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This Week on Galileo: Holiday Interrupted by On-Board Gyroscopes Test
This Week on Galileo: Holiday Interrupted by On-Board Gyroscopes Test
19 Nov 2001
(Source: Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

November 19-25, 2001
DOY 2001/323-329
The quiet of this holiday week is interrupted only briefly on Monday by a test of the on-board gyroscopes.

The remainder of the week is filled with the steady collection of real-time data by the Magnetometer, the Dust Detector, and the Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer, and by the continued playback of recorded data from the October 15 flyby of Io. A temporary problem with the onboard tape recorder last week delayed playback for almost four days before it was cleared up, but now we're back to business as usual.

This week the Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer will provide the views of the volcanos Loki and Pele that were delayed from last week, as well as a thermal map of the south polar region of Io. The Solid State Imaging camera will provide pictures of Pele, and of a scarp or cliff feature named Telgonus. It will also return high-resolution pictures of a lava channel in the Emakong region.

From the Fields and Particles instruments, we will begin to see the return of a 1.5-hour recording centered on the closest approach of Galileo to Io. This recording provides an intensive study of the detailed interactions in the environment near this extremely active satellite. Since this flyby occurred at a far southerly latitude of nearly 79 degrees, these data will provide an excellent contrast with data acquired on previous flybys over the equatorial regions. Combining all of this data should give scientists a more complete picture of the full three-dimensional structure of the magnetospheric region that surrounds Io.

For more information on the Galileo spacecraft and its mission to Jupiter, please visit the Galileo home page at one of the following URL's:

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