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The 7th International Planetary Probe Workshop (IPPW-7). IPPW-7 was held in Barcelona, Spain 14-18 June 2010. Key objectives of this seventh annual International Planetary Probe Workshop include fostering international involvement in planetary exploration with probes and engaging the next generation of scientists and engineers in this exciting field. The workshop offers the opportunity to explore technological challenges and scientific opportunities associated with entry, descent, landing and flight in planetary atmospheres with fellow scientists, technologists, engineers, mission designers, policy-makers and students interested in the exploration of solar system bodies with substantial atmospheres.

IPPW 7 2010 Barcelona, Spain
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Session 1: Outlook for Probe Missions

Conveners: B. Bienstock, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA); E. Venkatapathy, NASA Ames Research Center (USA) and M. Amato, NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center (USA)

Session 2: Probe Missions: Concepts and Ongoing Studies of In-situ Exploration Missions

Conveners: W. Lee, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA); A.-M. Schipper, Thales Alenia Space (Italy) and J. Hall, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA)

Session 3: Terminal Descent Issues, Target Landing Site Selection, and Trajectory Reconstruction

Conveners: A. Coustenis, Observatoire de Paris (France); T. Spilker, NASA JPL (USA) and G. Chen, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA)

Session 4: Science from Entry and Descent Probes and Penetrators

Conveners: R. Lorenz, John Hopkins University APL (USA); R. Beebe, PDS/NMSU University (USA) and J.-P. Lebreton, ESA ESTEC (Netherlands)

Session 5: EDL Technology Developments; Guidance, Navigation and Control

Conveners C. Westhelle, NASA Johnson Space Center (USA); E. Hines, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA); J.-M. Bouilly, EADS Astrium (France) and P. Brugarolas, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA)

Session 6A: Planetary Entry Sensors, Payloads, Penetrators, and Systems

Conveners: J. Santos, NASA Ames Research Center (USA); F. Ferri, University of Padova (Italy); R. Trautner, ESA ESTEC (Netherlands) and G. Colombatti, University of Padova (Italy)

Session 6B: Drag, Aerobraking and Aerocapture Techniques

Conveners: M. Munk, NASA Langley Research Center (USA); J.-M Muylaert, ESA ESTEC and VKI Institute (Netherlands) and N. Cheatwood, NASA Langley Research Center (USA)

Session 7A: New Technologies

Conveners: R. French, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA); E. Chassefiere, CNRS Jussieu (France); K. Trumble, NASA Ames Research Center (USA) and E. Laan, Dutch Space (Netherlands)

Session 7B: Airless Body Surface Missions

Conveners: A. Smith, University College London (UK); B. Cohen, NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center (USA) and S. Tanaka, JAXA (Japan)

Session 8: Closing Session

Conveners: E. Chester, Aerospace Technology Centre (Spain) and J. Cutts, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA)

Poster Session

Conveners: R. Haya Ramos, Deimos Space (Spain); D. Atkinson, University of Idaho (USA) and A. Jaime, Technical University of Catalonia (Spain)

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