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News & Events
Are there any threats to the Earth in 2012? Many Internet websites say the world will end in December 2012.
How do NASA scientists feel about claims of pending doomsday?
What is the origin of the prediction that the world will end in 2012?
I read a planet was found on the edge of our solar system called Nbiru. Does it exist? I also read it is supposed to hit Earth. This is scaring me a lot.
Our Solar System
How big is our solar system?
The Sun
Where can I find more information on NASA's scientific study of our Sun?
How much would I weigh on Mercury?
Does Mercury have a magnetic field?
How much would I weigh on Venus?
Why is Venus covered in clouds?
Where can I find information about Earth science?
What is the Bermuda Triangle? What happens there?
Earth's Moon
If the moon is spinning, how come we always see the same face?
My friend said that the moon landing is fake because of the flag. When you put it on the surface, there is no wind so how could the flag move?
How can humans survive on Mars? What are the requirements for humans to survive on another planet?
When will people go to Mars?
Where do asteroids orbit in our solar system?
Do asteroids ever hit the Earth?
I believe I found a meteorite. I tested it with the magnet on a string and got a positive reaction. I also took photos. The object matches website photos of meteorites. Now what?
Where can I find information about meteor showers?
What are the skies of Jupiter like?
Does Jupiter have any influence on the solar cycle? I ask, because both Jupiter's orbit and the sunspot cycle have approximately an 11-year period. Even if Jupiter does not cause the solar cycle, could it control the cycle's intensity?
Is Saturn the only planet with rings?
How did Saturn get its rings?
Why is Uranus tilted on its side? Why is Uranus sideways?
How many missions have been sent to Uranus?
How many missions have visited Neptune?
Are there any more missions planned to visit Neptune?
Why did Pluto get demoted?
Were any other missions other than New Horizons planned for Pluto?
Why do comets have tails?
How big are comets?
Kuiper Belt
What is the Kuiper Belt?
Why is the Kuiper Belt called the "Kuiper Belt?"
Dwarf Planets
Where does dwarf planet Pluto orbit in our solar system?
Have any missions visited Pluto or any of the other dwarf planets?
Beyond Our Solar System
Where can I find more information on NASA's scientific study of our Universe.
How does NASA prioritize robotic scientific projects in the space program?
Where can I find information on missions to study Earth?
Were any other missions other than New Horizons planned for Pluto?
Why do pictures of planets all seem fake/photoshop or computer-generated?
Can I purchase solar system photos from NASA?
Why do we see more pictures of events in the sky from amateur astronomers than from NASA?
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