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News & Events
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NASA, Planetary Scientists Find Meteoritic Evidence of Mars Water Reservoir   18 Dec 2014
NASA and an international team of planetary scientists have found evidence in meteorites on Earth that indicates Mars has a distinct and global reservoir of water or ice near its surface. Read More
Signs of Europa Plumes Remain Elusive in Search of Cassini Data   17 Dec 2014
A fresh look at data collected by NASA's Cassini spacecraft during its 2001 flyby of Jupiter shows that Europa's tenuous atmosphere is even thinner than previously thought and also suggests that the thin, hot gas around the moon does not show ... Read More
MESSENGER Team Launches "Name a Crater" Competition   17 Dec 2014
The MESSENGER Education and Public Outreach Team is holding a competition to name five impact craters on Mercury. The contest, open to all Earth citizens except for members of the mission's EPO team, runs from December 15, 2014, to January 15, 2015. Read More
MESSENGER Data Suggest Recurring Meteor Shower on Mercury
MESSENGER Data Suggest Recurring Meteor Shower on Mercury   17 Dec 2014
The closest planet to the sun appears to get hit by a periodic meteor shower, possibly associated with a comet that produces multiple events annually on Earth. Read More
Calendars: Solar System Launches & Events
22 Dec 2014 Ursids Meteor Shower Peak
23 Dec 2014 15th Anniversary, NEAR Shoemaker: Asteroid Eros Flyby
24 Dec 2014 10th Anniversary, Cassini: Huygens Probe Release
28 Dec 2014 5th Anniversary, Deep Impact (EPOXI): Distant Earth Flyby 2
31 Dec 2014 Mars Express: End of Mission
01 Jan 2014 89th Anniversary, First Galaxy Beyond Milky Way
04 Jan 2014 Earth at Perihelion
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