Space School Musical

Color image of kids dancing.

Join teenager Hannah on a trip through the solar system in this ultra-cool edu-tainment "hip-hopera" that uses song and dance to introduce the planets, moons, asteroids and more. Educators can download the lyrics for students to learn and perform the routines for themselves or just play the videos in class. There are also links for more in-depth activities.

Space is definitely one cool place.

The Story:
Hannah's science project is due tomorrow but her model of the solar system isn't finished and it's past her bedtime. How will she get it done? With a little help from her friends - the most talented troupe in the Milky Way!

Video 1

Meet teenager Hannah and find out why she thinks space is a very cool place.

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Kids dressed as the planets, dancing
Video 2
Planetary Posse

Hip hop through space with the sun and planets of our solar system.

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Screen grab from he Orbital Mechanics video
Video 3
Orbital Mechanics/Gravity

Swirl and spin around the force of gravity -- it's what makes everything move.

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Screen grab fro the Moon Dance video
VIdeo 4
Moon Dance

It's always a marvelous night for a moon dance.

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Screen shot from the Meteor-Wrong Blues video
Video 5
Meteor-Wrong Blues

When is a flash of light really a meteor?

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Screen grab from the Stand-Up Comet video
Video 6
Stand-Up Comet

Meet stand-up comet Halley -- he doesn't get much respect as he roams the solar system.

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Screen grab from The Asteroid Gang video
Video 7
The Asteroid Gang

Smash, bash, clash, crash. Look out, it's the Asteroid Gang.

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Screen grab from he We're the Scientists video
Video 8
We're the Scientists

See what Galileo, Newton and Einstein have to say about science and why you should believe in your dreams.

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Screen grab from The Big Bang video
Video 9
The Big Bang

The solar system comes together as the Big Bang brings the show to a close.

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Screen grab from the opening of the videos
Educational Opportunities

Find educational and fun activities that teach students about the solar system.

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