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Listed here are news articles and press releases related to Earth.

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8 Jun 2015 NASA to Hold Briefing to Discuss Status of 'Flying Saucer' Test NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
3 Jun 2015 Mars Missions to Pause Commanding in June, Due to Sun NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
7 Apr 2015 The Solar System and Beyond is Awash in Water NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
30 Mar 2015 Total Eclipse of the Moon Science@NASA
13 Feb 2015 'Pale Blue Dot' Images Turn 25 Jet Propulsion Laboratory
30 Sep 2014 U.S., India to Collaborate on Earth, Mars Missions NASA/JPL
15 Jul 2014 Looking Back at the Jupiter Crash 20 Years Later NASA / JPL
30 Jun 2014 High Flying Flags NASA Solar System Exploration Web Team
29 May 2014 NASA Missions Let Scientists See Moon's Dancing Tide From Orbit NASA/GSFC
7 May 2014 LRO View of Earth NASA/Arizona State University
18 Apr 2014 NASA Celebrates Earth Day with Public Events, Online Activities NASA
15 Apr 2014 New Study Outlines 'Water World' Theory of Life's Origins NASA/JPL
2 Apr 2014 NASA Celebrates Earth Day with 'Global Selfie' Event NASA/JPL
13 Mar 2014 How Did Life Arise? Fuel Cells May Have Answers NASA/JPL
25 Feb 2014 Radar Images of near-Earth Asteroid 2006 DP14 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6 Feb 2014 NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Sees 'Evening Star' Earth NASA/JPL
10 Dec 2013 NASA's Juno Gives Starship-Like View of Earth Flyby NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 Nov 2013 NASA Cassini Spacecraft Provides New View of Saturn and Earth NASA/JPL
6 Nov 2013 Rare New Microbe Found in Two Distant Clean Rooms NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
23 Oct 2013 Juno Status Report NASA/JPL
17 Oct 2013 NASA Rover Confirms Mars Origin of Some Meteorites NASA/JPL
20 Sep 2013 NASA's Deep Space Comet Hunter Mission Comes to an End NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
21 Aug 2013 Cassini Releases Image of Earth Waving at Saturn NASA/JPL
30 Jul 2013 How Did Earth's Primitive Chemistry Get Kick Started? NASA/JPL
22 Jul 2013 NASA Releases Images of Earth Taken by Distant Spacecraft NASA/JPL
19 Jul 2013 JPLers Wave at Saturn as Part of Worldwide Campaign NASA/JPL
17 Jul 2013 NASA Interplanetary Probes to Take Pictures of Earth From Space NASA / JPL
18 Jun 2013 Cassini Probe to Take Photo of Earth From Deep Space NASA/JPL
17 Jun 2013 Supermoon Sunday NASA
15 Apr 2013 NASA-Funded Asteroid Tracking Sensor Passes Key Test NASA/JPL
20 Mar 2013 Sun in the Way Will Affect Mars Missions in April NASA/JPL
28 Feb 2013 NASA's Van Allen Probes Discover a Surprise Circling Earth NASA/GSFC
12 Jun 2012 Asteroid 2011 AG5 - A Reality Check Jet Propulsion Laboratory
29 May 2012 Asteroid 2012 KT42 Buzzes Earth
27 Jul 2011 NASA's WISE Finds Earth's First Trojan Asteroid NASA/JPL
23 Jun 2011 NASA Mission Suggests Sun and Planets Constructed Differently NASA/JPL
5 May 2011 Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report NASA/KSC
22 Apr 2011 Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report NASA/KSC
15 Apr 2011 Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report NASA/Kennedy Space Center
28 Jan 2011 NASA Day of Remembrance The White House
2 Dec 2010 NASA-Funded Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical NASA/Ames Research Center
1 Jul 2010 Man in the Moon has 'Graphite Whiskers' Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Jun 2010 Hayabusa Asteroid Mission Comes Home NASA
10 Jun 2010 Hayabusa Homecoming Jet Propulsion Laboratory
9 Jun 2010 Observing Hayabusa NASA Ames Research Center
28 May 2009 NASA Satellite Detects Red Glow to Map Global Ocean Plant Health NASA Headquarters
11 May 2009 Atlantis in Orbit NASA
11 May 2009 Debris Update
30 Apr 2009 Go for Hubble NASA
13 Apr 2009 Module Moniker NASA
6 Apr 2009 Arctic on Thin Ice NASA
31 Mar 2009 Pushing Polar Science NASA
25 Feb 2009 OCO Investigation NASA
20 Feb 2009 Carbon Checker Jet Propulsion Laboratory
18 Feb 2009 OCO Launch Details NASA
9 Feb 2009 ESA Missions Extended European Space Agency
11 Jan 2009 Pressure Performance NASA
16 Dec 2008 A Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field Science@NASA
14 Nov 2008 NASA Restores Historic Lunar Orbiter Image NASA
25 Aug 2008 Strange Clouds at the Edge of Space Science@NASA
24 Jul 2008 NASA Satellites Discover What Powers Northern Lights NASA
23 Jul 2008 NASA's Deep Impact Films Earth as an Alien World Astrobiology Magazine
30 Jun 2008 The Tunguska Event--100 Years Later Science@NASA
20 May 2008 Joint NASA-French Satellite to Track Trends in Sea Level, Climate Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 May 2008 NASA Study Links Earth Impacts to Human-Caused Climate Change NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
18 Apr 2008 Design Begins on Twin Probes that Will Study the Radiation Belts Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
17 Apr 2008 New Atlases Use NASA Data to Chart Ocean Winds Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1 Apr 2008 NASA Launches Airborne Study of Arctic Atmosphere, Air Pollution NASA
26 Feb 2008 New Web Feature Shows How NASA Technologies Improve Our Lives NASA
19 Nov 2007 Bargain Basement Satellites Science@NASA
13 Nov 2007 KAGUYA (SELENE) Image Taking of Earth-Rise by HDTV Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
22 Oct 2007 NASA Satellite Images Show Rapid Growth Of California Wildfires NASA
16 Oct 2007 NASA Launches Earth Science Expert Directory for Media NASA
16 Oct 2007 NASA Holds Teleconference About World Communications Event NASA
21 Sep 2007 Argon Provides Atmospheric Clues Astrobiology Magazine
14 Aug 2007 Brought Back to Life Astrobiology Magazine
26 Jul 2007 Killer Electrons in Space Are Now Less Mysterious European Space Agency
28 Jun 2007 NASA Satellite Captures First View of 'Night-Shining' Clouds NASA Headquarters
28 Jun 2007 Probing Earth's Most Isolated Ocean Astrobiology Magazine
28 Jun 2007 NASA Airborne Expedition Chases Climate, Ozone Questions NASA Headquarters
25 Jun 2007 Explorers to Use Robotic Vehicles to Hunt for Life and Hydrothermal Vents on Earth's Arctic Seafloor Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
22 Jun 2007 Surviving a Supernova Astrobiology Magazine
21 Jun 2007 Cluster: ESA Spacecraft Flying Closer Than Ever for Better Science European Space Agency
18 Jun 2007 When Fungi Ruled the World Astrobiology Magazine
14 Jun 2007 The United Nations of Space Astrobiology Magazine European Edition
13 Jun 2007 Tether Origami Science@NASA
12 Jun 2007 Locking in Life Astrobiology Magazine
12 Jun 2007 NASA Scientist Finds a New Way to the Center of the Earth NASA/JPL-Caltech
7 Jun 2007 The Dreadful Hammers of Jules Verne Astrobiology Magazine European Edition
5 Jun 2007 Research Finds That Earth's Climate is Approaching 'Dangerous' Point Goddard Institute for Space Studies
4 Jun 2007 Soaking Up Radiation Astrobiology Magazine
1 Jun 2007 NASA Robot Completes Test Drive of Exploration Capabilities NASA Headquarters
31 May 2007 NASA, 13 Space Agencies Release Exploration Strategy Framework NASA Headquarters
29 May 2007 Life of an Origins Pioneer Astrobiology Magazine
23 May 2007 NASA Satellites Bolster Research on Barren Mid-Ocean Regions NASA Headquarters
23 May 2007 Life in Asphalt Astrobiology Magazine
22 May 2007 NASA-funded Robotic Sub Makes Final Dive To Reach Bottom of Earth's Deepest Sinkhole University of Texas at Austin
17 May 2007 NASA Presents at the 2007 American Geophysical Union Meeting NASA Headquarters
15 May 2007 The Re-Entry Test Vehicle Program NASA/JPL-Caltech
15 May 2007 NASA Finds Vast Regions of West Antarctica Melted in Recent Past NASA Headquarters
15 May 2007 Conference Highlights Space Safety as a Global Concern European Space Agency
14 May 2007 Cluster Makes a Shocking Discovery European Space Agency
8 May 2007 NASA Undersea Mission Begins NASA Headquarters
7 May 2007 Queen Elizabeth II to Visit NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center NASA Headquarters
1 May 2007 The Goldilocks Zone Astrobiology Magazine
25 Apr 2007 Earth's First Rainforest Unearthed University of Bristol
20 Apr 2007 Gazing at Medusa Astrobiology Magazine
17 Apr 2007 Dusty Hurricanes Science@NASA
12 Apr 2007 Cluster Sees Tsunamis in Space European Space Agency
11 Apr 2007 Some Earth-like Worlds May Have Foliage of Colors Other Than Green, Researchers Say California Institute of Technology
11 Apr 2007 AIM Set to Explore Polar Clouds NASA Headquarters
9 Apr 2007 Snowball Melted Astrobiology Magazine
9 Apr 2007 Earth's Magnetic Cocoon Astrobiology Magazine
3 Apr 2007 Taking the Ocean's Pulse Astrobiology Magazine
14 Mar 2007 Cluster European Space Agency
14 Mar 2007 Spacecraft to Study Clouds at Edge of Space Arrives at Vandenberg NASA Headquarters
9 Mar 2007 Antarctic Ice Sheet's Hidden Lakes Speed Ice Flow Into Ocean, May Disrupt Climate NASA Headquarters
8 Mar 2007 UAH Researchers Working on Laser System to Deflect Asteroid on Collision Path with Earth University of Alabama in Huntsville
21 Feb 2007 NASA, Virgin Galactic to Explore Future Cooperation NASA Headquarters
20 Feb 2007 NASA's THEMIS Mission Launches NASA Headquarters
15 Feb 2007 Joint NASA Study Reveals Leaks In Antarctic 'Plumbing System' NASA Headquarters
15 Feb 2007 First-time Discovery for Earth Astrobiology Magazine
14 Feb 2007 THEMIS Mission Set for Launch NASA Headquarters
13 Feb 2007 New Data Shakes Accepted Models of Collisions of the Earth's Crust Purdue University
7 Feb 2007 Earth's Early Temperature Astrobiology Magazine
31 Jan 2007 Space Station to Grow Faster, Mark Firsts Throughout Year NASA Headquarters
25 Jan 2007 NASA and Woods Hole Linkup Connects Space and Sea Explorers NASA Headquarters
23 Jan 2007 Heads of Agency International Space Station Joint Statement NASA Headquarters
23 Jan 2007 A Bumpy Shift From Icehouse to Greenhouse University of California at Davis
18 Jan 2007 THEMIS Will Judge What Causes Highly Dynamic Aurora NASA Headquarters
17 Jan 2007 Heads of Space Agencies Meet in Paris European Space Agency
8 Jan 2007 Primordial Stone Soup Astrobiology Magazine
5 Jan 2007 NASA Awaits New FIRST Robotics Season NASA Headquarters
23 Dec 2006 NASA Shuttle Discovery Home for the Holidays NASA Headquarters
18 Dec 2006 NASA and Google to Bring Space Exploration Down to Earth NASA Headquarters
13 Dec 2006 Spacewalkers Attach New Segment to Station NASA Headquarters
11 Dec 2006 Discovery Lights up the Sky NASA Headquarters
7 Dec 2006 New Evidence for Reason Behind Rise of Life in Cambrian Period California Institute of Technology
6 Dec 2006 Magnetic Whirlpools Feed Earth's Magnetosphere European Space Agency
4 Dec 2006 A Growing Intelligence Around Earth Science@NASA
4 Dec 2006 Finding Our Origin in a Meteorite Astrobiology Magazine
29 Nov 2006 Geobiologists Solve "Catch-22 Problem" Concerning the Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen California Institute of Technology
27 Nov 2006 Scientists Lose Instruments, Gain First Look at Seafloor Formation Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
17 Nov 2006 Identifying Threats in Earth's Vicinity Cornell University
10 Nov 2006 Selecting Life Carnegie Institution
7 Nov 2006 Earth's Hidden Biospheres NASA Astrobiology Institute
31 Oct 2006 NASA Announces a New Servicing Mission to the Hubble Space Telescope NASA Headquarters
27 Oct 2006 NASA Satellite Identifies the Earth's Most Intense Thunderstorms NASA Headquarters
25 Oct 2006 New Theory for Mass Extinctions Geologic Society of America
20 Oct 2006 Bacteria Use Radiated Water as Food University of Indiana
17 Oct 2006 Learning to Live with Oxygen on Early Earth Carnegie Institution
6 Oct 2006 Cluster Muscles Back from Deep Hibernation European Space Agency
3 Oct 2006 Details of Solar Particles Penetrating the Earth's Environment Revealed European Space Agency
27 Sep 2006 Space Scientists Uncover Causes of Gap in Van Allen Belts Natural Envrionment Research Council
21 Sep 2006 Atlantis Lands Safely in Florida NASA Headquarters
20 Sep 2006 NASA Forms Partnership With Red Planet Capital, Inc. NASA Headquarters
18 Sep 2006 First Female Space Tourist Launches into Space NASA/JPL-Caltech
14 Sep 2006 Rapid Changes in Earth's Arctic Sea Ice NASA/JPL-Caltech
12 Sep 2006 Durable FAST Spacecraft Marks 10 Years NASA Headquarters
12 Sep 2006 Human Activities Boost Ocean Temperatures in Areas Where Hurricanes Form National Center for Atmospheric Research
11 Sep 2006 Shuttle Atlantis Begins Mission to the Space Station NASA Headquarters
5 Sep 2006 Cluster Links Magnetic Substorms and Earthward Directed High-Speed Flows European Space Agency
31 Aug 2006 NASA, NOAA Data Indicate Ozone Layer is Recovering NASA/JPL-Caltech
25 Aug 2006 Atlantis Crew in Florida, Countdown Begins NASA/JPL-Caltech
24 Aug 2006 Sulfur Signature Changes Thoughts on Atmospheric Oxygen Pennsylvania State University
23 Aug 2006 NASA Names New Crew Exploration Vehicle Orion NASA Headquarters
17 Aug 2006 Atlantis a "Go" for Liftoff on Aug. 27 NASA Headquarters
14 Aug 2006 THEMIS Canadian Space Agency
10 Aug 2006 NASA Selects Radiation Belt Mission Candidate for Further Study Southwest Research Institute
9 Aug 2006 Space Pioneer James van Allen Dies NASA/JPL-Caltech
9 Aug 2006 Cosmic Rain Astrobiology Magazine
1 Aug 2006 Scientists Strengthen Case for Life on Earth More Than 3.8 Billion Years Ago University of California at Los Angeles
27 Jul 2006 Atlantis Readies for August Launch NASA Headquarters
17 Jul 2006 Discovery Lands in Florida NASA Headquarters
13 Jul 2006 NASA Uses Undersea Lab to Prep for Future Space Exploration NASA Headquarters
11 Jul 2006 Deliquescence in the Atacama Astrobiology Magazine
6 Jul 2006 Discovery Docks With Space Station NASA Headquarters
5 Jul 2006 NASA's Micro-Satellites Complete Technology Validation Mission NASA Headquarters
4 Jul 2006 NASA's Shuttle Discovery Launch Provides Spectacular Fireworks NASA Headquarters
20 Jun 2006 Fossil Meteorite Extracted From Earth Crater University of Hawaii
20 Jun 2006 NASA Gives Green Light for July 1 Discovery Launch NASA Headquarters
14 Jun 2006 Tropical Storm Alberto, Seen Through New "Eyes" NASA/JPL-Caltech
8 Jun 2006 Macquarie Scientist Reveals Astounding Record of Earliest Life Macquarie University
7 Jun 2006 First Images From NASA'S Cloudsat Have Scientists Sky-High NASA/JPL-Caltech
28 Apr 2006 NASA Launches Satellites for Weather, Climate, Air Quality Studies NASA/JPL-Caltech
27 Apr 2006 CloudSat-CALIPSO Thursday Launch Attempt Postponed NASA Headquarters
26 Apr 2006 Launch Scrubbed This Morning NASA Headquarters
25 Apr 2006 Launch Scrubbed NASA Headquarters
24 Apr 2006 CloudSat-CALIPSO Launch Rescheduled. NASA Headquarters
21 Apr 2006 CloudSat-CALIPSO Launch Scrubbed NASA Headquarters
20 Apr 2006 CloudSat-CALIPSO Ready for Launch Colorado State University
17 Apr 2006 U.S.-Taiwan Satellite Constellation Launches NASA/JPL-Caltech
17 Mar 2006 ST5 Launch Status Update NASA/JPL-Caltech
15 Mar 2006 ST5 Launch Aborted NASA/JPL-Caltech
23 Feb 2006 LIGO Begins 18 Month Study California Institute of Technology
14 Feb 2006 Integral Looks at Earth to Seek Source of Cosmic Radiation European Space Agency
3 Feb 2006 Scientists Surf the Seas of Space to Catch an Atmospheric Wave NASA/JPL-Caltech
1 Feb 2006 ST5 Mission Set for Launch Kennedy Space Center
13 Dec 2005 Virgin Galactic and New Mexico Announce Spaceport Agreement Virgin Galactic
23 Nov 2005 Thanksgiving Skies Science@NASA
9 Aug 2005 Discovery Returns Student Experiments From Space Station NASA Headquarters
13 Jul 2005 Software Learns to Recognize Spring Thaw Jet Propulsion Laboratory
13 Jul 2005 NASA Signs With Yahoo! & Akamai to Bring Shuttle Mission Online NASA Headquarters
7 Jul 2005 NASA Satellites Measure and Monitor Sea Level Goddard Space Flight Center
2 Jun 2005 NASA Spacecraft Measures Unusual 2005 Artic Ozone Conditions Jet Propulsion Laboratory
20 May 2005 ACRIMSAT Completes Five-year Mission Jet Propulsion Laboratory
20 May 2005 NOAAS-N Launches Successfully NASA Headquarters
16 May 2005 CloudSat Arrives at Launch Site Jet Propulsion Laboratory
11 May 2005 NASA & Students Partner for High Altitude Research NASA Headquarters
4 May 2005 NASA & NOAA Set To Launch New Environmental Satellite NASA Headquarters
5 Apr 2005 Study Finds Earth's Auroras Are Not Mirror Images NASA Headquarters
27 Dec 2004 Improved Odds NeoDys Risk Page (Italy)
27 Dec 2004 Earth OK in 2029 Near Earth Object Program
3 Nov 2004 Spellbinding Planets Science@NASA
29 Oct 2004 Rehearsing Return to Flight NASA Headquarters
25 Oct 2004 Measuring Mars Meteorites Yale University
25 Oct 2004 New Geological Time Scale Observatoire de Paris
21 Oct 2004 Voting in Space NASA Headquarters
21 Oct 2004 As the World Turns NASA Headquarters
18 Oct 2004 So Long Solar Max Science@NASA
14 Oct 2004 Legendary Spacecraft Designer Maxime Faget Dies NASA Headquarters
7 Oct 2004 Building Blocks of Life Scripps Research Institute
4 Oct 2004 Quake Prediction NASA Headquarters
4 Oct 2004 SpaceshipOne wins X-Prize NASA Headquarters
4 Oct 2004 Sputnik Anniversary NASA Headquarters
4 Oct 2004 Gordon Cooper Dies NASA Headquarters
4 Oct 2004 Infrared Volcano Clues NASA Headquarters
29 Sep 2004 Mars Drill NASA Headquarters
29 Sep 2004 Two Down... NASA Headquarters
29 Sep 2004 Asteroid Flyby Near Earth Object Program
30 Aug 2004 Impact-Generated Fires Southwest Research Institute
25 Aug 2004 MESSENGER Launch May Help Future Shuttle Flights NASA Headquarters
24 Aug 2004 Mighty Meteorites University of Arizona
11 Aug 2004 Homeward Bound Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6 Aug 2004 Laser Communications Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6 Aug 2004 Hurricane Watch NASA Headquarters
6 Aug 2004 Hurricane Resources NASA Headquarters
5 Aug 2004 Glaciers Spur Earthquakes NASA Headquarters
2 Aug 2004 Moisture at the OK Corral Jet Propulsion Laboratory
22 Jul 2004 Earth's Sunblock NASA Headquarters
20 Jul 2004 Neil Armstrong Narrates New NASA Presentation NASA Headquarters
20 Jul 2004 Martian Meteorite Found in Antarctica NASA Headquarters
21 Jun 2004 Common Currents University of South Florida
21 Jun 2004 'Pioneers' Take Flight NASA Headquarters
17 Jun 2004 Utah Mirrors Mars University of Utah
16 Jun 2004 Comet Flood? European Space Agency
3 Jun 2004 Inside Out Earth University of Toronto
2 Jun 2004 Venus Viewers Guide Science@NASA
1 Jun 2004 Robotic Rescue NASA Headquarters
31 May 2004 Radiation Hazards Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
27 May 2004 Moon Measure NASA Headquarters
26 May 2004 Mars Pioneer Dies California Institute of Technology
26 May 2004 Tenacious Microbes Pennsylvania State University
24 May 2004 Immediate Death University of Colorado at Boulder
20 May 2004 New Creation Theory Arizona State University
20 May 2004 Lunar Lab Grows University of Arizona
19 May 2004 Hayabusa Sees Home NEO Task Force
13 May 2004 Massive Impact NASA Headquarters
5 May 2004 Genesis' Final Lap Jet Propulsion Laboratory
21 Apr 2004 Lyrids Meteor Shower
21 Apr 2004 The Oldest Moon Rocks Planetary Science Research Discoveries
21 Apr 2004 Busy Skies Science@NASA
14 Apr 2004 From Mars to Earth Jet Propulsion Laboratory
8 Apr 2004 Mega Mirror University of Arizona
5 Apr 2004 Genesis Closes Up Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2 Apr 2004 Here Comes the Sun Jet Propulsion Laboratory
17 Mar 2004 Venus Transit Webcast Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 Mar 2004 Early Warning Science@NASA
9 Mar 2004 New Telescope Cornell University
20 Feb 2004 Shuttle Launch Delayed NASA Human Spaceflight
3 Feb 2004 Comet Catastrophe? Cardiff University
29 Jan 2004 Columbia Tribute NASA History Office
28 Jan 2004 Challenger Memorial NASA Headquarters
26 Jan 2004 Remembering Columbia NASA Headquarters
15 Jan 2004 Cold Planets Cornell University
9 Jan 2004 Pint-Sized Astronauts Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8 Jan 2004 Mineral Life NASA Headquarters
12 Dec 2003 Weightless Wonder NASA Headquarters
11 Dec 2003 Earthlike Worlds University of Washington
9 Dec 2003 Successful Lauches Kennedy Space Center
5 Dec 2003 Dixieland Auroras Science@NASA
5 Dec 2003 SMART-1 Makes a Move European Space Agency
3 Dec 2003 Cracked Field? NASA Headquarters
1 Dec 2003 Defining Life University of Southern California
20 Nov 2003 Dinosaur Killer? University of Rochester
20 Nov 2003 Sundial Fever University of Washington
7 Nov 2003 NASA Names Next Shuttle Crew NASA Headquarters
7 Nov 2003 More on the Lunar Eclipse Science@NASA
6 Nov 2003 Clay Life? Harvard University
3 Nov 2003 Extraterrestrial Enigma Geological Society of America
2 Nov 2003 Space Weather News
31 Oct 2003 The Curious Tale of Asteroid Hermes Science@NASA
31 Oct 2003 Low Oxygen and Mass Extinctions University of Washington
30 Oct 2003 Anatomy of an Asteroid Investigation The Planetary Society
28 Oct 2003 Lunar Eclipse Sky & Telescope
28 Oct 2003 Another Giant Solar Eruption
27 Oct 2003 Sunspots Cause Trouble
14 Oct 2003 China Launches Human into Space
7 Oct 2003 NASA Seeking Student Experiments NASA Headquarters
2 Oct 2003 Meteor Mania The Planetary Society
1 Oct 2003 Nozomi Update Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
1 Oct 2003 Mercury Rising Star Trak
25 Sep 2003 Dinosaur Destruction Princeton University
19 Sep 2003 Rings and Halos
11 Sep 2003 The Biggest Chill NASA Headquarters
9 Sep 2003 Killer Electrons Go Surfing? Goddard Space Flight Center
5 Sep 2003 Reassessing Asteroid Hazards Massachusetts Institute of Technology
26 Aug 2003 Close Encounter Science@NASA
18 Aug 2003 X-Rays from Earth Science@NASA
6 Aug 2003 Hot Spots on Mars University of Melbourne
5 Aug 2003 OSHUMI Falls to Earth Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
30 Jul 2003 A 'Weird' New Microorganism Science@NASA
23 Jul 2003 The Story Behind All Those Spheres in Space European Space Agency
18 Jul 2003 On Deck in August: Meteors, Moon and Mars Science@NASA
16 Jul 2003 Do Comets Carry the Seeds of Life? Goddard Space Flight Center
16 Jul 2003 Camera's Trial Run Turns Up Asteroid Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Jul 2003 Catching a Comet's Tail in Earth's Atmosphere Johnson Space Center
3 Jul 2003 Space Weather News: Dust and Distance
3 Jul 2003 Stardust Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
27 Jun 2003 Bootid Meteor Shower Science@NASA
20 Jun 2003 SOHO Shows Signs of Age European Space Agency
27 May 2003 Worst Case Scenario University of California at Santa Cruz
20 May 2003 Getting Ready for Europa NASA Astrobiology Institute
15 May 2003 NASA Teams Readying Rovers for the Red Planet Kennedy Space Center
15 May 2003 Red Moon Rising:
Lunar Eclipse Tonight
2 May 2003 May Brings Astronomical Bonanza Sky & Telescope
14 Apr 2003 Zero Gravity Glass Science@NASA
10 Apr 2003 Jupiter Poses With Our Moon
2 Apr 2003 Break Out the Binoculars
26 Mar 2003 Free Mini-Poster Solar System Exploration Education and Public Outreach Forum
12 Mar 2003 'Grapefruit Satellite' to Mark 45 Years in Space Naval Research Laboratory
11 Mar 2003 A Plethora of Planets? University of California at Berkeley
6 Mar 2003 Mars' Core Shows Kinship with Earth and Venus NASA Headquarters
28 Feb 2003 A Rare Meteor Shower Science@NASA
27 Feb 2003 Bits of the Ancient Solar System Found in Earth's Atmosphere NASA Headquarters
24 Feb 2003 Genesis Hits Halfway Mark Jet Propulsion Laboratory
19 Feb 2003 Understanding Extinction NASA Astrobiology Institute
19 Feb 2003 New Asteroid Discovery NEO Task Force
14 Feb 2003 Research Aims to Prevent a Nuclear Mistake Los Alamos National Laboratory
7 Feb 2003 'Undaunted' Teachers Still Dream of Space NASA Headquarters
6 Feb 2003 Putting the 'Super' Back in Superconductor Science@NASA
4 Feb 2003 Defending the Earth National Optical Astronomy Observatory
4 Feb 2003 No More Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star University of Arizona
3 Feb 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia Memorial Service NASA Headquarters
1 Feb 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia Lost on Re-Entry NASA Headquarters
28 Jan 2003 Catch Columbia on the Fly Science@NASA
23 Jan 2003 A Close Call for the Deep Space Network Jet Propulsion Laboratory
23 Jan 2003 How Did Water Get to Earth? University of Arizona
22 Jan 2003 So Long Starshine Starshine Project
22 Jan 2003 Many Moons The Planetary Society
17 Jan 2003 Seeking Signs of Life European Space Agency
17 Jan 2003 Not Middle Earth ... Middle-aged Earth University of Washington
14 Jan 2003 Falling Starshine Starshine Project
14 Jan 2003 Dinosaurs Weathered a Lot in the End Pennsylvania State University
10 Jan 2003 NASA's Weekend Movie Pick Science@NASA
8 Jan 2003 Solar Spitwads Science@NASA
8 Jan 2003 Search for Extraterrestrial Life Starts on Earth University of Washington
6 Jan 2003 Distant Planet Heralds New Era of Discovery Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
4 Jan 2003 Interesting Skies - Day and Night
3 Jan 2003 Earth's Orbital Asteroid Companion Jet Propulsion Laboratory
23 Dec 2002 Three Plead Guilty in Moon Rock Theft Case NASA Headquarters
20 Dec 2002 NASA to Track Santa NASA Headquarters
18 Dec 2002 Space Scents Science@NASA
18 Dec 2002 Educator Astronaut Assigned to 2003 Shuttle Mission NASA Headquarters
20 Nov 2002 Genesis Gets New Manager Jet Propulsion Laboratory
18 Nov 2002 Where on Earth is Mars? Jet Propulsion Laboratory
18 Nov 2002 A Spaceship Among Meteors Science@NASA
13 Nov 2002 Last Chance Leonids The Planetary Society
12 Nov 2002 Keeping an Eye on the Leonids Marshall Space Flight Center
8 Nov 2002 NASA Missions Win 'Best of What's New' Awards NASA Headquarters
7 Nov 2002 The Roar of Innovation Science@NASA
28 Oct 2002 Teachers Help Track Cosmic Dust University of Rhode Island
28 Oct 2002 Amateur Night in Space Jet Propulsion Laboratory
21 Oct 2002 Seeking the Meaning of Life in a Meteor Storm NASA Astrobiology Institute
18 Oct 2002 Earth Rocks on the Moon Science@NASA
18 Oct 2002 NASA Extends First Pitch Tradition into Space NASA Headquarters
17 Oct 2002 Harvard Science Historian Publishes Results of Unprecedented 30-Year Census of Copernican Masterpiece Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
16 Oct 2002 Two-for-One Spaceship Viewing Science@NASA
9 Oct 2002 Tracking Mysterious Space Junk Near Earth Object Program Office
8 Oct 2002 New Telescopes to Hunt 'Killer' Asteroids University of Hawaii
4 Oct 2002 Check Out the ShuttleCam NASA Human Spaceflight
2 Oct 2002 Auroras All the Way to Arizona
26 Sep 2002 Not Enough Space European Space Agency
23 Sep 2002 Free Time Jet Propulsion Laboratory
20 Sep 2002 Animation of Mysterious Space Junk's Chaotic Orbit Near Earth Object Program Office
19 Sep 2002 So Long, Space Junk Near Earth Object Program Office
19 Sep 2002 Hitch a Ride on the Space Shuttle NASA Headquarters
19 Sep 2002 Watch Progress in Space NASA Headquarters
17 Sep 2002 Mystery 'Moon' Wears Apollo Paint University of Arizona
13 Sep 2002 'Mystery Rock' is Likely a Rocket Near Earth Object Program Office
13 Sep 2002 Lore of the Rings Sandia National Laboratories
10 Sep 2002 Unusual Object Sky & Telescope
6 Sep 2002 Was Crater Created by Meteor or Comet? Goddard Space Flight Center
29 Aug 2002 Bringing Disaster into Focus NASA Headquarters
28 Aug 2002 'N Sync in Space Johnson Space Center
28 Aug 2002 Cassini Keeps Scientists Busy European Space Agency
22 Aug 2002 Mega Meteor Louisiana State University
5 Aug 2002 Baffle of the Bulge Goddard Space Flight Center
1 Aug 2002 See an Asteroid in Action Science@NASA
29 Jul 2002 Asteroid 2002 NT7: Not a Threat Jet Propulsion Laboratory
26 Jul 2002 Caveat Impactor Science@NASA
25 Jul 2002 Experts: 'Low-Probability' of Asteroid Impact in 2019 Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 Jul 2002 See the Space Station Science@NASA
23 Jul 2002 Rough Weather in Space National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
18 Jul 2002 Using Atoms to See the Big Picture Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1 Jul 2002 Practice Makes Perfect University of California at Berkeley
24 Jun 2002 Big Moon Science@NASA
21 Jun 2002 Shaq's Short Summer Solstice Shadow Science@NASA
20 Jun 2002 Hubble Parts Hard at Work European Space Agency
12 Jun 2002 Prime Time for Spacecraft Watching Science@NASA
4 Jun 2002 Weird Sunset Science@NASA
4 Jun 2002 Did a Shower of Matter Kill the Dinosaurs? Universitat Bonn
29 May 2002 Was Einstein Wrong? Jet Propulsion Laboratory
17 May 2002 Genesis Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
16 May 2002 Dinosaurs' Fate Linked to Cosmic Calamity Rutgers University
9 May 2002 Protection - At a Price Goddard Space Flight Center
7 May 2002 One for the Record Books Jet Propulsion Laboratory
29 Apr 2002 'Forecasting' Space Weather Marshall Space Flight Center
25 Apr 2002 Falling Starshine Science@NASA
23 Apr 2002 Where No Mouse Has Gone Before University of Washington
16 Apr 2002 Aurora Warning
14 Apr 2002 Space Weather: Morning, Noon and Night
12 Apr 2002 Basking in Earthshine Science@NASA
12 Apr 2002 ESA Looks to Asteroid 'Blind Spot' European Space Agency
7 Apr 2002 Spacecraft Burns Up on Re-Entry NASA Headquarters
4 Apr 2002 Spacecraft to Re-Enter Earth's Atmosphere NASA Headquarters
29 Mar 2002 Busy Space Bacteria Science@NASA
31 Jan 2002 EUVE Spacecraft Re-Enters Earth's Atmosphere NASA Headquarters
29 Jan 2002 Aging NASA Spacecraft to Re-enter Earth's Atmposphere NASA Headquarters
8 Jan 2002 Researchers: Earth Will Survive When Sun Becomes Supergiant University of Sussex
7 Jan 2002 'Earthshine' May Help Shed Light on Other Earth-like Planets University of Arizona
26 Dec 2001 Geomagnetic Storm Warning; Moon Encounters Saturn
7 Dec 2001 NASA to Discuss Lenoids, Mars and Early Earth at AGU Ames Research Center
3 Dec 2001 Oxygen Isotopes Give Clues to the Formation of Planets, Moons, and Asteroids Planetary Science Research Discoveries
3 Dec 2001 Deep Impact and the Mass Extinction of Species 65 Million Years Ago GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam
23 Nov 2001 West Coal and Pollen Shed Light on Global Catastrophe Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences
22 Nov 2001 Sunlight May Nudge Asteroids Toward Earth Southwest Research Institute
8 Nov 2001 Geological Myth Busting: Extraterrestrials Really Don't Impact Volcanoes? Geologic Society of America
8 Nov 2001 New Concept Proposes that 'Superplumes' Lift Continents on Earth and Tharsis on Mars University of Arizona
7 Nov 2001 Sky Survey Lowers Estimate of Asteroid Impact Risk EurekAlert!
6 Nov 2001 Crater Makes an Impact on Three Sessions at GSA U.S. Geological Survey
5 Nov 2001 Powerful Solar Explosion to Trigger Strong Geomagnetic Activity
26 Oct 2001 Weekend Aurora Watch
23 Oct 2001 Here Comes the Sun (Again!)
20 Oct 2001 Geomagnetic Activity Alert
19 Oct 2001 This Weekend: Northern Lights and Meteors
11 Oct 2001 ETH Researchers Make Unexpected Discovery on the Genesis of the Moon Institut fur Isotopengeologie und Mineralische Rohstoffe
10 Oct 2001 Free Lectures on Viewing Earth from Space Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Oct 2001 Here Comes the Sun - Watch Out for Auroras Later This Week
3 Oct 2001 Space Weather News: Northern Lights, Solar Wind Activity
27 Sep 2001 Researchers Find Glass-Eating Microbes at the Rock Bottom of the Food Chain University of California at San Diego
25 Sep 2001 Geomagnetic Storm in Progress
31 Aug 2001 Space Views Capture Record Nile Flooding Jet Propulsion Laboratory
30 Aug 2001 Cluster Spacecraft Surf the Plasma Waves European Space Agency
28 Aug 2001 What's Shaking with Quake Prediction? Jet Propulsion Laboratory
23 Aug 2001 Article Explores Rebirth of Aquatic Life After Deep-Sea Volcanic Eruption Rutgers University
20 Aug 2001 NASA Gives Pole-to-Pole View of Cloud Heights and Winds Jet Propulsion Laboratory
17 Aug 2001 Geomagnetic Storm Alert
15 Aug 2001 Researchers Identify the Moon-Forming Impact Southwest Research Institute
3 Aug 2001 Etna Volcano: Update from Space Jet Propulsion Laboratory
3 Aug 2001 NASA Scientists Propose New Theory of Earth's Early Evolution Ames Research Center
1 Aug 2001 Solar Storms Destroy Ozone, Study Reconfirms Goddard Space Flight Center
31 Jul 2001 JASON 1 Satellite Arrives at Venderberg Air Force Base Jet Propulsion Laboratory
29 Jul 2001 New Evidence of Living Bacteria from Space Cardiff University
25 Jul 2001 NASA's Wind Spacecraft Flies through Earth's Magnetic Tail and Captures Rare Event in Action University of California at Berkeley
25 Jul 2001 Space View Shows Two Plumes from Mt. Etna Eruption Jet Propulsion Laboratory
23 Jul 2001 Delta Rocket to Launch Probe into Birth of Solar System Boeing
20 Jul 2001 NASA, NOAA Prepare to Launch Weather Satellite Designed to See Solar Storms NASA Headquarters
19 Jul 2001 A Propitious Alignment of Planets Science@NASA
18 Jul 2001 New NASA Supercomputer Models Earth Climate at Warp Speed Ames Research Center
16 Jul 2001 Climate Change in Atlantic Larger than Previously Thought Goddard Space Flight Center
16 Jul 2001 Volcano Research Erupts in Space Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 Jul 2001 Greater Solar Activity May Bring U.S. More Gray Days NASA Headquarters
3 Jul 2001 Aphelion Away! Science@NASA
21 Jun 2001 A Disturbance in the "Force" Caused the K-T Impact? Geologic Society of America
21 Jun 2001 Venus Holds Clues to Finding Earth's Platinum and Diamonds Geologic Society of America
21 Jun 2001 Where There's Soup, There's Life Geologic Society of America
30 May 2001 What Space Needs: the Human Touch Science@NASA
29 May 2001 Cryobot Explores Antarctica, Preparing for ET Hunt
18 May 2001 High-Tech Helium Tricks May Benefit Earth and Space Jet Propulsion Laboratory
17 May 2001 Dying Comet's Kin May Have Nourished Life on Earth Goddard Space Flight Center
10 May 2001 Collapse of Simple Life Forms Linked to Mass Extinction 200 Million Years Ago University of Washington
7 May 2001 Reflections From a Warm Little Pond NASA Astrobiology Institute
27 Apr 2001 URI Scientists Awarded $3.9 Million from NASA to Study Life Beneath the Ocean Floor University of Rhode Island
25 Apr 2001 "Sun-Earth Days" Dawn April 27 NASA Headquarters
25 Apr 2001 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: The Webcast! Science@NASA
23 Apr 2001 Earth Day Portrait is First One Snapped by Mars Odyssey Jet Propulsion Laboratory
18 Apr 2001 What Medieval Witnesses Saw Was Not Big Lunar Impact, Grad Student Says University of Arizona
18 Apr 2001 Watch Out for Auroras on April 17th and 18th
17 Apr 2001 Scientists Watch Dark Side of the Moon to Monitor Earth's Climate American Geophysical Union/CalTech/New Jersey Tech
13 Apr 2001 Life As We Didn't Know It Science@NASA
13 Apr 2001 Interplanetary Shock Wave Passes Earth, Triggers Magnetic Storm
12 Apr 2001 Sun Continues Hurling Solar Storms at Earth National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
12 Apr 2001 Ancient Climate Excursion Linked to a Rare Anomaly in Earth's Orbit University of California at Santa Cruz
11 Apr 2001 Severe Geomagnetic Storming on Wednesday, April 11th
5 Apr 2001 International Satellite to Study Our Explosive Sun Royal Astronomy Society
5 Apr 2001 Hitchhiking Molecules Could Have Survived Fiery Comet Collisions with Earth, UC Berkeley Experiment Shows EurekAlert
5 Apr 2001 Was Johnny Appleseed a Comet? Science@NASA
3 Apr 2001 Sun Unleashes Record Superflare, Earth Dodges Solar Bullet NASA Headquarters
29 Mar 2001 Tackling the Impact Threat Royal Astronomy Society
28 Mar 2001 Kinks in Sun's Waves Unraveled Jet Propulsion Laboratory
27 Mar 2001 Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections Science@NASA
27 Mar 2001 Solar Activity Is on the Rise?
23 Mar 2001 Future Missions May Have a Major Impact European Space Agency
20 Mar 2001 Scientists Return to Ancient Impact Crater U.S. Geological Survey
20 Mar 2001 NASA Astrobiology Institute Announces New Teams NASA Headquarters
16 Mar 2001 Ice Probe Reveals First-Ever Images Deep within Antarctic Streams Jet Propulsion Laboratory
8 Mar 2001 Life Rebounded Quickly After Collision 65 Million Years Ago that Wiped Out Dinosaurs California Institute of Technology
7 Mar 2001 Here Comes the Sun, Via NOAA Calculator National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2 Mar 2001 Mir Space Station Deorbit U.S. Department of State
1 Mar 2001 UI Researcher Finds New Evidence for Small Comet Theory University of Iowa
28 Feb 2001 Buckyballs and Gases May Mark Massive Extinction Planetary Science Research Discoveries
26 Feb 2001 British Government Responds to NEO Task Force NEO
22 Feb 2001 Stowaways from Space Link Provide Link Between Impact, Biggest Extinction in Earth History University of Rochester
21 Feb 2001 Nature's Tiniest Space Junk Science@NASA
13 Feb 2001 Changes in Astronomy Day and its Award Astronomy Day
25 Jan 2001 Ames to Host JASON Project for 10,000-Plus California Students Ames Research Center
25 Jan 2001 Earth's Invisible Magnetic Tail Science@NASA
17 Jan 2001 Precocious Earth Science@NASA
11 Jan 2001 Stardust Can See Clearly Now - Just Before Earth Flyby Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Jan 2001 Stardust Prepares to Pick Up Speed from Earth's Gravity Assist Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4 Jan 2001 Earth at Perihelion Science@NASA
2 Jan 2001 Impact Crater Examined for Clues to Dinosaurs' Demise
14 Dec 2000 Geologist Suggests Water may Reside as Ice Deep in Planets' Interior Northwestern University
29 Nov 2000 Astrobiologists Find Evidence of Early Life on Land Ames Research Center
28 Nov 2000 Studies May Link Isle Data to Mars Volcanoes Honolulu Star-Bulletin
15 Nov 2000 Lighting Up the Ecosphere Science@NASA
28 Sep 2000 NASA's Langley First Stop in Blast to Look at Impact Crater's Past Langley Research Center
27 Sep 2000 Origin of Salts in the 'Dry Valleys' of Antarctica Provide Clues to Atmospheric Deposition on Mars University of California at San Diego
22 Sep 2000 Interplanetary Fall Science@NASA
7 Sep 2000 Rocks Reveal Details of Mass Extinction
25 Aug 2000 Clues to Origins of Life British Broadcasting Corporation
3 Aug 2000 Chemical Signatures in Rocks Provide Clues to Origin and Evolution of Oxygen and Terrestrial Life on Earth University of California at San Diego
6 Jul 2000 NSF-Funded Researchers Discover Evidence of Microscopic Life at the South Pole National Science Foundation
3 May 2000 NASA Honors Student Winners NASA Headquarters
20 Mar 2000 Researchers Discover Extraterrestrial Gases in Buckyballs Ames Research Center
19 Mar 2000 Sunset at the South Pole Science@NASA
6 Mar 2000 "Planets in a test tube" experiment yields hints about planetary circulation Science@NASA
21 Feb 2000 Interplanetary Shock Wave Passes Earth Science@NASA
27 Jan 2000 Interactive Web Site "Big Signal" Allows Public To Explore Antarctica Through a Robot's Senses Carnegie Mellon University
23 Sep 1999 Sunrise at the South Pole Thursday's Classroom
7 Sep 1999 Plasma, Plasma, Everywhere Science@NASA
1 Sep 1999 New Cassini Moon Images Show Spacecraft Camera is in Top Form Jet Propulsion Laboratory
11 Aug 1999 Cassini Mission Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
17 Mar 1999 Earth's Water Probably Didn't Come from Comets, CalTech Researchers Say California Institute of Technology
16 Mar 1999 Lunar Data Support Idea that Collision Split Earth, Moon NASA Headquarters
18 Nov 1998 Scientist Finds Asteroid Fossil that May Have Caused Global Dinosaur Extinction National Science Foundation
6 Jan 1998 Galileo Europa Mission Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
19 Jun 1993 Astronomers Solve Ancient Mystery of the Chinese Calendar Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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