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8 Dec 2008 Exploring Europa on Earth Astrobiology Magazine
14 May 2008 Wandering Poles on Europa Point to Ocean Lunar and Planetary Institute
20 Feb 2007 Jupiter's Moon Europa Should be NASA's Next Target, says ASU Researcher Arizona State University
14 Feb 2007 The Road to Europa Astrobiology Magazine
11 Sep 2006 Exploring Europa by Way of the Arctic NASA/JPL-Caltech
3 May 2006 Hitting Europa Hard Astrobiology Magazine
20 Sep 2004 Prometheus Contract Jet Propulsion Laboratory
26 May 2004 Back to Jupiter Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Feb 2004 Powering Up Los Alamos National Laboratory
20 Nov 2003 Powerful New Engine Tested NASA Headquarters
2 Sep 2003 Understanding Europa's Ice Domes University of Colorado at Boulder
20 May 2003 Getting Ready for Europa NASA Astrobiology Institute
27 Feb 2003 Massive Gas Cloud Discovered Around Jupiter Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
26 Feb 2003 Galileo Team Disbanding Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Feb 2003 Europa Surface Missions Necessary Step in Extraterrestrial Search, Says ASU Geology Professor Arizona State University
22 Jan 2003 Many Moons The Planetary Society
9 Dec 2002 A New Beginning for Galilean Moons Southwest Research Institute
25 Nov 2002 Bands on Europa Planetary Science Research Discoveries
25 Oct 2002 Eavesdropping on Europa's Ice Geological Society of America
18 Jul 2002 Using Atoms to See the Big Picture Jet Propulsion Laboratory
11 Jul 2002 Where Do We Go From Here? National Research Council
24 May 2002 Europa's Icy Crust: Thick or Thin? Lunar and Planetary Institute
7 Feb 2002 Europan Tides Might Foster Life, Says UA Member of Galileo Imaging Team University of Arizona
28 Jan 2002 This Week on Galileo: Four Weeks Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Jan 2002 Frosty the Snowbot Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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