Space Agency
22 Jul 2002 Evidence of Early Life in 'Earth's Attic'? University of Washington
22 Jul 2002 Students Charged in Theft of Moon Rocks NASA Headquarters
24 Jun 2002 Big Moon Science@NASA
14 May 2002 Venus Woos the Moon
10 May 2002 Moon Dance Jet Propulsion Laboratory
3 May 2002 Solar System Talks at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in San Diego, CA Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
12 Apr 2002 Basking in Earthshine Science@NASA
25 Mar 2002 Farewell to the 'Father of the Lunar Module'
27 Feb 2002 Big Moonshine Science@NASA
21 Feb 2002 A Good Night For Skywatchers
13 Feb 2002 Cosmic Love Triangle Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2 Jan 2002 For Peace and Quiet, Try the Moon
26 Dec 2001 Geomagnetic Storm Warning; Moon Encounters Saturn
13 Dec 2001 A Flurry of Meteors, a Solar Eclipse, a Bright Asteroid, and Maybe... Auroras
12 Dec 2001 A Chip Off the Sun Science@NASA
5 Dec 2001 NASA Marshall Center's Ninth Annual Great Moonbuggy Race Set April 12-13, 2002 Marshall Space Flight Center
30 Nov 2001 Explosions on the Moon Science@NASA
11 Oct 2001 ETH Researchers Make Unexpected Discovery on the Genesis of the Moon Institut fur Isotopengeologie und Mineralische Rohstoffe
11 Oct 2001 Lunar Soil Yields Evidence about Sun's Dynamic Workings Purdue University
12 Sep 2001 Unique Tasks for SMART-1 in Exploring the Moon European Space Agency
21 Aug 2001 Uranus, Neptune, and the Mountains of the Moon Planetary Science Research Discoveries
17 Aug 2001 Penetration Test of Moon Penetrator Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
15 Aug 2001 Researchers Identify the Moon-Forming Impact Southwest Research Institute
14 Aug 2001 Eerie Meteors, Glowing Rockets, and Morning Planets
31 Jul 2001 Anticipating the Perseids Science@NASA
20 Jun 2001 Here Comes the Solar Eclipse
19 Jun 2001 Eclipse Safari Science@NASA
19 Jun 2001 NASA Shows First Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium NASA Headquarters
30 May 2001 What Space Needs: the Human Touch Science@NASA
26 Apr 2001 The Mysterious Case of Crater Giordano Bruno Science@NASA
18 Apr 2001 What Medieval Witnesses Saw Was Not Big Lunar Impact, Grad Student Says University of Arizona
17 Apr 2001 Scientists Watch Dark Side of the Moon to Monitor Earth's Climate American Geophysical Union/CalTech/New Jersey Tech
4 Apr 2001 New Martian and Lunar Meteorites Found in Morocco The Meteoritical Bulletin
30 Mar 2001 The Return of the Moon Hoax Thursday's Classroom
14 Mar 2001 Record Number of Teams Preparing to Compete in NASA's 8th Annual 'Great Moonbuggy Race' April 6-7 Marshall Space Flight Center
14 Mar 2001 Man Sentenced for Selling Fake Moon Rocks NASA Headquarters
12 Mar 2001 Lunar Prospector Provides a World of Data Los Alamos National Laboratory
23 Feb 2001 The Great Moon Hoax Science@NASA
16 Feb 2001 Apollo: Yes, We Did NASA Headquarters
8 Feb 2001 First Convention of Lunar Explorers Jet Propulsion Laboratory
8 Feb 2001 Happy Birthday, Galileo! Thursday's Classroom
6 Feb 2001 Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 Jan 2001 Lunar Meteorites and the Lunar Cataclysm Planetary Science Research Discoveries
18 Jan 2001 Stardust Camera Captures the Moon Jet Propulsion Laboratory
18 Jan 2001 Aurora Watch and Lunar Eclipse Photos
8 Jan 2001 A Total Eclipse of the Sun - on the Moon! Science@NASA
25 Dec 2000 Christmas 2000 Solar Eclipse Gallery
20 Dec 2000 Rare Christmas Gift Viewable in Many Parts of North America Goddard Space Flight Center
18 Dec 2000 Thursday's Classroom Celebrates a Christmas Eclipse Thursday's Classroom
14 Dec 2000 Christmas Eclipse Science@NASA
5 Dec 2000 Recipe for High-Titanium Lunar Magmas Planetary Science Research Discoveries
29 Nov 2000 Sky Show Tonight: A Close Encounter Between Venus and the Moon
22 Nov 2000 Mining the Moon, Mars, Asteroids Planetary Science Research Discoveries
26 Oct 2000 Lunar Leonids 2000 Science@NASA
11 Sep 2000 Watch Out for the Harvest Moon Science@NASA
31 Aug 2000 A New Moon for the Twenty-First Century Planetary Science Research Discoveries
15 Aug 2000 Moons and Craters Named International Astronomical Union
25 Jul 2000 Camping with the Planets Science@NASA
14 Jul 2000 A Pacific Lunar Eclipse Science@NASA
27 Jun 2000 Giant Planet Power Breakfast Science@NASA
23 Jun 2000 The Surprising Lunar Maria Planetary Science Research Discoveries
4 May 2000 Interplanetary Low Tide Science@NASA
3 May 2000 Planets Gather on May 5 and May 17, 2000 Griffith Observatory
30 Mar 2000 Planets for Dessert Science@NASA
17 Mar 2000 Four-Wheeling on the Moon Science@NASA
2 Feb 2000 Red Moon Rising Science@NASA
7 Jan 2000 Total Eclipse of the Moon on January 20! Goddard Space Flight Center
19 Dec 1999 A Whale of a Full Moon Science@NASA
13 Oct 1999 Moon Water Still a Mystery Science@NASA
12 Oct 1999 French Nobel Laureate Turns Back Clock Science@NASA
1 Oct 1999 Planetary Power Breakfast Science@NASA
1 Sep 1999 New Cassini Moon Images Show Spacecraft Camera is in Top Form Jet Propulsion Laboratory
11 Aug 1999 Cassini Mission Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
11 Aug 1999 Continuing Analysis of the Impact of the Lunar Prospector on the Moon's Surface Science@NASA
11 Aug 1999 Information on the August 11 Solar Eclipse Goddard Space Flight Center
5 Aug 1999 NASA Coverage of Last Solar Eclipse of the Millennium NASA Headquarters
31 Jul 1999 Lunar Prospector Mission Update Ames Research Center
28 Jul 1999 Creative Impact Experiment to Mark End of Lunar Prospector NASA Headquarters
22 Jul 1999 Smashing Science - So Long Lunar Prospector! Ames Research Center
16 Jul 1999 Statement from NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin on the Death of Congressman George Brown NASA Headquarters
9 Jul 1999 Third Man to Walk on Moon Dies in Motorcycle Accident NASA Headquarters
3 Jun 1999 3-D View of Moon Poles May Show Sites for Ice Cornell University
16 Mar 1999 Lunar Data Support Idea that Collision Split Earth, Moon NASA Headquarters
15 Feb 1999 Lunar Prospector to Gather Data Closer to the Moon's Surface Ames Research Center
28 Jan 1999 Lower Lunar Prospector Orbit to Provide Unprecedented Close-Up Views of Moon's Features Ames Research Center
30 Sep 1966 Surveyor 2 Impacts Moon NASA
16 Jun 1966 Surveyor 1 Lands on the Moon NASA
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