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Asteroids: News
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Listed here are news articles and press releases related to Asteroids.

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24 Aug 2015 Cameras Delivered for NASA's OSIRIS-REx Mission as Launch Prep Continues NASA
19 Aug 2015 NASA: There is No Asteroid Threatening Earth NASA / JPL
3 Aug 2015 Tracking A Mysterious Group of Asteroid Outcasts NASA / JPL
31 Jul 2015 Earth Flyby of 'Space Peanut' Captured in New Video NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
17 Jul 2015 Dawn Maneuvering to Third Science Orbit NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
15 Jun 2015 Asteroid Icarus To Make Distant Pass Tuesday NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
13 May 2015 Asteroid Distant 'Flyby' Thursday NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
15 Apr 2015 Asteroid Named for Nobel Prize Winner Joins Historic Lineup JPL
31 Mar 2015 NASA Releases Tool Enabling Citizen Scientists to Examine Asteroid Vesta NASA Ames Research Center
26 Mar 2015 Asteroid Hunter Spacecraft Data Available to Public NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
16 Mar 2015 New Desktop Application Has Potential to Increase Asteroid Detection, Now Available to Public NASA
26 Jan 2015 Asteroid That Flew Past Earth Today Has Moon NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
21 Jan 2015 Gullies on Vesta Suggest Past Water-Mobilized Flows NASA/JPL
15 Jan 2015 NEOWISE: A Yearlong Look at the Sky NASA/JPL
13 Jan 2015 Asteroid to Fly By Earth Safely on January 26 NASA/JPL
29 Dec 2014 Dawn Spacecraft Begins Approach to Dwarf Planet Ceres NASA/JPL
18 Nov 2014 New Animation Follows Long, Strange Trip of Bennu - Target of NASA's Asteroid Sample Return Mission NASA/GSFC
17 Nov 2014 Geologic Maps of Vesta from NASA's Dawn Mission Published NASA/JPL/ASU
14 Nov 2014 New Map Shows Frequency of Small Asteroid Impacts, Provides Clues on Larger Asteroid Population NASA/JPL
3 Sep 2014 Small Asteroid to Safely Pass Close to Earth Sunday NASA/JPL
2 Sep 2014 NASA Invites Public to Submit Messages for Asteroid Mission Time Capsule NASA/GSFC
28 Aug 2014 NASA's Spitzer Telescope Witnesses Asteroid Smashup NASA/JPL
23 Jul 2014 NEOWISE Spots a Comet That Looked Like an Asteroid Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Jul 2014 NASA's Next Giant Leap NASA
19 Jun 2014 NASA Announces Latest Progress, Upcoming Milestones in Hunt for Asteroids NASA/JPL
19 Jun 2014 Spitzer Spies an Odd, Tiny Asteroid NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
17 Jun 2014 NASA Update on Asteroid Redirect Mission NASA
12 Jun 2014 Giant Telescopes Pair Up to Image Near-Earth Asteroid Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6 Jun 2014 Asteroid Discovered by NASA to Pass Earth Safely Jet Propulsion Laboratory
9 May 2014 NASA Astronauts Go Underwater to Test Tools for a Mission to an Asteroid NASA
24 Apr 2014 Asteroids as Seen From Mars; A Curiosity Rover First NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Apr 2014 Construction to Begin on NASA Spacecraft Set to Visit Asteroid in 2018 NASA/GSFC
2 Apr 2014 Asteroid 2007 VK184 Eliminated as Impact Risk to Earth NASA/JPL
28 Mar 2014 Dawn Wins National Air and Space Museum Trophy NASA/JPL
26 Mar 2014 First Ring System Around Asteroid: Chariklo Found to Have Two Rings European Southern Observatory
10 Mar 2014 Be an Asteroid Hunter in NASA's First Asteroid Grand Challenge Contest Series NASA
6 Mar 2014 NASA's Hubble Telescope Witnesses Asteroid's Mysterious Disintegration NASA/SSTI
6 Mar 2014 Small Asteroid Will Pass Earth Safely on Thursday NASA/JPL
4 Mar 2014 Asteroid Will Safely Pass Closer Than Moon Wednesday NASA/JPL
25 Feb 2014 Radar Images of near-Earth Asteroid 2006 DP14 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Feb 2014 Responding to Potential Asteroid Redirect Mission Targets NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
11 Feb 2014 NASA Experts Continue to Engage United Nations on NASA's Asteroid Initiative NASA
30 Jan 2014 NASA Posts Final Asteroid Workshop Report NASA
23 Jan 2014 NEOWISE Celebrates First Month of Operations After Reactivation NASA/JPL
15 Jan 2014 NASA Invites Public to Send Names on an Asteroid Mission and Beyond NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
2 Jan 2014 First 2014 Asteroid Discovered NASA/JPL
31 Dec 2013 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
19 Dec 2013 NASA's Asteroid Hunter Spacecraft Returns First Images after Reactivation NASA JPL
16 Dec 2013 Dawn Creates Guide To Vesta's Hidden Attractions NASA/JPL/Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
3 Dec 2013 NASA's Dawn Fills out its Ceres Dance Card NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
18 Nov 2013 Update on Near-Earth Objects NASA/JPL
12 Nov 2013 NASA Continues Workshop to Discuss Asteroid Initiative Ideas NASA
7 Nov 2013 NASA's Hubble Sees Asteroid Spouting Six Comet-Like Tails NASA
6 Nov 2013 NASA and International Researchers Obtain Crucial Data from Meteoroid Impact NASA/Ames Research Center/SETI Institute
4 Nov 2013 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
17 Oct 2013 Asteroid 2013 TV135 - A Reality Check NASA / JPL
24 Sep 2013 NASA Hosts Workshop to Discuss Asteroid Initiative Ideas NASA
17 Sep 2013 NASA Highlights Asteroid Grand Challenge at World Maker Faire NASA
13 Sep 2013 Take a Virtual Tour of Vesta With New High-Resolution Images Jet Propulsion Laboratory / NASA
9 Sep 2013 NASA Discusses Asteroid Initiative Progress at AIAA's Space 2013 NASA
4 Sep 2013 NASA Selects Top 96 Asteroid Initiative Ideas NASA
2 Sep 2013 Asteroid Steins in 3D ESA
30 Aug 2013 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
21 Aug 2013 NASA Spacecraft Reactivated to Hunt for Asteroids NASA/JPL
15 Aug 2013 Radar Images of Asteroid 2005 WK4 NASA / JPL
5 Aug 2013 NASA Selects Launch Services Contract for OSIRIS-REx Mission NASA/KSC
12 Jul 2013 Asteroid Expert Receives Carl Sagan Medal for Public Communication NASA/JPL
24 Jun 2013 Ten Thousandth Near-Earth Object Unearthed in Space NASA/JPL
18 Jun 2013 NASA Announces Asteroid Grand Challenge NASA
7 Jun 2013 Small Asteroid Between Earth and Moon Tonight NASA/JPL
6 Jun 2013 Radar Movies Highlight Asteroid 1998 QE2 and Its Moon NASA/JPL
31 May 2013 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
30 May 2013 NASA Radar Reveals Asteroid Has Its Own Moon NASA/JPL
29 May 2013 NASA'S WISE Mission Finds Lost Asteroid Family Members NASA / JPL
29 May 2013 NASA Hosts News and Social Media Events Around This Week's Asteroid Pass NASA/JPL
29 May 2013 NASA Hosts News and Social Media Events Around This Week's Asteroid Pass NASA
23 May 2013 NASA Administrator Visits JPL, Talks Asteroids NASA / JPL
16 May 2013 NASA's Asteroid Sample Return Mission Moves into Development NASA/GSFC
15 May 2013 Asteroid 1998 QE2 to Sail Past Earth Nine Times Larger Than Cruise Ship NASA/JPL
8 May 2013 After Chelyabinsk: European Experts Assess Asteroid Options ESA
1 May 2013 NASA Spacecraft Will Visit Asteroid with New Name NASA/GSFC
30 Apr 2013 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
18 Apr 2013 Three From JPL On Time Magazine 'Most Influential' List NASA/JPL
16 Apr 2013 How to Target an Asteroid NASA/JPL
15 Apr 2013 NASA-Funded Asteroid Tracking Sensor Passes Key Test NASA/JPL
10 Apr 2013 NASA Associate Administrator Statements on the Asteroid Initiative in the FY 2014 Budget Request NASA
29 Mar 2013 Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa2:" Name and Message Campaign JAXA
25 Mar 2013 NASA Scientists Find Moon, Asteroids Share History NASA/JPL/AMES
21 Mar 2013 Additional Details on the Large Feb. 15 Fireball over Russia NASA/JPL
21 Mar 2013 Additional Details on the Large Feb. 15 Fireball over Russia NASA/JPL
18 Mar 2013 Goldstone Radar Snags Images of Asteroid 2013 ET NASA/JPL
19 Feb 2013 NASA Releases Goldstone Radar Movie of Asteroid 2012 DA14 NASA/JPL
14 Feb 2013 Near-Earth Asteroid Makes Preview Appearance NASA/JPL
13 Feb 2013 NASA to Chronicle Close Earth Flyby of Asteroid NASA/JPL
7 Feb 2013 New NASA Mission to Help Us Better Estimate Asteroid Impact Hazard NASA/GSFC
4 Feb 2013 NASA to Host Feb. 7 Media Telecon on Asteroid Flyby NASA/JPL/GSFC
1 Feb 2013 Small Asteroid to Whiz Past Earth Safely Jet Propulsion Laboratory
15 Jan 2013 Asteroid Deflection Mission Seeks Smashing Ideas ESA
10 Jan 2013 NASA Rules Out Earth Impact in 2036 for Asteroid Apophis NASA/JPL
9 Jan 2013 Herschel Intercepts Asteroid Apophis ESA
3 Jan 2013 Picture This: Vesta's Dark Materials in Dawn's View NASA/JPL
31 Dec 2012 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
14 Dec 2012 Asteroid Toutatis Slowly Tumbles by Earth NASA/JPL
6 Dec 2012 What is Creating Gullies on Vesta? NASA/JPL
26 Nov 2012 Nine Radar Images of Asteroid 2007 PA8 NASA / JPL
5 Nov 2012 NASA Radar Images Asteroid 2007 PA8 NASA/JPL
1 Nov 2012 Asteroid Belts at Just the Right Place are Friendly to Life NASA/JPL
31 Oct 2012 Dawn Sees 'Young' Surface on Giant Asteroid NASA/JPL
15 Oct 2012 NASA's WISE Colors in Unknowns on Jupiter Asteroids NASA/JPL
26 Sep 2012 Giant Asteroid's Troughs Suggest Stunted Planet Jet Propulsion Laboratory
20 Sep 2012 NASA Dawn Spacecraft Sees Hydrated Minerals on Giant Asteroid NASA/JPL
11 Sep 2012 Vesta in Dawn's Rear View Mirror NASA/JPL
5 Sep 2012 Dawn has Departed the Giant Asteroid Vesta NASA/JPL
4 Sep 2012 NASA Dawn Mission to Host 'Hasta La Vesta' Google+ Hangout NASA/JPL
4 Sep 2012 NASA Announces Asteroid Naming Contest for Students NASA/GSFC
30 Aug 2012 NASA's Dawn Prepares for Trek Toward Dwarf Planet NASA / JPL
14 Aug 2012 Dawn Engineers Assess Reaction Wheel NASA/JPL
22 Jun 2012 Researchers: 2011 AG5 Will Likely Fly Safely Past Earth in 2040 NASA/JPL
15 Jun 2012 Dawn Easing into its Final Science Orbit NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 Jun 2012 Asteroid 2011 AG5 - A Reality Check Jet Propulsion Laboratory
29 May 2012 Asteroid 2012 KT42 Buzzes Earth
10 May 2012 NASA Dawn Mission Reveals Secrets of Large Asteroid NASA/JPL
25 Apr 2012 Dawn Reveals Secrets of Giant Asteroid Vesta NASA/JPL
18 Apr 2012 Dawn Gets Extra Time to Explore Vesta NASA/JPL
21 Mar 2012 Dawn Sees New Surface Features on Giant Asteroid NASA/JPL
7 Feb 2012 A Vision of Discovery! Understanding NASA Images through Art NASA Discovery Program
8 Nov 2011 NASA Releases Radar Movie of Asteroid 2005 YU55 NASA/JPL
7 Nov 2011 NASA Captures New Images of Large Asteroid Passing Earth NASA/JPL
4 Nov 2011 Close Encounter of the Rocky Kind University of Arizona
26 Oct 2011 NASA in Final Preparations for Nov. 8 Asteroid Flyby NASA/JPL
12 Oct 2011 NASA's Dawn Science Team Presents Early Science Results NASA/JPL
10 Oct 2011 New View of Vesta Mountain From NASA's Dawn Mission NASA/JPL
30 Sep 2011 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Begins New Vesta Mapping Orbit NASA/JPL
29 Sep 2011 NASA Space Telescope Finds Fewer Asteroids Near Earth NASA/JPL
27 Sep 2011 Dawn Journal NASA
26 Sep 2011 NASA to Host News Conference on Asteroid Search Findings NASA/JPL
19 Sep 2011 Origin of Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Remains a Mystery NASA/JPL
16 Sep 2011 NASA's Dawn Collects a Bounty of Beauty From Vesta NASA/JPL
11 Aug 2011 NASA's Asteroid Photographer Beams Back Science Data NASA/JPL
1 Aug 2011 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Begins Science Orbits of Vesta NASA/JPL
27 Jul 2011 NASA's WISE Finds Earth's First Trojan Asteroid NASA/JPL
27 Jul 2011 NASA To Unveil Full-Frame Image Of Vesta At News Conference NASA/JPL
21 Jul 2011 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Beams Back New Photo NASA/JPL
18 Jul 2011 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
18 Jul 2011 NASA Dawn Spacecraft Returns Close-Up Image of Vesta NASA/JPL
17 Jul 2011 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft in Orbit at Vesta NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Jul 2011 NASA Spacecraft to Enter Asteroid's Orbit on July 15 NASA/JPL
7 Jul 2011 Dawn Team Members Check out Spacecraft NASA/JPL
23 Jun 2011 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
23 Jun 2011 Bend it Like Beckham! Small Asteroid to Whip Past Earth on June 27, 2011 NASA/JPL
23 Jun 2011 Dawn Nears Start of Year-Long Stay at Giant Asteroid NASA/JPL
20 Jun 2011 NASA Hosts Briefing To Preview Spacecraft Visit Of Large Asteroid NASA/JPL
13 Jun 2011 Dawn Captures Video on Approach to Asteroid Vesta NASA/JPL
8 Jun 2011 Rosetta Comet Probe Enters Hibernation in Deep Space ESA
27 May 2011 Dawn Journal NASA
25 May 2011 NASA To Launch New Science Mission To Asteroid In 2016 NASA
4 May 2011 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL-Caltech
3 May 2011 Dawn Reaches Milestone Approaching Asteroid Vesta NASA/JPL
2 May 2011 Spacecraft Earth to Perform Asteroid 'Flyby' This Fall NASA/JPL
28 Apr 2011 NASA's Swift and Hubble Probe Asteroid Collision Debris NASA/GSFC
14 Apr 2011 Fast-Rotating Asteroid Winks For Astronomer's Camera NASA/JPL
14 Apr 2011 WISE Delivers Millions of Galaxies, Stars, Asteroids NASA/JPL
8 Apr 2011 Cold Asteroids May Have a Soft Heart MIT
10 Mar 2011 Dawn Gets Vesta Target Practice NASA/JPL
27 Feb 2011 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
26 Feb 2011 Telescope Establishes Near-Earth Asteroid Discovery Record University of Hawaii
4 Feb 2011 Very Small Asteroid Makes Close Earth Approach on February 4, 2011 NASA/NEOP
1 Feb 2011 NASA's NEOWISE Completes Scan for Asteroids and Comets NASA/JPL
30 Jan 2011 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
26 Jan 2011 Asteroids Ahoy! Jupiter Scar Likely from Rocky Body NASA/JPL
18 Jan 2011 More Asteroids Could Have Made Life's Ingredients NASA/GSFC
11 Jan 2011 NASA Radar Reveals Features on Asteroid NASA/JPL-Caltech
6 Jan 2011 A Look into Vesta's Interior Max Planck Institute
30 Dec 2010 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
15 Dec 2010 NASA Discovers Asteroid Delivered Assortment of Meteorites NASA
30 Nov 2010 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
12 Oct 2010 Small Asteroid to Pass Within Earth-Moon System Jet Propulsion Laboratory
8 Oct 2010 Dawn Mission to Vesta Gets Help from Hubble Space Telescope NASA/JPL
4 Oct 2010 NASA's Wise Mission Warms Up But Keeps Chugging Along NASA/JPL
26 Jul 2010 Dawn Journal Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Jul 2010 Rosetta Triumphs at Asteroid Lutetia European Space Agency
8 Jul 2010 Rosetta Lines Up for Spectacular Asteroid Flyby European Space Agency
6 Jul 2010 Particles Found in Hayabusa Capsule Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
29 Jun 2010 Engineers Assess Dawn's Reaction Wheel Jet Propulsion Laboratory
27 Jun 2010 Dawn Journal Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 Jun 2010 Hayabusa Capsule Opening Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
14 Jun 2010 Hayabusa Asteroid Mission Comes Home NASA
14 Jun 2010 Hayabusa Capsule Recovered Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
10 Jun 2010 Hayabusa Homecoming Jet Propulsion Laboratory
9 Jun 2010 Observing Hayabusa NASA Ames Research Center
19 Feb 2010 WISE Medley NASA/JPL
2 Feb 2010 Head-on Collision? NASA
30 Jan 2010 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
14 Dec 2009 WISE Launch NASA
19 Nov 2009 Hayabusa on Track Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
9 Nov 2009 Close One NASA
9 Nov 2009 Hayabusa Troubles Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
3 Nov 2009 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
7 Oct 2009 Reduced Risk NASA
8 Jun 2009 Dawn Re-Lights the Ionic Fire Jet Propulsion Laboratory
20 May 2009 NASA Study Shows Asteroids May Have Accelerated Life on Earth NASA
26 Apr 2009 Dawn Journal Jet Propulsion Laboratory
22 Apr 2009 Asteroid Tanning European Southern Observatory
31 Mar 2009 Meteorite Treasure Hunt NASA/JPL
29 Mar 2009 Dawn Journal NASA/JPL
25 Mar 2009 Tracking Meteoroids Carnegie Institution
8 Mar 2009 Dawn Journal Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2 Mar 2009 Asteroid Flyby
25 Feb 2009 The Curious Case of Missing Asteroids University of Arizona
17 Feb 2009 Dawn Journal Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 Feb 2009 Dawn Falls for Mars Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4 Feb 2009 Measuring Asteroids European Southern Observatory
7 Oct 2008 Impact of Asteroid 2008 TC3 Confirmed NASA/JPL
6 Oct 2008 Boulder-sized Asteroid Will Burn Up in Earth's Atmosphere Tonight NASA/JPL
20 Mar 2008 Team Finds Oldest Known Asteroids University of Maryland
19 Feb 2008 Asteroid Triple Threat Astrobiology Magazine
25 Jan 2008 NASA Scientists Get First Images of Earth Flyby Asteroid Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 Jan 2008 Asteroid to Make Rare Close Flyby of Earth January 29 Jet Propulsion Laboratory
8 Jan 2008 Astronomers Rule Out Possibility of Asteroid Impact on Mars Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2 Jan 2008 New Observations Slightly Decrease Mars Impact Probability NASA/JPL
3 Dec 2007 Asteroid Shower Science@NASA
16 Oct 2007 Analyzing Apophis Astrobiology Magazine
21 Jun 2007 Hubble Captures View of Dawn's Destinations NASA Headquarters
20 Apr 2007 PSI Scientists Find Migrating Regolith on Tiny Asteroid Itokawa Planetary Science Institute
10 Apr 2007 Dawn Arrives in Florida - A Little After Dawn NASA/JPL-Caltech
5 Apr 2007 Searching for the Grandest Asteroid Tour NASA Headquarters
4 Apr 2007 Hayabusa to Start Return Trip to Earth in mid-April Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
20 Mar 2007 Near-Earth Object Survey and Defintion Analysis of Alternvatives NASA Headquarters
13 Mar 2007 Sampling Origins with OSIRIS NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
12 Mar 2007 Solar Power at Play European Southern Observatory
7 Feb 2007 Science Feature: The Asteroids and Comets They Are A-Changin' NASA/JPL-Caltech
20 Dec 2006 Radar Love: Asteroid Detection and Science NASA/JPL-Caltech
19 Oct 2006 Images of Dwarf Planet Ceres Keck Observatory
5 Jun 2006 Big Bang In Antarctica -- Killer Crater Found Under Ice Ohio State University
2 Jun 2006 Science Magazine Features Results of Hayabusa Observations Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
9 Mar 2006 Communication with Hayabusa Restored Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
6 Mar 2006 Dawn Mission Cancelled NASA/JPL-Caltech
5 Feb 2006 Earth Sediment from Asteroid Veritas California Institute of Technology
23 Jan 2006 NASA Postpones Mission to Visit Ceres and Vesta NASA Headquarters
4 Nov 2005 MINERVA explores the surface of ITOKAWA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
18 Sep 2005 Asteroid Riddling Astrobiology Magazine
14 Sep 2005 Hayabusa Arrives at Itokawa, Starts Hovering Operations Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
23 Aug 2005 Defying Linear Theory of Solar System's Origin University of Toronto
27 Dec 2004 Improved Odds NeoDys Risk Page (Italy)
27 Dec 2004 Asteroid Earthquakes University of Arizona
27 Dec 2004 Earth OK in 2029 Near Earth Object Program
11 Oct 2004 Immortalizing Rovers Jet Propulsion Laboratory
29 Sep 2004 Toutatis Flyby NEO Task Force
29 Sep 2004 Asteroid Flyby Near Earth Object Program
30 Aug 2004 Impact-Generated Fires Southwest Research Institute
11 Jun 2004 'Black Moon' Mystery Ames Research Center
3 Jun 2004 Inside Out Earth University of Toronto
24 May 2004 Immediate Death University of Colorado at Boulder
20 May 2004 Unusual Asteroid Lowell Observatory
20 May 2004 On to Itokawa Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
19 May 2004 Aging Asteroids University of Hawaii
15 Apr 2004 Dawn Newsletter Jet Propulsion Laboratory
7 Apr 2004 Impact Estimate University of Arizona
7 Apr 2004 Asteroid Hunters University of Arizona
17 Mar 2004 Asteroid Close-Up Near Earth Object Program
11 Mar 2004 Rosetta's Asteroids European Space Agency
25 Feb 2004 Go Dawn Jet Propulsion Laboratory
29 Jan 2004 Extinct Atoms Argonne National Laboratory
23 Jan 2004 Big Dog Flies Southwest Research Institute
26 Dec 2003 Hayabusa Runs Smooth Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
26 Dec 2003 Target in Sight Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
5 Dec 2003 Finding Asteroid Force Jet Propulsion Laboratory
29 Nov 2003 Mineral Mystery Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
20 Nov 2003 Dinosaur Killer? University of Rochester
31 Oct 2003 The Curious Tale of Asteroid Hermes Science@NASA
30 Oct 2003 Anatomy of an Asteroid Investigation The Planetary Society
23 Oct 2003 More on Hermes Cornell University
21 Oct 2003 Two-for-One Asteroids Lowell Observatory
16 Oct 2003 Hermes Found NEO Task Force
3 Oct 2003 Close Pass Lowell Observatory
25 Sep 2003 Dinosaur Destruction Princeton University
22 Sep 2003 SIRTF Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
17 Sep 2003 Hayabusa Running Smoothly Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
10 Sep 2003 A New Spin on an Old Problem Southwest Research Institute
10 Sep 2003 NASA Releases Near-Earth Object Report NEO Task Force
5 Sep 2003 Reassessing Asteroid Hazards Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3 Sep 2003 2014 Impact Ruled Out NEO Task Force
19 Aug 2003 Asteroid Itokawa Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
7 Aug 2003 A Rock By Any Other Name... Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6 Aug 2003 Asteroids Dedicated to Columbia Crew Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6 Aug 2003 Asteroid Bite Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
5 Aug 2003 Sense and Centaurs Royal Astronomical Society
30 Jul 2003 Ion Engine: No Tuneups, No Problems Jet Propulsion Laboratory
23 Jul 2003 The Story Behind All Those Spheres in Space European Space Agency
16 Jul 2003 Camera's Trial Run Turns Up Asteroid Jet Propulsion Laboratory
27 Jun 2003 Hayabusa Status Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
27 May 2003 Worst Case Scenario University of California at Santa Cruz
15 May 2003 M-V-5 Rocket Carrying MUSES-C Successfully Launches Hayabusa Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
2 May 2003 Preparation for MUSES-C Launch Proceeds Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
25 Apr 2003 MUSES-C Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
17 Apr 2003 Meet Asteroid Espenak Goddard Space Flight Center
26 Mar 2003 Deep Space 1 Team Wins Award Jet Propulsion Laboratory
26 Mar 2003 Free Mini-Poster Solar System Exploration Education and Public Outreach Forum
17 Mar 2003 Asteroid Impacts: One Less Thing to Worry About University of Arizona
17 Mar 2003 Dawn's Early Light University of California at Los Angeles
11 Mar 2003 A Plethora of Planets? University of California at Berkeley
3 Mar 2003 No-Show Meteors
25 Feb 2003 MUSES-C Passes Tests Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
25 Feb 2003 Farewell Pioneer 10 NASA Headquarters
20 Feb 2003 Scientists Solve a 50-year-old Moon Mystery NASA Headquarters
19 Feb 2003 New Asteroid Discovery NEO Task Force
4 Feb 2003 Defending the Earth National Optical Astronomy Observatory
31 Jan 2003 Stardust Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 Jan 2003 MUSES-C Ion Engine Prototype Goes the Distance Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
23 Jan 2003 Little Rock May Tell Big Story Planetary Science Research Discoveries
23 Jan 2003 How Did Water Get to Earth? University of Arizona
14 Jan 2003 Dinosaurs Weathered a Lot in the End Pennsylvania State University
8 Jan 2003 Newly Discoverd Trojan Makes a Long March National Optical Astronomy Observatory
6 Jan 2003 Taking a Chip off the Old Asteroid University of Arkansas
3 Jan 2003 Earth's Orbital Asteroid Companion Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 Dec 2002 MUSES-C Launch Delay Confirmed Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
17 Dec 2002 Students Join Pluto Mission Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
12 Dec 2002 NEAR Shoemaker's Silent Treatment Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
4 Dec 2002 Asteroid Expert Earns Kuiper Prize Jet Propulsion Laboratory
27 Nov 2002 Stardust Status Report Jet Propulsion Laboratory
13 Nov 2002 A New Asteroid Sky & Telescope
13 Nov 2002 MUSES-C Update Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
2 Nov 2002 Stardust Visits Asteroid Annefrank Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1 Nov 2002 Stardust Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
31 Oct 2002 Halloween Asteroid Science@NASA
28 Oct 2002 Stardust Gets Ready for Asteroid Annefrank University of Washington
28 Oct 2002 Amateur Night in Space Jet Propulsion Laboratory
25 Oct 2002 Stardust Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 Oct 2002 First Rock in the Solar System Planetary Science Research Discoveries
24 Oct 2002 Saturn's Moon Dance Sky & Telescope
16 Oct 2002 STARDUST Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
16 Oct 2002 880,000 Names to Travel With MUSES-C Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
15 Oct 2002 MUSES-C Launch Delayed Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
8 Oct 2002 New Telescopes to Hunt 'Killer' Asteroids University of Hawaii
7 Oct 2002 Asteroid 121 Hermione's Unusual Companion The Planetary Society
7 Oct 2002 Small Asteroid Impacts Less Than Expected American Astronomical Society - Division for Planetary Sciences
4 Oct 2002 Physicist Aims to Save the Planet Scientific American
3 Oct 2002 U.S. House of Representatives: 'Earth Playing Cosmic Roulette With Asteroids' U.S. House of Representatives
2 Oct 2002 Congress Mulls Rewards for Asteroid Hunters U.S. House of Representatives
26 Sep 2002 MUSES-C Launch Delayed Space News
24 Sep 2002 Avoiding the Fate of the Dinosaurs European Space Agency
6 Sep 2002 Assessing the Asteroid Threat National Optical Astronomy Observatory
15 Aug 2002 Auroras, Asteroids and Sunspots, Oh My!
15 Aug 2002 MUSES-C Update Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
2 Aug 2002 Fine Tuning Celestial Mechanics West Virginia University
1 Aug 2002 And the Winner is .... The Planetary Society
1 Aug 2002 See an Asteroid in Action Science@NASA
29 Jul 2002 Asteroid 2002 NT7: Not a Threat Jet Propulsion Laboratory
26 Jul 2002 Caveat Impactor Science@NASA
25 Jul 2002 Experts: 'Low-Probability' of Asteroid Impact in 2019 Jet Propulsion Laboratory
22 Jul 2002 Catch an Asteroid on the Fly Sky & Telescope
1 Jul 2002 One Step from the Cosmic Rubble Pile? Planetary Science Research Discoveries
20 Jun 2002 Close Call Near Earth Object Information Centre
13 Jun 2002 Asteroid Smackdown Southwest Research Institute
15 May 2002 Send Your Name to an Asteroid The Planetary Society
15 Apr 2002 NEAR Mission Wins Award Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
12 Apr 2002 ESA Looks to Asteroid 'Blind Spot' European Space Agency
11 Apr 2002 Double Trouble? Jet Propulsion Laboratory
5 Apr 2002 Sunlight: A Defense Against Asteroids? University of Arizona
5 Apr 2002 A Whole Lot of Rocks European Space Agency
4 Apr 2002 Hunting Vulcanoids Dryden Flight Research Center
4 Apr 2002 Astronomers Identify Potential Asteroid Threat - 878 Years in the Future Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 Mar 2002 Sentry: Keeping an Eye on Near-Earth Objects Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4 Mar 2002 Eros: Ancient Space Rock or Stunted Planet? Planetary Science Research Discoveries
1 Mar 2002 Contest Lands Teen at the Cape European Space Agency
23 Jan 2002 Asteroid Dustup Geological Society of America
7 Jan 2002 Ceres: A Texas-Sized Space Rock Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2 Jan 2002 'Mystery' Meteors and New Asteroid Grace the Night Skies
1 Jan 2002 United Kingdom Announces Center to Study Near-Earth Objects British Department of Trade and Industry
26 Dec 2001 The Heat is On: Asteroid Belt Found Around Nearby Star NASA Astrobiology Institute
21 Dec 2001 Background: UCLA-Led Project Will Send Spacecraft to Study the Origins of the Solar System University of California at Los Angeles
21 Dec 2001 NASA Selects 'Dawn' Discovery Mission for 2006 Launch University of Arizona
21 Dec 2001 NASA Selects Missions to Explore Two Large Asteroids and Search for Earth-Like Planets NASA Headquarters
17 Dec 2001 NASA Bids Farewell to the Successful Deep Space 1 Mission Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Dec 2001 Bright Asteroid Science@NASA
13 Dec 2001 A Flurry of Meteors, a Solar Eclipse, a Bright Asteroid, and Maybe... Auroras
13 Dec 2001 Wish Upon a Shooting Star - the Geminids Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight European Space Agency
11 Dec 2001 1998 WT24 Sails by the Earth Sky & Telescope
7 Dec 2001 Weird Geminids Science@NASA
3 Dec 2001 Oxygen Isotopes Give Clues to the Formation of Planets, Moons, and Asteroids Planetary Science Research Discoveries
3 Dec 2001 Deep Impact and the Mass Extinction of Species 65 Million Years Ago GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam
23 Nov 2001 West Coal and Pollen Shed Light on Global Catastrophe Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences
22 Nov 2001 Sunlight May Nudge Asteroids Toward Earth Southwest Research Institute
14 Nov 2001 Smithsonian Selects NEAR Mission for 2001 Aerospace Trophy Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
8 Nov 2001 All in the Family: Scientists Find Mother and Daughter Asteroids Geologic Society of America
7 Nov 2001 Sky Survey Lowers Estimate of Asteroid Impact Risk EurekAlert!
6 Nov 2001 Crater Makes an Impact on Three Sessions at GSA U.S. Geological Survey
8 Oct 2001 Center Seeks Information on Potential Asteroids for Mission University of Arkansas
26 Sep 2001 A Collision Worth a Thousand Boulders Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
18 Sep 2001 Veteran Spacecraft Attempts to Earn Extra Credit at Comet Jet Propulsion Laboratory
27 Aug 2001 Researchers Test Asteroid Collector in Zero Gravity Conditions University of Arkansas
28 Jun 2001 Near-Earth Asteroid Movie
21 Jun 2001 A Disturbance in the "Force" Caused the K-T Impact? Geologic Society of America
18 Jun 2001 U. South Florida Graduate Student Confirms Asteroid Site in Panama University of South Florida
5 Jun 2001 Early Results from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: From Under Our Nose to the Edge of the Universe Sloan Digital Sky Survey
4 Jun 2001 NASA Considers Discovery Mission Proposals NASA Headquarters
4 Jun 2001 UCLA Astronomers Identify Evidence of Asteroid Belt Around Nearby Star University of California at Los Angeles
30 May 2001 Near-Earth Asteroid is Two Chunks in One Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 May 2001 Binary Asteroid to Fly by Earth this Weekend
10 May 2001 New Radio Telescope Makes First Scientific Observations National Radio Astronomy Observatory
12 Apr 2001 NASA Tracks More Asteroids with New NEAT Camera Jet Propulsion Laboratory
29 Mar 2001 Tackling the Impact Threat Royal Astronomy Society
23 Mar 2001 Future Missions May Have a Major Impact European Space Agency
22 Mar 2001 See a Near-Earth Asteroid
20 Mar 2001 Scientists Return to Ancient Impact Crater U.S. Geological Survey
15 Mar 2001 Two Asteroids Join Blarney Stone as Irish Rock Legends Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 Mar 2001 St. Patrick's Day Gift to Armagh Armagh Observatory
1 Mar 2001 Rare Meteorites Rekindle Controversy Over Birth of the Solar System Stanford University
28 Feb 2001 Buckyballs and Gases May Mark Massive Extinction Planetary Science Research Discoveries
26 Feb 2001 British Government Responds to NEO Task Force NEO
22 Feb 2001 Stowaways from Space Link Provide Link Between Impact, Biggest Extinction in Earth History University of Rochester
14 Feb 2001 NEAR Shoemaker Ready to Gather Data on Surface of Eros Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
14 Feb 2001 NEAR Shoemaker's Mission Extended by Ten Days SpaceFlight Now
14 Feb 2001 NEAR: It's Not Over Yet! Science@NASA
14 Feb 2001 NEAR Shoemaker's Historic Landing on Eros Exceeds Science, Engineering Expectations Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
14 Feb 2001 Asteroid Mission Not Yet 'NEAR' an End Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Feb 2001 Touchdown on Eros SpaceFlight Now
13 Feb 2001 JPL Navigators Guide NEAR to Historic Landing on Asteroid Eros Jet Propulsion Laboratory
13 Feb 2001 NEAR Shoemaker Still Talking from Surface of Eros Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
12 Feb 2001 NEAR Shoemaker Becomes First Spacecraft to Land on an Asteroid Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
8 Feb 2001 Monday is the Day for NEAR Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
2 Feb 2001 NEAR Mission Meets Science Goals; Ready for First-Ever Controlled Descent to an Asteroid Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
25 Jan 2001 Briefings and Live Feed Set for First Asteroid Touchdown NASA Headquarters
24 Jan 2001 Lunar Meteorites and the Lunar Cataclysm Planetary Science Research Discoveries
19 Jan 2001 UA Astronomer is Scientist for Proposed 'Dawn' Discovery Mission University of Arizona
2 Jan 2001 Impact Crater Examined for Clues to Dinosaurs' Demise
19 Dec 2000 Geomagnetic Activity Alert & Near-Earth Asteroid News
7 Dec 2000 Closer Orbit Ahead for NEAR Shoemaker Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
25 Nov 2000 Weekend Aurora Warning; Asteroid Toutatis Brightens
22 Nov 2000 Mining the Moon, Mars, Asteroids Planetary Science Research Discoveries
17 Nov 2000 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Asteroid Jet Propulsion Laboratory
16 Nov 2000 NEAR Images from Eros Low-Altitude Flyover Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
14 Nov 2000 NEAR Team Releases Low-Flyover Movie Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
7 Nov 2000 Much Ado about 2000 SG344 Science@NASA
5 Nov 2000 Additional Information on Asteroid 2000 SG344 International Astronomical Union
4 Nov 2000 New Results for Object 2000 SG344 Catalina Sky Survey
3 Nov 2000 NASA Cancels Miniature Rover for Joint Japan-U.S. Asteroid Mission Jet Propulsion Laboratory
3 Nov 2000 IAU Technical Review Team Assessment on Asteroid 2000 SG344 International Astronomical Union
2 Nov 2000 Space Weather News: Asteroid 2000 UK11
31 Oct 2000 Trick or Treat: It's Toutatis! Science@NASA
26 Oct 2000 A Close Encounter with Asteroid Eros Science@NASA
26 Oct 2000 Astronomers Find Surprising Double Asteroid and a New Asteroid Moon National Science Foundation
10 Oct 2000 Spacewatch Telescope Detects Its First Asteroids
26 Sep 2000 Square Craters on Eros Science@NASA
25 Sep 2000 NEAR Mission Discoveries Highlighted in Latest Issue of Science Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
23 Sep 2000 Asteroid Eros Yields Secrets from Time Before Earth was Born NASA Headquarters
21 Sep 2000 Mystery of Tiny Asteroid Eros - So Much Rock but So Little Gravity - Detailed in Science Report Cornell University
21 Sep 2000 Revealing Eros' Secrets, One by One Jet Propulsion Laboratory
21 Sep 2000 Eros Asteroid May Have Been Present at the Birth of the Solar System Goddard Space Flight Center
20 Sep 2000 A Good Month for Asteroids Science@NASA
14 Sep 2000 Centaur's Bright Surface Spot Could be Crater of Fresh Ice Space Telescope Science Institute
1 Sep 2000 A Close Encounter with a Space Rock Science@NASA
15 Aug 2000 Moons and Craters Named International Astronomical Union
7 Aug 2000 New Asteroid Target Chosen for Japanese-U.S. Mission Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1 Aug 2000 Latest Orbit Looks Familiar to NEAR Shoemaker Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
24 Jul 2000 NEAR Shoemaker Taking a Longer View Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
7 Jul 2000 NEAR Shoemaker Maneuvers Toward Lower Orbit Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
22 Jun 2000 "Treasure Map" of Outer Space Shows Orbits and Sizes of 900 Large Asteroids, Some of Which Could Threaten Earth Cornell University
21 Jun 2000 Asteroids Have Seasons, Too Science@NASA
7 Jun 2000 NEAR Team Deactivates Spacecraft's Near-Infrared Sensor Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
8 May 2000 An Asteroid Goes to the Dogs Science@NASA
4 May 2000 Astronomers Catch Images of Giant Metal Dog Bone Asteroid Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 Apr 2000 NEAR Shoemaker Cruising into Closer Orbit Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
17 Apr 2000 Cassini Survives the Asteroid Belt Science@NASA
20 Mar 2000 Researchers Discover Extraterrestrial Gases in Buckyballs Ames Research Center
15 Mar 2000 Gamma-ray Bursts Are NEAR Science@NASA
14 Mar 2000 NEAR Shoemaker Science@NASA
13 Mar 2000 One Month Around Eros Science@NASA
3 Mar 2000 Wanted: A Few Good Solar Flares Science@NASA
25 Feb 2000 NEARer to Eros Science@NASA
19 Feb 2000 Highlights from Asteroid Eros Science@NASA
17 Feb 2000 NEAR Begins Looking Closely at Eros NASA Headquarters
14 Feb 2000 First Orbit Around an Asteroid Science@NASA
10 Feb 2000 Happy Valentine's Day, Asteroid Eros Thursday's Classroom
8 Feb 2000 NEAR Poised for Historic Valentine's Day EROS Asteroid Encounter NASA Headquarters
8 Feb 2000 Name the Craters on Eros Contest The Planetary Society
8 Feb 2000 Eros or Bust! Science@NASA
17 Jan 2000 JPL Public Lectures Zoom in on Asteroids and Comets Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 Jan 2000 Asteroid Population Count Slashed Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6 Oct 1999 Astronomers Sight an Asteroid's Moon Cornell University
5 Aug 1999 Asteroid Mystery in Deep Space: Siblings, or Parent and Child? NASA Headquarters
30 Jul 1999 Deep Space 1 Mission Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
29 Jul 1999 NASA's Deep Space 1 succeeds in Close Asteroid Flyby Jet Propulsion Laboratory
29 Jul 1999 Deep Space 1 Mission Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
28 Jul 1999 Closest-Ever Asteroid Flyby Set for July 29th NASA Headquarters
27 Jul 1999 The Deep Space 1 Asteroid Flyby Press Kit Jet Propulsion Laboratory
22 Jul 1999 Near Earth Objects Scale Helps Risk Communication NASA Headquarters
22 Jul 1999 Sun Never Sets for Long on Fast-Spinning, Water-Rich Asteroid Jet Propulsion Laboratory
21 Jun 1999 Asteroid Hunters Bring Oldie-but-Goodie into New Age Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1 Jun 1999 The Deep Space 1 Asteroid Flyby Press Kit Jet Propulsion Laboratory
23 Mar 1999 Asteroids Feel the Force Astronomy Online
11 Mar 1999 NASA's Asteroid Hunters Net a Surprise Catch Jet Propulsion Laboratory
8 Feb 1999 NEAR Spacecraft Reveals Major Features of Eros Jet Propulsion Laboratory
30 Dec 1998 NEAR Spacecraft Set for Jan. 3 Main Engine Burn Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
28 Dec 1998 NEAR: The Next Rendezvous Maneuver Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
24 Dec 1998 NEAR Sends Back Images of Eros Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
22 Dec 1998 NEAR: Contact Reestablished Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
22 Dec 1998 NEAR Spacecraft to Fly by Asteroid Eros on Dec. 23; Rendezvous with Eros in 2000 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
21 Dec 1998 NEAR Rendezvous Burn Aborted Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
11 Dec 1998 Briefing Schedule for NEAR Rendezvous with Asteroid Eros NASA Headquarters
1 Dec 1998 NEAR Posts Its First Image NASA Headquarters
20 Nov 1998 High School Students Discover Distant Asteroid Using NSF Telescope and Education Program National Science Foundation
18 Nov 1998 Scientist Finds Asteroid Fossil that May Have Caused Global Dinosaur Extinction National Science Foundation
22 Oct 1998 Asteroid Named for Journalist John Hollman Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Jun 1998 Asteroids Named for Pathfinder Leaders Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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