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Solar System Exploration
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IPPW-9 Posters

Poster Papers

THERMAL DESIGN OF A LUNAR PENETRATOR (PDF, 674 KB): Samuel Nouvellon, Lucy Berthoud and William Rickwood / University of Bristol

DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING OF AN INTEGRATED NAVIGATION SENSOR FOR PLANETARY HOPPER NAVIGATION (PDF, 2.54 MB):Ted J. Steiner and Jeffrey A. Hoffman / 1Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Scott A. Rasmussen and Paul A. DeBitetto / Draper Laboratory

SIMULATION OF TITAN ATMOSPHERE BY AN ARC-HEATED FACILITY (PDF, 344 KB): V. Carandente, V. Caso, A. Esposito, R. Savino, G. Zuppardi / University of Naples

DESIGN OF THE SPORE SMALL PROBE HIGH ALTITUDE BALLOON DROP TEST (PDF, 1.91 MB): Jessica Juneau Clark and David A. Spencer / Georgia Tech

Poster Presentations
The Callisto Descent Probe (PDF, 1.53 MB): P. Wurz

Pinpoint Landing Navigation with a Camera Design and Preliminary hardware Validation (PDF, 6.08 MB): J. Delaune

The Simulation of One Side of Tetrahedron Airbags Impact Attenuation System (PDF, 424 KB): Z. Wu

Interim Results of the RASPTA SPEAR Project (PDF, 356 KB): G. Vekinis

The Hypersonic Inflatable Decelerator (HIAD) Mission Applications Study (PDF, 832 KB): D. Bose

VISTA A Thermograv metry Biosensor System for In-Situ Analysis of Planetary Surfaces (PDF, 567 KB): E. Palomba

Thermal Design of a Lunar Penetrator (PDF, 538 KB): S. Nouvellon

Coupling of Blowing and Roughness Effects in the Spalart-Allmaras Turbulence Model (PDF, 70 KB): M. Gritsevich

Earth Entry Observations Solution to Inverse Problem with Incomplete Data (PDF, 109 KB): D. Kuznetsova

Combined Sensor Assemnly COMARS for Martian Atmospheric Entry (PDF, 883 KB): F. Siebe

A Miniaturised Laser-Ablation Mass Spectrometer for In-Situ Chemical Analysis of Planetary Solids (PDF, 911 KB): P. Wurz

Frequencies Consideration for Surface Communications in the Lunar Region (PDF, 154 KB): O. Bompis

Scientific Value of a Saturn Atmospheric Probe Mission (PDF, 189 KB): D. Atkinson

Mars Aerocapture Technique-Aerothermodynamic Issues (PDF, 3.63 MB): G. Leplat

EntrySat-A Study of the Atmospheric Re-Entry Environment (PDF, 4.44 MB): K. Reilley

Power and Thermal Design for Ganymede and Europa Penetrators (PDF, 885 KB): F. Hillier

Development of Precision Parafoil Flight at Very High Altitude for Sample Return Applications (PDF, 1.65 MB): J. Benton

Application of High Pressure Textile Inflatable Structures for Planetary Probes (PDF, 1.52 MB): D. Jurewicz

Characterizing an Experimental Decelerator for Delivering Nano-Sat Payloads to Planetary Surfaces (PDF, 1.06 MB): K. Ramus

Development of Smaller Power Technologies for Use in Planetary Probes (PDF, 170 KB): R. Riggs

Enhancing Planetary Wind Measurements with Radio Science Flight Instruments (PDF, 163 KB): K. Oudrhiri

Printed Microstrip Antennas Designs for Small Spacecraft at Ultra High Frequencies (PDF, 830 KB): C. Gonzalez

In-situ Strain and Deformation Measurements of Inflatable Aeroshell Test Articles (PDF, 4 MB): J. Hill

Nano-Composite Materials for the Constructions of Space Probes-An Investigation of Fracture Toughness of Hybrid Interfaces (PDF, 335 KB): H. Truong

CHEMCAM-An Instrument for In Situ Analysis of Planetary Surface Composition (PDF, 2.73 MB): L. D'Uston

Accurate Entry Guidance for a Mars Precision Landing (PDF, 7.9 MB): P. Vernis

Aeroheating test of Entry Capsule Models in High-Enthalpy and High-Pressure Flow (PDF, 767 KB): H. Tanno

NASA Thermal Performance Data System (PDF, 5.63 MB): M. Grover

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