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Solar System Body: Beyond Our Solar System
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15 Nov 2007 Planets Forming in Pleiades Star Cluster University of California at Los Angeles
14 Nov 2007 Watching Galaxies Grow Old Gracefully Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Nov 2007 Light of the Dragon Astrobiology Magazine
6 Nov 2007 Scientists Discover Record Fifth Planet Orbiting Nearby Star NASA/JPL
25 Oct 2007 Missing Black Hole Report: Hundreds Found! Jet Propulsion Laboratory
9 Oct 2007 Astronomers Find Dust in the Wind of Black Holes Jet Propulsion Laboratory
3 Oct 2007 Astronomer Spies Conditions 'Just Right' for Building an Earth Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
6 Sep 2007 Caltech Astronomers Obtain Sharpest-Ever Pictures of the Heavens California Institute of Technology
15 Aug 2007 Speeding-Bullet Star Leaves Enormous Streak Across Sky NASA/JPL
6 Aug 2007 Largest Transiting Extrasolar Planet Found Around A Distant Star Lowell Observatory
25 Jun 2007 Adding Up Atmospheres Astrobiology Magazine
18 Jun 2007 ESA and NASA Sign Agreement on James Webb Space Telescope and LISA Pathfinder European Space Agency
13 Jun 2007 Spitzer Searches for the Origins of Life NASA/JPL-Caltech
12 Jun 2007 Boring Star, Lively Planet? Astrobiology Magazine
11 Jun 2007 SOFIA Flies to California
8 Jun 2007 PlanetQuest's 10 Most Intriguing Stars for 2007 Jet Propulsion Laboratory
31 May 2007 Massive Transiting Planet with 31-hour Year Found Around Distant Star Lowell Observatory
31 May 2007 NASA Space Telescope Gives Scientists Depth Perception NASA/JPL-Caltech
30 May 2007 California, Carnegie Team Reports 28 New Exoplanets, 7 New Brown Dwarfs University of California at Berkeley
29 May 2007 Metals Not Needed for Construction? Astrobiology Magazine
24 May 2007 Caltech and Berkeley Astronomers Identify a New Class of Cosmic Explosions California Institute of Technology
24 May 2007 Forcasting Earth-Like Worlds Astrobiology Magazine European Edition
16 May 2007 New Technique for "Weighing" Black Holes European Space Agency
15 May 2007 Astronomers Find Ring of Dark Matter With Hubble Space Telescope NASA Headquarters
14 May 2007 NASA's SOFIA to be Rededicated on Historic Lindbergh Anniversary NASA Headquarters
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