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Chandrayaan-1 Mission to Earth's Moon

Goals: Chandrayaan-1 is an Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) orbiter designed to test India's technological capabilities and return scientific information about the geological, mineralogical and topographical characteristics of the Moon. It also carried NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) instrument to the Moon.

Accomplishments: Despite loss of contact only a year into its planned two-year mission, Chandrayaan-1 played a key role in the groundbreaking 2009 discovery of water molecules on the Moon. Data from NASA's M3 instrument on Chandrayaan-1 was combined with observations made by Cassini and Deep Impact-EPOXI to confirm the discovery. The orbiter also successfully fired an impact probe into the Moon's south pole.

Exploring the Moon with India: Moon Mineralogy Mapper
Key Dates
19 Sep 2008:  Launch (00:52 UT)
4 Nov 2008:  Lunar Orbit Insertion
14 Nov 2008:  Lunar Impact Probe (14:36:54 UT)
28 Aug 2009:  Contact Lost
Status: Partial Success
Fast Facts
Chandrayaan-1 Facts Chandrayaan means "Journey to the Moon" in Hindi. Chandra means "Moon." Yaan means "ship."

Chandrayaan-1 is India's first Moon mission. The nation launched its first satellite in 1975.

NASA is sending up a radar and mineralology mapper on the spacecraft.

Chandrayaan-1 is India's first deep space mission.

The spacecraft carried two NASA instruments.
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