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Solar System Exploration
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IPPW-9 Short Course

Day One Presentations
Overview of Planetary Science Goals and Objectives (PDF, 25.52 MB): M. Blanc

Generic Mission Architectures (PDF, 3.68 MB): A. Ball

NASA Application of TPS Instrumentation in Ground and Flight (PDF, 2.42 MB): D.M. Empey and E.R. Martinez

Entry Phase Plasma Study (Non-equilibrium Instrumentations for Entry) (PDF, 22.71 MB): G. Herdrich, S. Lein, A. Preci, A. Steinbeck and S. Fasoulas

Accelerometers / Gyros (PDF, 2.64 MB): F. Ferri

Ultra-Stable Oscillators For Probe Radio Science Investigations (PDF, 4.97 MB): S. Asmar

Atmospheric Structure Instrument / Meteorological sensors (ASI/MET) (PDF, 2.67 MB): F. Ferri

Atmospheric Electricity on Earth and Planets (PDF, 8.39 MB): J.J. Berthelier

Day One Videos
Overview of Planetary Science Goals and Objectives (M4V, 443.12 MB): M. Blanc

Generic Mission Architectures (M4V, 503.17 MB): A. Ball

TPS and Entry System Sensors (M4V, 560.85 MB): D. Empey

Entry Phase Plasma Study (M4V, 676.5 MB): G.Hedrich

Accelerometers Gyros (M4V, 385.78 MB): F. Ferri

Meterological Sensors (M4V, 518.81 MB): F. Ferri

Atmospheric Electricity on Earth and Planets (M4V, 662.46 MB): J.-J. Berthelier

Day Two Presentations
Radiometers and Spectrometers (Parts 1 and 2) (PDF, 4.72 MB): P. Drossart and E. Marcq

Mass Spectrometers and Gas Chromatographs for Planetary Exploration (PDF, 32.95 MB): P. Mahaffy, W. Brinckerhoff and S. Getty

Raman Spectroscopy (PDF, 5.31 MB): F. Rull Perez

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) (PDF, 4.18 MB): F. Rull Perez

Planetary Exploration Radars (PDF, 7.92 MB): R. Trautner

Day Two Videos
Radiometers and Spectrometers (Parts 1 and 2) (M4V, 977.1 MB): P. Drossart

Gas Chromatographs and Mass Spectrometers (M4V, 602.88 MB): P. Mahaffy

Raman Spectroscopy (M4V, 511.8 MB): F. Rull

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (M4V, 1151.68 MB): F. Rull

Science Imaging System for Planetary Probes (M4V, 521.54 MB): J-L. Josset

Planetary Exploration Radars (M4V, 526.59 MB): R. Trautner

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