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Solar System Exploration
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Poster Sessions


  • Penetration of Probes and Natural Cosmic Bodies into Planetary Atmospheres: Mathematical Interpretation of Observational Data: Maria Gritsevich (Poster Unavailable)
  • Flood and Planetary Surface Management Satellite "HERMES": Michael Dalmeir (Poster Unavailable)
  • Enabling Technologies for an In-Orbit Capture Mechanism for a Mars Sample Return Mission - Terminal Rendezvous Requirement: Alison Gibbings (Poster Unavailable)
  • Plasmatron Testing of Hybrid-TPS: George Vekinis (Poster Unavailable)
  • New Trajectory Planner for Higher Elevation Landing: Josep Boada (Poster Unavailable)
  • Proof of Concept of an Advanced Sun Photometer for Planetary Applications: Richard John Brill (Poster Unavailable)
  • Opportunities and the Position of Space Sciences in the Developing Countries: Babagana Abubakar (Poster Unavailable)
  • Optimizing the Landing Site Selection Process: Roderik Koenders (Poster Unavailable)
  • Post-Flight Aerothermal Analysis of the Stardust Sample Return Capsule: Kerry A. Trumble (Poster Unavailable)
  • Mass Advantage of Titan Aerocapture: Nathan Strange (Poster Unavailable)
  • Thermal Protection Materials and High Temperature Composites for Planetary Entry Systems: John McKinney (Poster Unavailable)
  • Autorotating Pararotor Decelerator Technology for Miniature Atmospherice Entry Probes: Austin Howard (Poster Unavailable)
  • Honeybee Robotics Surface Science Tools: Kris Zacny (Poster Unavailable)
  • The SOAREX-VI Re-Entry Flight Test Experiment: Marcus Murbach (Poster Unavailable)
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Last Updated: 10 Apr 2014