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5 May 2000 SOHO Scoops a Picture of Planets on Parade NASA Headquarters
4 May 2000 Interplanetary Low Tide Science@NASA
3 May 2000 Planets Gather on May 5 and May 17, 2000 Griffith Observatory
24 Apr 2000 Galileo Takes Risky Trip to Dribble Back Data Revealing Best Images Yet of Jupiter's Cratered Inner Moons Cornell University
19 Apr 2000 New Views of Jupiter's Tiny Moons are Online Jet Propulsion Laboratory
30 Mar 2000 Planets for Dessert Science@NASA
27 Mar 2000 And the Winner is? Galileo Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Mar 2000 The Biggest Thing in the Solar System System Science@NASA
8 Mar 2000 Terrible Tides Science@NASA
8 Mar 2000 Galileo Spacecraft to Fly with a Friend, Earn Bonus Miles Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6 Mar 2000 "Planets in a test tube" experiment yields hints about planetary circulation Science@NASA
22 Feb 2000 Galileo Swoops by Volcanic Io Science@NASA
22 Feb 2000 Galileo Millennium Mission Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
18 Feb 2000 Veteran Galileo Ventures to Vast Volcanic Vistas Jet Propulsion Laboratory
9 Feb 2000 Thunderstorms Found to be an Energy Source for Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Other Large Features California Institute of Technology
26 Jan 2000 The Galileo Mission to Jupiter and Its Moons Scientific American
26 Jan 2000 New Findings Support Prospect of Life on Jupiter's Moon Europa Stanford University
15 Jan 2000 Lowell Observatory Astronomer Spots Eruption on Io while Galileo Captures it in Space Lowell Observatory
12 Jan 2000 Jupiter's Moon Io Caught Erupting in Keck Telescope Image Keck Observatory
10 Jan 2000 Galileo Findings Boost Idea of Other-Worldly Ocean Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4 Jan 2000 Galileo Mission Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
17 Dec 1999 Galileo Sees Dazzling Lava Fountain on Io Jet Propulsion Laboratory
25 Nov 1999 Galileo completes Io Flyby Jet Propulsion Laboratory
19 Nov 1999 Jupiter's Moon Io: A Flashback to Earth's Volcanic Past NASA Headquarters
17 Nov 1999 Galileo Probe Results Suggest Jupiter had an Ancient, Chilly Past Ames Research Center
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