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Solar System Exploration
Jupiter: Facts & Figures
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Discovered By
Known by the Ancients
Date of Discovery
Orbit Size Around Sun (semi-major axis)
Metric: 778,340,821 km
English: 483,638,564 miles
Scientific Notation: 7.7834082 x 108 km (5.2028870 A.U.)
By Comparison: 5.203 x Earth
Perihelion (closest)
Metric: 740,679,835 km
English: 460,237,112 miles
Scientific Notation: 7.40680 x 108 km (4.951 A.U.)
By Comparison: 5.035 x Earth
Aphelion (farthest)
Metric: 816,001,807 km
English: 507,040,015 miles
Scientific Notation: 8.16002 x 108 km (5.455 A.U.)
By Comparison: 5.365 x Earth
Sidereal Orbit Period (Length of Year)
11.862615 Earth years
4,332.82 Earth days
By Comparison: 11.863 x Earth
Orbit Circumference
Metric: 4,887,595,931 km
English: 3,037,011,311 miles
Scientific Notation: 4.888 x 109 km
By Comparison: 5.200 x Earth
Average Orbit Velocity
Metric: 47,002 km/h
English: 29,205 mph
Scientific Notation: 1.3056 x 104 m/s
By Comparison: 0.438 x Earth
Orbit Eccentricity
By Comparison: 2.895 x Earth
Orbit Inclination
1.304 degrees
Equatorial Inclination to Orbit
3.1 degrees
Mean Radius
Metric: 69,911 km
English: 43,440.7 miles
Scientific Notation: 6.9911 x 104 km
By Comparison: 10.9733 x Earth
Equatorial Circumference
Metric: 439,263.8 km
English: 272,945.9 miles
Scientific Notation: 4.39264 x 105 km
By Comparison: 10.9733 x Earth
Metric: 1,431,281,810,739,360 km3
English: 343,382,767,518,322 mi3
Scientific Notation: 1.43128 x 1015 km3
By Comparison: 1321.337 x Earth
Metric: 1,898,130,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg
Scientific Notation: 1.8981 x 1027 kg
By Comparison: 317.828 x Earth
Metric: 1.326 g/cm3
By Comparison: 0.241 x Earth
Surface Area
Metric: 61,418,738,571 km2
English: 23,713,907,537 square miles
Scientific Notation: 6.1419 x 1010 km2
By Comparison: 120.414 x Earth
Surface Gravity
Metric: 24.79 m/s2
English: 81.3 ft/s2
By Comparison: If you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, you would weigh 253 pounds on Jupiter.
Escape Velocity
Metric: 216,720 km/h
English: 134,664 mph
Scientific Notation: 6.020 x 104 m/s
By Comparison: 5.380 x Earth
Sidereal Rotation Period (Length of Day)
0.41354 Earth days
9.92496 hours
By Comparison: 0.41467 x Earth
Effective Temperature
Metric: -148 °C
English: -234 °F
Scientific Notation: 125 K
Atmospheric Constituents
Hydrogen, Helium
Scientific Notation: H2, He

Additional Information:

Namesake: King of the Roman gods

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