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20 Sep 2013 NASA's Deep Impact Produced Deep Results NASA/JPL
20 Sep 2013 NASA's Deep Space Comet Hunter Mission Comes to an End NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Sep 2013 Team Attempts to Restore Communications NASA/JPL
16 Apr 2013 How to Target an Asteroid NASA/JPL
5 Feb 2013 NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft Eyes Comet ISON NASA/JPL
16 Jun 2011 Science Paper Details NASA Epoxi Flyby of Hyper Comet NASA/JPL
17 May 2011 At the Heart of Hartley-2, a New Breed of Comet? NASA/GSFC
25 Nov 2010 Update: Year of the Solar System NASA Science Mission Directorate Planetary Science Division
18 Nov 2010 NASA Spacecraft Sees Cosmic Snow Storm During Comet Encounter NASA/JPL
4 Nov 2010 NASA Mission Successfully Flies by Comet Hartley 2 NASA/JPL
2 Nov 2010 Approaching Hartley 2 Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1 Nov 2010 NASA to Host Live Events for November 4 Comet Encounter NASA
21 Oct 2010 New Cometary Phenomenon Greets Approaching Spacecraft Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6 Oct 2010 Hello Hartley 2 NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA
14 Sep 2010 EPOXI Mission Status University of Maryland
9 Sep 2010 Comet Encounter Conference NASA
8 Sep 2010 Closing in on a Comet Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 Sep 2009 Water Molecules Found on the Moon NASA
18 Nov 2008 NASA Successfully Tests First Deep Space Internet NASA
23 Jul 2008 NASA's Deep Impact Films Earth as an Alien World Astrobiology Magazine
7 Feb 2008 NASA's Deep Impact Begins Hunt for Alien Worlds Jet Propulsion Laboratory
13 Dec 2007 NASA Sends Spacecraft on Mission to Comet Hartley 2 NASA
14 Aug 2007 Life in Space -- New Theory Cardiff University
3 Jul 2007 NASA Gives Two Successful Spacecraft New Assignments NASA Headquarters
10 Apr 2007 Deep Impact Extended Mission Could Probe Deeper Into Solar System Origin Astrobiology Magazine
10 Oct 2006 Asteroids, Comets, Planets: Cut From Same Cloth? NASA/JPL-Caltech
5 Apr 2006 X-rays Reveal 250,000 Tons of Water Released by Deep Impact Royal Astronomical Society
3 Feb 2006 NASA's Deep Impact Team Reports First Evidence of Cometary Ice Brown University
7 Sep 2005 NASA's Spitzer and Deep Impact Build Recipe for Comet Soup Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6 Sep 2005 NASA's Deep Impact Adds Color to Unfolding Comet Picture University of Maryland
20 Jul 2005 NASA Announces Deep Impact Future Mission Status NASA Headquarters
8 Jul 2005 NASA's Deep Impact Tells a Tale of the Comet NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD
4 Jul 2005 Deep Impact Generates Its Own Spectacular Photo Flash NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD
4 Jul 2005 Deep Impact Kicks Off Fourth of July With Deep Space Fireworks NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD
3 Jul 2005 Deep Impact Status Report Jet Propulsion Laboratory
28 Jun 2005 NASA's Deep Impact Craft Observes Major Comet 'Outburst' Jet Propulsion Laboratory
9 Jun 2005 NASA Announces Spectacular Day of the Comet NASA Headquarters
2 Jun 2005 NASA's Space Eyes Focus on Deep Impact Target NASA Headquarters
13 May 2005 Deep Impact Mission Status Report Jet Propulsion Laboratory
27 Apr 2005 NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft Spots Its Quarry, Stalking Begins Jet Propulsion Laboratory
25 Mar 2005 Deep Impact Mission Status Report Jet Propulsion Laboratory
3 Feb 2005 Track Deep Impact NEO
13 Jan 2005 Deep Impact Status Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12 Jan 2005 Deep Impact Launched NASA Headquarters
10 Jan 2005 Deep Impact on the Pad Jet Propulsion Laboratory
14 Dec 2004 Making a Deep Impact NASA Headquarters
9 Dec 2004 Deep Impact Update Kennedy Space Center
2 Dec 2004 Deep Impact Update Kennedy Space Center
24 Nov 2004 Deep Impact Delay Kennedy Space Center
10 Nov 2004 Deep Impact Update Kennedy Space Center
18 Oct 2004 Comet Journey Begins in Florida NASA Headquarters
20 Jan 2004 Make a Deep Impact Jet Propulsion Laboratory
15 Jul 2003 Fight the Heat with Deep Impact's Edible Comet Jet Propulsion Laboratory
13 May 2003 Your Name Can Make a Deep Impact Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1 Apr 2003 Deep Impact Launch Postponed Jet Propulsion Laboratory
26 Mar 2003 Free Mini-Poster Solar System Exploration Education and Public Outreach Forum
17 Mar 2003 Asteroid Impacts: One Less Thing to Worry About University of Arizona
1 Jan 2002 United Kingdom Announces Center to Study Near-Earth Objects British Department of Trade and Industry
21 Dec 2001 Background: UCLA-Led Project Will Send Spacecraft to Study the Origins of the Solar System University of California at Los Angeles
29 Jul 2001 Deep Space 1 Mission Log Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 May 2001 NASA Gives Go-Ahead to Build 'Deep Impact' Spacecraft Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 May 2001 NASA Gives Green Light for Deep Impact Mission Development NASA Headquarters
30 Apr 2001 Deep Impact Mission Launches New Website Jet Propulsion Laboratory
7 Jul 1999 NASA Selects Missions to Mercury and a Comet's Interior as Next Discovery Flights NASA Headquarters
12 Nov 1998 Five Discovery Mission Proposals Selected for Feasibility Studies Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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